Five love Stories

Sue and Jo are best friends, but what will happen when Jo's big brother tries to get with her? Jess is happily married, but what happens when Stanley's cousin comes out to town? See them and other love stories.


4. Jess

It was a beautiful Sunday morning when Perrywinkle came to town. I was an hour early at the airport, reading a book on my IPhone, when I noticed a tall looking girl with fiery red hair and green glasses. I racked my memory trying to remember her. She spotted me then, giving me a war. I waved back and she walked toward me. "Hi, Jessica right?" She asked, her scent strongly Hispanic. "Yes, I'm sorry have we met?" I asked, standing up to shake her hand. "yes, I'm Elizabeth Pratchett. your mother's best friends daughter." She said with a tiny smile. "You ignored me for years, but we had to play together until you turned thirteen. I was eight at the time. Ah yes, Elizabeth." I said ailing. Elizabeth was a very annoying girl when I grew up. She tattle on me when I did some thing bad. "How've you been?" I asked. "I'm well. I'm waiting for my mother. She went to visit her sister. Who are you waiting for?" She asked. "I'm waiting for Perrywinkle. How long have you lived here?; I asked, looking at her. I'm pretty sure I've never seen her before. "Oh not long. I just moved her a week ago. I've been pretty busy unpacking. I'm happily married and have two little girls." She said proudly. "Oh wonderful, I have two little boys and I'm happily married. Here's a picture." I said, showing her my family. "Oh my! What c ute boys." She said, tracing the outlines of Stanley and Max. "What's this little ones name?" She asked, glancing at my belly. "Oh this is Nick." I said. "My my my three little boys! I don't envy you Jess. I hope to have three hits, but Stephen is happy with the girls we have now." She sighed and threw her head back. Suddenly, I seen Perrywinkle rushing toward me. Her blond hair up in a bun. "Jess!" She cried, throwing her self in my arms. "Oh my Perrywinkle be careful.: I said giggling. "Oh sorry, I am just so happy to see you." She said with a smile. Perrywinkle had a hard time at home. her mother hardly took care of her, when our dad died, mom got a new boyfriend and deserted her kids. I got married three months later and left. Perry was only two at the time so she doesn't really remember her father. When John kick Perry out, I decided to take her in to my wings.

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