More to Love :: Malum

"I don't care that you have cat ears and a tail, it's just more of you to love."

Or when Calum the bad boy of his town finds a cute little kitten boy in an alleyway.


3. ::2::

My eyes fluttered open, the morning sun shone bright into my eyes. A groan left my slightly chapped lips as I looked around, at first I questioned where I ended up this time but remembered the events of last night; how those beautiful pale green eyes looked drowning in the nights sky, how his voice sounded, so weak, so vulnerable, if I had been just an inch further back I wouldn't have heard it, how he had red hair, not ginger, but dyed red.


I patted my pockets and luckily felt my phone, I pulled it out to check the time. 7:23. I sighed loudly and sat up, my head was ringing, like a massive bell was going off inside my battered skull.


I crawled to the wall and sat against it, dialling my best friends number. Luke picked up pretty fast, like always.


"What now?" His voice was raspy with a bit of annoyance laced within it. I couldn't blame him though.


"Hi... could you please pick me up?" I mumbled a reply, wincing at the pain in my head.


"You seriously need to stop drinking, you're scaring me, but yeah I'll be there in a minute." I thanked him and told him where I was. 


As I waited I kept looking into the alleyway, seeing if the mysterious boy was anywhere to be seen, unfortunately he wasn't which - for some reason - made a frown appear on my face. I felt drawn to him, and I wanted, no I needed to know more about this boy.


"What are you looking at?" I heard Luke say, his head poking out of the car window. He looked awful which wasn't a surprise, he usually had to wake up this early to come get me most nights.


"O-oh nothing, just day dreaming." A small blush coated my cheeks as I pulled myself up, grunting. I slumped into the passengers seat and sighed.


"I know you're lying. Did you have a one night stand in there or something?"


"What no, ew that's gross, there could be anything in there."


He shrugged. "So can beds yet you still sleep in them."


"That's different..."


"How so?"


"They are made for sleeping in."


"Doesn't rule out the fact that they could have anything in them."


He had a good point, like always. I put my arms up in defeat and rested my head on the window.


"I bought some water and some pain killers for you." He handed me the items and turned back to the road. Even if I annoyed him he was still so nice to me.


"Thank you, and not just for the water and pain killers." I smiled weakly seeing the corners of his lips turn up slightly.


>▪< >▪< >▪<


It had been a week since the encounter at the alley and I had yet to run into him, I had tried to look for him, believe me I tried but there's no hope. It may seem creepy yes but like I said, I was drawn to him and needed to find out more, maybe why he has cat like eyes or red dyed hair.


It was a Saturday and I was still half asleep so I decided to walk to the local coffee shop. As I was heading back to my apartment with my coffee in my hand I walked past the familiar place I was at only a week ago, but this time I was sober.


I bit my bottom lip and walking into the weird smelling alleyway, there was a small possibility that i could have imagined the boy with colourful hair, that I was too drunk and thought a cat was actually a boy.


I knew my luck was short but I had to know if he was real or not.


I looked behind a black bin and to my surprise, there was a little black kitten curled up on nothing but a piece of cardboard. It shook, wrapping its long tail around its small body, its fur didn't do much to keep it warm. I hesitantly knelt down and picked the small creature up which seemed to frighten it, the kitten looked up at me with pale green eyes full of shock and terror.


"I won't hurt you, I promise." I tried to reassure the ball of fluff even if it didn't understand me. Suddenly, as if someone was coming, it's head turned to face a slightly bigger kitten with some leftover food in its mouth.


This kitten had sort of sandy coloured fur. It hissed at me which confused the hell out of me, I'm pretty animal friendly, right?


Well, I mean I guess not because I came home with scratches and the sounds of a very angry kitten still ringing in my head.

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