The Hardships In Life

Shelby always knew she was Bi, but always tried to push the thought away. Until she went to camp, where she met Kai, a girl who didnt care what people thought of her, and she instantly became friends with her. They end up dating and every thing goes wrong- or right?


1. Shelby- How She Got Here

The doors bust open, and we run out, the night still young. Hold on where is my phone. 

"Astrid! Do you have my phone?" I screamed out as we ran faster from the approaching authority. 

"No! I thought you had it! I only have the spray paint!" She replied 

"I have to go back for it! Lets go!" I yelled turning away from the path to victory. 

"Hell no!" She ran away, and I got into the police's hands. 

I knew she'd leave when its convenient for her. I shouldn't have trusted her, but I am a weak human being. She pretended to get me, but she'd leave the first chance she got. 
I looked back as they took me to their car the other way. She was long gone. They opened the door, and pushed me in. Then it all went dark. 


~20 minutes later~ 

The car ride was long, the darkness surrounding me was too much, they finally opened the door, I got out and they put hand cuffs on me, and walked me into the building.Of course I didn't have my phone, because I couldn't get it before the police came in. They pushed me into a chair in the main office, and went to the front desk thing. It kind of looked like a ticket booth, but more gross. I sighed as the 2 police officers talked to the lady. The lady picked up the phone, and had a long conversation. All I heard was silence, and all I saw was confused, angered, and irritated facial expressions. She slammed the phone on its holster. 

~15 minutes later~

A extravagant looking lady walks out of the hall, and walks up to me. 

"Child. What are you sitting for? Get up. We're going to my office to find our if you're just going to go to camp, or go to juvie for 6 months." She says with an english accent. 

"Yeah? And how do you determine that?" I scoff. 

"Your parents of course, now stop asking questions and get in my office." She says composing her temper. 

I follow the lady to the office, where she sits in her chair and dials the phone. As the line rings, she taps her foot to the beat of the clock. 

"Was there anyone else involved, Shelby?" she asks, still in beat with the clock. 

"N-no." I lied. 

She stops tapping her foot.

"Taking one for the team, are we?" She says.


"Ssh." she says and starts talking to one of my 3 parents. 

Mom , Dad, or Pop. 

My dad left my mom when I was 3 years old, and she has always been salty about it ever since. I rolled my eyes as I heard my mom's frantic voice on the phone. 

"What? WHat did my Shelby do now?! SHELBY DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS GOING TO LOOK LIKE ON YOUR PUBLIC RECORDS?!" The voice rang. 

the lady takes the phone from her ear, and looks at me like -this-is-your-mom-? I nod and burry my head in my arms. 

"Miss, lets get to the chase. You want these crimes to go into her public records?" the lady says into the phone

Hell yeah! I'm not going to jail! I can go home. I'll survive her long lectutre, ive done this before. 

"Can I go home now?" I ask tapping my foot. 

"No. You are to go to camp, to wring out the last speck of 'bad girl' in you." she says, hanging up the phone


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