CinderElla // irwin.

Her name was Cinderella, because her mom knew she would be the kindest and prettiest in the kingdom, but sometimes princess's shatter.

Ashton Irwin Fanfiction.


4. Chapter Four.

[Chapter Four]

After six A.M Ella had found herself in a place that made her the happiest.


"See you later Marinda! Have fun at Jacob's party." Ella giggled, she was 12, she could easily get away with being nine though because of her baby face she born with, but it only added to her adorableness.

"Okay El' see you later, we have to make a secret handshake tomorrow, though," Marinda begged as they started to part ways from the school bus.

"Yeah we really do," Ella grinned and turned around sprinting home to show her Mom the A+ she got in science that day.

"Mama-" Ella held her sentence back as she entered the house, screaming was all Ella could hear, screaming and yelling she had grown accustomed too.

It was her mother screaming profanities at her father, daddy was never home this early.. what was going on? Ella's child like mind asked herself.

"You ugly pig! how could you?!" Mama screamed at him and gave him a firm slap across the face, Ella's father flinched back holding his cheek, She noticed her father was only wearing some sports pants and smelled sweaty, Ella cringed she hated when mommy hit daddy like that, it made her stomach turn, Ella shrunk behind the staircase post her small eyes peaking at the scene in front of her.

Ella's mother shouted abusive words at him with every breath she seemed drunk and angry, her father looked broken by it.

"You cheated on me, Dylan! why would you cheat on me? huh? with your own daughters vice principal." her mom scoffed, pacing pack in forth across the kitchen with tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Debra, I love you-" My dad tried to reassure her, but her mother was far from reassurance.

"If you loved me you wouldn't have had sex with another woman!" She screamed and looked to be at a point of a mental breakdown.

"I do love you, I was thinking about ending our marriage a long time ago, but this just gave me a push" Her dad sighed trying to be calm about this.

her mom shook her head, holding her hand to her mouth to keep from breaking down completely.

"In my own house.." she whispered "IN MY OWN FUCKING BED!"  she yelled poking her father hard in the chest.

"To think this marriage was a fairy tale." She scoffed, Ella still stood  frozen.

"Not everything is a Disney movie." My father sighed running his hands through his hair, to bad Ella's mom was a big believer of Disney.

"At least I try!" 

Ella had tears in her eyes, she hated when her parents fought, but this was one of their biggest fights yet.

"MAYBE I CHEATED ON YOU BECAUSE I DON'T LOVE YOU." Ella's father yelled, it only made Ella more upset, she liked to think her parents were made for each other

"You think so huh?" Her mother shook her head in disbelieve.

"You know what? I'm leaving." Her mother threw her hands up in the air with a calm look on her face.

"You can't leave!" My father shouted denial all over his face.

"Watch me, Dylan." She gave him the middle finger and walked towards the stairs where wide-eyed Ella stood with petrified eyes watching her parents divorce happen before her eyes.

"Oh Ella." mama sighed knowing that her precious daughter heard everything.

"Mama? You won't leave me right?" Ella sniffled, she didn't know what to do.

"Of course not sweet, you can come with me." Her mom grinned from ear to ear now.

"okay.." Ella whispered too in shock to say much else.

Ella's mom took her soft hand in hers, her mom smiled brightly trying to look at the bright side of things, Ella had her bag packed almost under a minute along with her mom who wanted to get out of the house as soon as possible.

"We are gonna go to neverland, baby." Her mom whispered to her excitedly as she loaded the car.

"Ella!' Her father yelled running to the passenger side door trying to stop his soon to be ex-wife from taking his child.

"I'll see you in court, Dylan." her mom said calmly exiting the driveway, making the gravel shoot up not caring if she ran over her Husbands foot.

"Debra! you can't do this" Ella watched from the back window as her father screaming and screamed chasing the Cadillac her mom drove with almost all it's speed almost reaching sixty-five on a gravel road.

"Ella, men are stupid, make sure you fall for the right one baby." her mom mother whispered looking at her perfect daughter with broken eyes.

"Which one is the right one?" Ella asked timidly,trying to keep up with the conversation as her mother was speeding way past the speed limit, and it was starting to scare poor Ella.

"When he treats you like a princess, and does anything for you, and you do anything for him, and he's patient and kind and will stay by your side through thick and thin" Her mother only got sadder as she started to sob  slowing down a considerable amount but her steering becoming reckless.

"Promise me baby.. that you'll save yourself for the right one?" Ella's mother whispered looking at her with tears in her eyes.

Ella didn't know at the time what that really meant but she wanted to make her mother happy so she whispered back "I Promise."

"I love you." Ella's mother said facing her daughter and not the road just enough time for the Cadillac to go spinning off the road into a ditch a rolled down a hill.

Ella clung to her mother, as her mother put her protective strong arms around her protecting her from the damage of the car.

suddenly everything became still, a still silence as she heard the car grunt with small noises, Ella listening only hearing her own rough breathing and the car.

Ella Looked up at her still mother, eyes closed and blonde hair still tucked behind her dainty ear, and a soft pool of blood dripping down her mother's head.

Ella panicked "Mama! there's blood.. so much blood." Ella cried shaking her mother gently sitting in her lap of the drivers seat.

Ella's shaky hand ripped her own T-shirt off her body and wrapped it around her mother's head wanting the blood to stop but when she covered a new place blood dripped and soaked somewhere else.

"Mama please wake up." Ella sobbed shaking her mother's shoulders gently.

"Mama." Ella clung to her still body the car head lights shining brightly down the hill they stopped halfway, though the car getting stuck between two close trees.

"Mama," Ella whispered.

"I love to Mama." She cried trying not to look at the blood, the blood... too much blood.


"Is anyone down there!?" A strong voice yelled down the hill, Ella didn't want to respond, she wanted to be with her mama

"Miss- oh my god.." The man that came to the driver's side window realizing a little girl was sitting in her dead mother's lap, Ella could hear the man but she didn't want to respond, she could feel her mom's blood drip down on to her face but she didn't want to move.

"Little girl, we have to get you somewhere else, she's gone now." The man at the side of the car tried to pry at Ella, who refused to let go of her still almost cold mother.

"NOO I won't leave Mama!" Ella screeched looking at the man with scared eyes at the idea of leaving her mother.

"I can only get one of you at once, I promise I'll bring you mother out of the car once we get to the top of the hill" He pointed to the top of the hill Ella just tumbled down.

She nodded letting go of my mother and wrapping my arms around his secure frame.

"Mama!" She watched the car light on fire and start to blaze, as the man ran away from the fire trying to protect the small girl.

"You have to save her! she's my everything." Ella sobbed pawing at the man's hands to release her so she could get her mother's body out of the blazing car.

He didn't speak as he held me, She still struggled with all her might as she realized there was a woman I think was his wife talking on the phone with what sounded like a police operator.

"MAMA!" Ella screamed as the car slowly burnt to pieces.

"Mama!" Ella screamed in her sleep thrashing around on her bed as if she was reenacting that night.

Ella's father burst into the room seeing his distressed child obviously having a bad nightmare.

"Ella baby!" He shook her shoulder as she shot up from her nightmare tears filling her baby blue eyes, more tears she had experienced in so long.

"It's not real, it's gonna be okay" Her father rubbed her shoulder as Ella shook goosebumps lining her arms as she stared off into space.

"It felt so real.." She whispered looking at her father with broken eyes.

"I know sweetie. . I know" He sighed sadly.

Betty Anne Carter.

Passed away 2007 September 18th,

After a tragic drunk driving accident,

Only leaving one survivor in the car alive being her daughter,

The child had minor injuries but has post-traumatic stress and night terrors.

-News Article written by Jason Sabor.







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