CinderElla // irwin.

Her name was Cinderella, because her mom knew she would be the kindest and prettiest in the kingdom, but sometimes princess's shatter.

Ashton Irwin Fanfiction.


3. Chapter Three.

Ella.                                                                                                                                                                                       Was.                                                                                                                                                                                       Deppressed.


There was no way of avoiding that sentence when you looked at her, Sad eyes, lost mind, and her heart somewhere else entirely.

At first. when Marinda left her small house, Ella binged and binged and binged on junk food, anything that had sugar in it or clogged her arteries, she had it  on her bed, whatever it was, microwaved or in a can or even straight out of the fridge, as she sat in front of her laptop shoving ice cream scoop after ice cream scoop in her mouth.

She had a whole playlist of sad movies in front of her, Hatchi, Marly and me, short term twelve, all the sad movies she loved were with her during her time of need.

eventually, Ella gave up on Netflix and movies on her shelf, and just went to Youtube.

"Ella, honey, is everything okay?" She heard a knock on her door and her dad's tired voice asking if she was okay, maybe it was because she hadn't come out of her room in the last 48 hours.

"Just fine dad," She said in a monotone voice having an O2L marathon on her laptop, all the way back from the beginning.

"Well, your teacher called, they said he'd give you an extension on your history report since your sick." Ella's dad said uneasily, whenever Ella didn't want to go to school she'd always tell her dad it was girl problems, and he would instantly leave her alone, he never was good at raising a teenager.

If Ella's mom was here she'd would know what to do, but she wasn't...

Ella didn't respond to her dad only somewhat focused on the video in front of her, her mind was somewhere else as she stared blankly at the video, not even cracking a smile when Kian said something funny.


After another whole day of Ella not coming out of her room, Ella went down a hole of endless youtube videos, vloggers, vine complications, pranks, and then music videos.

Music videos, a lot of them were strange, but she continued to watch the screen after one of them got boring she clicked on a lyric video named 'Amnesia', she listened intently as a soft guitar medley belted out from her laptop.

the video focused on different parts of the room, as lyrics showed up on the bed and walls, and a voice that had a soft lisp sang out "I drove by all the places we used to hang out getting wasted."

Ella rocked back in forth to the comforting tune, it was very sweet and soft, she looked at the band that read "5 Seconds of Summer." she remembered them off the radio, when the song "She Looks So Perfect." Practically played all summer, and gave her summer nostalgia.

It was a song you couldn't really get out of your head, and it was just a little bit annoying but this 'Amnesia' song was much better and made Ella feel better as if it had this higher purpose, she wanted to find out who wrote such a beautiful peace of art.

Ella watched as four different boys kept on reappearing on the screen, they looked really sad in the music video, and it reminded her of how she felt.

One had dark almost black hair, with a tan and a few tattoo's of what she could tell, and a very prominent jawline that looked great on him, no wonder they were famous, they also were hot.

another boy popped up on the screen, it looked like he had dyed blonde hair with several streaks of brunette hair, but she couldn't really tell since the video was in black and  white, he ran his hands over his face as if he was done and tired with everything in world, Ella noticed the large amount of bracelets that were on his wrist too.

another guy popped up, he had blonde hair and a lip ring, his eyes looked as if they were broken more than once, and basically had pretty bushy eyebrows that suited him perfectly, someone everyone wants to draw.

and yet another guy popped up, he had a bandana on and had what seemed to be messy brown hair sticky up from it, his chin had a little stubble on it, Ella liked it, and the words 'And forget about the stupid little things' ran over his face.

Ella liked him the most.

after the music video that she watched, she felt slightly better, she went to the comments to see how other people felt, the first one was 'Luke's sad face tho' Ella felt confused, she wanted to find out which one of these guys were 'Luke' and the next comment was 'I can't believe these guys made it from one direction, they've gotten so far, their fan base just keeps on growing omfg but did you see Ashton's bandanna XD' Ella smiled not knowing what the person met by them coming from one direction but she now knew one of their names, which was 'Ashton'.

Ella had to say, Ashton, it fitted him well, Ella went to the next video of theirs, which was a video called try hard.


Ella yawned and looked out the window of her room, it was five AM and she had been watching '5sos' video's all night, she quickly learned NEVER to call them '5 es o es' or to be like 'I only like them for their looks' and she had to admit, she didn't just like them for their looks, she liked them for the music too, Ella had gone through a loop of interviews, behind the scenes, live concerts, and how to be a 5sos fan videos, she had now found herself on a lyric video called 'The only reason' she had to say, it was her favourite.

Her phone buzzed from beside her, Ella had several hundred messages from Miranda but she got new notification from Youtube, New Upload from 5 Seconds Of Summer "5 Seconds Of Summer - Good Girls." Ella immediately slid her thumb over the unlock button, she needed to watch this video.

Ella smiled when she noticed at the beginning of the video Ashton holding the violin upside down, and she burst out laughing when Luke said "A good girl is like sweet lemonade on hot summer day."

And on October 10th was the day she became a fan.


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