Five love Stories

Sue and Jo are best friends, but what will happen when Jo's big brother tries to get with her? Jess is happily married, but what happens when Stanley's cousin comes out to town? See them and other love stories.


5. Stanley

I was giving one of our work horses a ride around the corral when I heard the truck pull up. Perrywinkle was here. I don't remember much of little Perrywinkle. When Jess left, she was only two years old.

When I first met Jess, we were in our third year of college. Jess lived only three hours away from home and drove there every weekend. When she proposed and qucckly got married a couple of years later. I never met her parents. Never went to her house. By I was madly in love with her. E began building our lives together. Every so often Jess would talk to Perrywinkle, asking how she's doing. Now she was c coming to live here. I wonder how she looked like. She must be a beautiful little girl. I never had any little girl before. Perry is thirteen and I hope I can take good care of her.

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