More to Love :: Malum

"I don't care that you have cat ears and a tail, it's just more of you to love."

Or when Calum the bad boy of his town finds a cute little kitten boy in an alleyway.


8. ::6::

"Hey, wanna do something after school?" I asked Michael nervously. He seems like a nice guy and I was hoping we'd become friends.


"It depends." The red head mumbled, he seemed just as nervous as me.


"Maybe we could go to yours?" I suggested but as I said this his eyes widened slightly and for a second he looked panicky. Huh?


"N-no!" Cough. "I mean my p-parents are sick – really really sick." He lied through his teeth. He seemed like he definitely didn't want me in his home and I guess I respect that.


"Oh okay then, maybe we could go to mine?" I bit my lip softly, smiling a little.


"Sure, but I have to be back home at around 7pm." The beautiful red head sighed softly and I nodded, grabbing his hand gently and guiding him to my house.




1k?????? janejsjjdjsns thank you so much omf. sorry for the short chapter I wasn't sure how I should end it 😹 but thANKS AGAIN.

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