youtube love

This is for people who know Jacksepticeye from youtube if you dont know him go look him up now then read on...

Jack aka sean liked you ever since mark (markiplire) introduced us to each other. And to be honest I...I like him...o-or more!...Love!


2. day two - "hanging out"

After yesterday I've been freaking out that jack asked me out!! I really want to see him again so I can just hug him and (maybe) kiss him! *ring* *ring* my phone!!! "Hello?" "Hey (Y/n) it's jack I was wondering if you want to hang out!I promise I won't attack you with a kiss I swear!" Jack says with a small laugh which made me smile. "Okay but I don't mind a kiss *laugh*" I say messing with him, I bet he's blushing! "Ookay *laugh* See ya in a few?" "Yep! See you in a few, bye" "bye!" He sounded exited yet again when I hanged up. I walk to his house again and i knock on the door. "Hey (Y/n) come on in!" "Alright what are we gonna do today?" I ask Sean. "Well maybe we could-" He cuts his sentence short by grabbing me and putting me on his couch as I look up to see him and his light green hair."What are you doing mister?" I ask him as I blush. "Well you said your okay with me kissing you soo!" He says with a small laugh as he looks down at me, I move his hair away from his amazing eyes. "So..." I say, "Soo..." He says. We both smile and I made the first move. I lean up and place my lips on his as we both slowly get up so we are sitting. His hand on my cheek(FACE!!!!) and the other holding my hands. "Hey sean I'm he-" Who just came in?!

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