Suicide Queen (ended)

"Gigi you cut on your legs, deep. You must've lost too much blood because you passed out. Your in the hospital" I said

"Oh" is all she said

"I carried you to the car and held you in the backseat the whole time. I was crying. I was so scared. Please don't ever cut again. It gets better I promise. That fan was stupid and fake" I said

"I'm sorry Ashton" she said

"It's okay princess. And I have to ask you something. Ever since the meet and greet I have liked you. In fact I love you. It's only been a few days but I'm in love with you Gigi. Will you be my girlfriend?" I asked


14. chapter 13

While the guys got ready for the show I helped the people on set. When it was time for the show I just sat backstage watching hey violet then the guys.

"Are you supposed to be here?" A set guys asked

"I'm with the band" I said showing up my ID

He walked away and I went back to watching the show. Before the boys played kiss me kiss me Ashton took the microphone and started to speak.

"The next song goes out to my girlfriend, Gigi" he said sitting back down. I heard a lot of mixed emotions happy cheers, and sad boos mostly

They played and Michael slowed it down. It honestly killed me. I love when Michael slows the Song down.

After the show we headed back to the hotel and just hung out. We ordered room service and ordered food.

"Promise me something?" Ashton asked

"What?" I asked

"Please don't hurt yourself anymore. No more cutting no more self harm" he said looking me in the eyes

"I'll try" I said

"Not try. Must." He said

"Okay. I promise." I said slightly smiling.

------------------------------1 month later----------------------------

Today is mine and Ashton 1 month aniversary. And it happens to be my birthday also. Crazy Huh? Ashton said he had a big surprise for me later. He said dress casual tho. He also has a show tonight. I put on a white tank top and a blue flannel, black ripped jeans, and black high tops. I put my hair in a messy bun and put on some makeup. Today we are in Paris for the tour. Ashton said for me to meet him in the lobby later. When I got done getting ready I went down to the lobby and he was there waiting for me with a big bouquet of roses.

"You look beautiful. Happy birthday and 1 month" he said hugging me then kissing me.

"Thanks and to you too, you look hot" I said giggling

He was wearing a captain America shirt and black skinny jeans.

"Ready for the surprise?" He asked

"Yeah I guess" i said laughing

"I'm taking you to the Eiffel Tower. And then later at the show I have an even bigger surprise. For you and the fans" he said

"Oh alright then. Looking forward to it." I said excitedly.

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