My brothers best friend (Remake from my wattpad)

Liv falls for Luke Hemmings, her brothers best friend in other terms. Ashton Irwin is her brother. Her parents died in a car crash when she was only 9 and Ashton was 10. Now Ashton and Liv live alone in their previous house when they were kids. It seems like nothing has changed but one day Ashton gets drunk and things from there go completely wrong. Or turn out amazing, read on to find out!


2. Ch. 2

Livs pov

I can't believe Luke and I have been dating for almost 14 weeks now! We're gonna go to the mall and celebrate. I think he has something else planed with the boys. I can't wait.

Luke and I went to the mall later in the day and we kept getting crowded by fans. We had to call for reinforcements. "Hey, this is Luke hemmings. I'm at the mall with my girlfriend and we need security." "Okay sir. We're on the way." The security said and hung up. I smiled and kissed Luke's cheek. He smiled and kissed my lips. "Luke, not here...." I said while he was kissing me. "Why not?" He said and wrapped his arm around my waist. I put my arms around his neck and we started to make out in the middle of the mall. "Sir....Sir..." The security guard tapped on Luke's shoulder but he wouldn't stop kissing me. "What!" Luke asked and turned around to the security guard madly. The security guard looked scared so he said, "W-where do you umm. Want us to be stationed sir?" Luke's face turned from mad to happy within seconds. "Just to the side of us. Follow us and make sure no paparazzi gets any pictures. But if they do, make sure they get her good side. But it's everywhere so they can't miss it." I giggled and tugged on his black leather jacket. "Hmm baby?" He asked and smiled. "Can we go to hot topic. I have a few bucks to spend. I just got a pay check in the mail." He smiled and said, "Sure babe!" He kissed my cheek and we walked to hot topic. "I can't belive they sell these here! Should I get them?" Luke asked holding a bat girl bikini to his waist. I laughed and held up a doctor who dress. "Oh my gosh! I've always wanted this!" I said and fake put it on. "I'll buy you it." Luke said and walked over to kiss me. "Awww. But I can buy it. I have my own money." I said and blushed. "No i insist. I'll get it for you." Luke said and smiled as we walked up to the register with a few other things we were both interested in. "You'll just have to repay me babe." Luke said and put the clothes on the counter. "With what?" I asked him and smiled. "This." He said and kissed me. "But save it for later." He said and looked at the cashier. "Y-Your L-Luke hemmings." The cashier said. He laughed and said, "That's me. This is my girlfriend Liv. She's Ashton's little sister." The girl glared at me and then looked back at Luke. "C-can we take a picture?" She asked Luke. "Sure!" Luke pulled me into his side and I smiled. "I meant just you." She said sassy-like. "Oh uh, sure.... Liv are you okay if we take a few pictures?" "Y-yeah. I'm fine. I'll just go over here and see if there's anything before we check out." I said slightly jealous. I walked away and looked at some skirts and crop tops. I looked at some very short shorts and picked out a pair that was black laced and would be perfect if I wanted to get Luke naked again. I laughed and Luke came over and said, "What'ca laughin' about babe?" "Hmm? Oh nothing." Luke smiled and kissed me. "Dressing room?" Luke asked and smiled evilly. I nodded and we ran do the dressing room. "Uh, we're just gonna need to check if these fit before we take them home. Is that okay?" Luke asked in his Aussie accent, and it was never that hot before. We laughed and kissed each other in the dressing room. Luke smiled and pushed me up against the wall gently. He kissed my neck and slid his hand up my shirt. After 5 minutes of just making out, someone knocked on the door when things were getting heated. "Hello? Sir? Umm the rest of the band is waiting out side for you. What would you like me to tell them?" "Frick. Ashton and would be pissed if he new we were dating." Luke said and let his grip loose of my wrist. "Well, I'll..." My sentence was interrupted by a phone call on Luke's phone. "It's ash...." Luke said and answered. "H-hey Ashton." "Hey, you knew we had a gig today. Where are you? Which side of the mall?  We're coming to get you." That's the surprise! I'm gonna go to a concert with Luke! I'm so excited! "I'm at hot topic. Just meet me at the entrance. I'll be ready." "Where's my sister by the way?" "S-sister? What?" "Nice goin' Luke you fucked up!" Calum said in the background and laughed. "Shut up cal. Don't tell him" "don't tell him what?" Ashton asked. "H-hey Ash." "LIV!? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING THERE?!" "I'll explain when me and Luke get on the bus. Just calm down bro." I put on the shorts and Luke just smiled. We walked out of hot topic and thanked the cashier. The security followed us to the tour bus and Luke and I walked in. Get ready for embarrassment....

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