More to Love :: Malum

"I don't care that you have cat ears and a tail, it's just more of you to love."

Or when Calum the bad boy of his town finds a cute little kitten boy in an alleyway.


7. ::5::

We sat down in the stuffy science room, waiting for Mrs Jones to finally show up – well, if she didn't that would be completely fine, great even.


"Take off that hat," the teacher walked through the door pointing to Michael, her voice raised slightly. "I'm sure you've been told that you're not allowed to wear hats on school grounds."


"No Mrs, I haven't been told," He cowered into my side and grabbed onto my biceps tightly. "You have nice arms by the way." The boy whispered making me blush a little, shaking my head.


"Well now you know," the woman sat down. "Take the hat off."


"A please would be nice." The red haired boy mumbled quietly so she didn't hear him.


"What did you say?" She raised her bushy eyebrow at us and crossed her arms over her chest.


"Nothing ma'am." But Michael still did not take his hat off, he just clung onto it tightly like he was hiding something...




eeek not the best but meh. I hope you liked ittt.


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