the diary of a schizophrenic

"i know she isn't real, i know she's an amigination but she won't go away no matter what, i guess this is just an ordinary day for me."
Jessica is living with a mental ilness she doesnt even know she has, she has no friends she only has her mother and her sisters, but then she meets Adam and everything feels good when she's with him, with a crush and a mental illness and a little jealousy from her younger sister things must be hard on Jessica, will she make it thru or will she end up taking her own life.


3. meeting Adam

Me and Penelope and Jayden were at the cinema watching a romantic movie but I didn’t think it was so romantic, I don’t even like romantic movies because they are full of lies, like how everything and everyone is so happy, and the bad guy always loses and most of all the happy ending, there are no such things as happy endings because life is nothing but sadness and hate, at least that’s what I think, so I sat there feeling awkward but relieved that Lilly wasn’t here even though I knew she would appear anytime now, they were holding hands and when they laughed at silly things they did and when they look at each other it would be full of love and happiness, maybe I should tell Penelope that there aren’t happy endings just so she wouldn’t get hurt, like how my mom got hurt after my dad left us all alone and never came back but no I'll let her have a little bit of happiness. Lilly suddenly appeared and she gave me a scared look then she says "the boy sitting next to you is stalking you, look at how he keeps looking at you" I didn’t want to believe her but maybe she was telling the truth so I look next to me and there was a boy and he was looking at me but not in a stalking way but how Jayden looks at Penelope like he likes me or something like that, he smiles at me while looking into my eyes and I can't help but notice that his eyes were the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen but then I snap back to reality and I whisper to him "why are you looking at me?" and then he says to me "because you're beautiful and because I like you" I couldn’t help but smile at him and I feel myself blush but then Lilly who was still here says "don’t believe him he's stalking you he's no good" after she says that my happiness goes away and I say to him "stop stalking me or I'll call the cops on you" he gives me a confused look and then says "what are you talking about?" then I say to him angrily "oh so now I'm crazy? You're crazy you stalker!" everyone in the cinema looks at me and then Penelope says to me "what's going on?" I knew she wouldn’t believe me but I took my chances and said "that boy is stalking me and he won't leave me alone" she looks at him and so does Jayden and then Jayden says "what the hell is wrong with you man!? Stay away from her" "are you sure? You never said anything about this" Penelope says to me but then the boy says to me with a hurt voice "look I'm sorry if you think that I'll just leave" then he gets up and leaves the cinema "good" Lilly says to me but I feel like so cruel about what I just did and said so I say "I need to get a drink I'll be right back" then thankfully I catch up with the boy and I stop him and say "hi there" he says to me "um hi?" he says as a question and then I say "I'm sorry about what happened back there, I called you a stalker and made a scene when you were only nice to me" I thought he wasn’t going to accept my apology but then he says "it's alright but you shouldn’t listen to someone who doesn’t even exist" did he know who was talking to me? Did he see Lilly too? "Do you see her too?" I asked him anxiously but then he says to me "no but I noticed you were talking to someone who wasn’t even there and you were spacing out like you were in your own world so that’s when I knew what was wrong with you" I look at him confused and then he says "I think you might have schizophrenia or some other mental disorder" I look at him terrified that that might be true and when he sees that he says "don’t worry you'll be fine but you should see a therapist" and then I remember what happened in the cinema and I say to him "so you don’t like me or think that I'm beautiful? You just said that because you felt sorry for me?" he gives me a smile and says "I do like you and I do think you are very beautiful, that’s why I was looking at you in the first place" someone likes me? I couldn’t believe that, but then I ask him another question "but how did you know something was wrong with me? You couldn’t tell that by a look" and then he says "I study psychology because I want to be a therapist, it was very obvious something was wrong" he was the only person that noticed something was wrong with me, my own mother couldn’t notice that something was wrong with me, "do you have a phone number I can call so we can see each other again?" he says to me and I gladly give him my phone number, right at that moment I see Penelope and Jayden walking towards me and she looks worried and so I knew that I took long "where were you?" she says but then who's standing with me and then she says "are you ok? Do you want me to call the cops on him?" I awkwardly say "no everything's fine I made a mistake about him" then she says to me well its getting late so we should go home" I agree with her then I say to him "I have to go now but can I know your name?" he shakes my hand and says "I'm Adam, and you are?" I shake his hand as well and I say "I'm Jessica" "it's nice to meet you Jessie" I smile because of the nickname he gave me and I say "it was nice meeting you too Adam" then we both leave and go our own way and I go home thinking only about Adam, he was the most nicest and most beautiful person I've ever seen.
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