the diary of a schizophrenic

"i know she isn't real, i know she's an amigination but she won't go away no matter what, i guess this is just an ordinary day for me."
Jessica is living with a mental ilness she doesnt even know she has, she has no friends she only has her mother and her sisters, but then she meets Adam and everything feels good when she's with him, with a crush and a mental illness and a little jealousy from her younger sister things must be hard on Jessica, will she make it thru or will she end up taking her own life.


2. the picnic and meeting my sisters boyfriend

~~Today is going to be a horrible day because today I have to go out with my family for a picnic, my mom is making me go out because she wants me to get out of my room because she says its unhealthy to stay there all the time, why won't she understand that I like being alone? I just hope that this day ends fast.
Me and my mom and my sister were in the car driving to find a perfect picnic place and I was feeling nervous because I could see Lilly sitting next to me, I didn’t want to hear her or see her so I listened to some music on my headset and I closed my eyes and just hummed a little bit until they finally found a place for the picnic.
I get down the car still listening to music and I helped my sister Penelope with the blanket and we all sat there eating and both of them were talking but I was listening to music in my own world, I was happy with the peace I had but I knew that Lilly would appear soon and the peace would be gone, and I was right because after a minute she appeared again and it was worse when I was around people so I told them I wanted to take a walk and they let me go without questioning me.
I was walking until I found the perfect place that was far away from them where they couldn’t hear me, "why do you want me gone? I'm your only friend Jessica" Lilly tells me and I say "at first you were my friend but now you scare me and you tell me bad things about my family and everyone else" she gives a sad look like I offended her and then she says "I'm only telling you the truth to protect you" I laugh at that and I say "you are such a liar, do you really think I'm going to believe you?" she gives me an evil smile and says "I'm staying with forever Jessica and there is no way you could get rid of me, well there is one way" I give her a curious look and then she says "you have to kill yourself, if you die then I'll be gone and so will the sadness" I think about what she says for a while and I say "if that’s what it takes then I'll do it" Penelope comes from behind me and says "who were you talking to?" I turn around and say "to myself" I'm getting so good at lying that I could be an expert, "oh, well we're leaving now" I followed her but before I get up from my spot Lilly says "good one" I just ignore her and I go to the car and I put on my headset and listen to music until we go home.
As if the day couldn’t get worse Penelope announces that her boyfriend is coming over because she wants to introduce him to us and I say to myself "are you kidding me?" and as if on time her boyfriend rings the doorbell and she lets him in, when I first see him I smile and he smiles back and says "hi I'm Jayden and you must be Jessica" I get nervous and I don’t say anything I just nod and then he sees my mom and says hello and then he sits next to me on the couch, he says to me "so Jessica me and you should hang out some time, you know as friends" ha! Yeah right me? Hanging out? No way in hell is that happening but then Penelope says "yeah the three of us will have a lot of fun" and then my mom says "of course she will" they still can't understand that I want to be left alone, I didn’t want to look rude so I say "yeah sure, why not?" and then Penelope has the worst idea and she says "why not now? It's not late" I didn’t like anything about this so I was hoping that something would happen to change their mind but nothing happened so we ended up hanging out together that day

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