Five love Stories

Sue and Jo are best friends, but what will happen when Jo's big brother tries to get with her? Jess is happily married, but what happens when Stanley's cousin comes out to town? See them and other love stories.


6. Perrywinkle

Jess had a lovely home. She has a lovely family, I haven't met her husband yet. Her little boys love there mother. Little Stanley is six years old and from the pictures that she set me, he looks just like his father. Max is very cute for a three year old. He seems to love his mother. He is not too happy with this new edition. When we arrived to my new home, I saw her boys for the first time. "Mama, mama, you're home!" Max shouted. He ran in to her arms. She bet down and covered him with tiny kisses. I watched her react with her children, how she scolded Stanley for jumping the gate and getting all scratched up, how she kissed Max when he wanted someone to hold him. I smiled at her. I loved my sister. I never grew up with her, but she was close and she made sure t that she called and sent me gifts for birthdays and Christmas. We sat in the kitchen, eating chocolate muffins, cookies, and hot chocolate. Stanley, the boy was sitting next to his mother. Max was sitting on his mother's knees, staring curiously at me. I was talking about my events back at home when I heard a pair of boots thudding inside. I turned just in time to see Stanley Jess' husband. He smiled at us. "Hello Perrywinkle, nice to see you." He said, handing me a pretty pink rose. I smiled up at him. "Thanks, it's nice to meet you Now, ... Who do I call Stanley?" I asked. "you can call me Stan." Jess' husband said. "Oh, okay. Stan... Well Stan you can call me Perry." I said. "You can call me Stanley." The boy piped in. "Well, Stanley, you can call me Aunt Perry, or Ant P." I said. Jess whispered in to Max's ear. "I'm Max." He said. "Can I call yo Maxxie?" I asked. He glanced at his mother. "No, only mama calls me Maxxie." He said. "Okay." I said, smiling tenderly at him.

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