CinderElla // irwin.

Her name was Cinderella, because her mom knew she would be the kindest and prettiest in the kingdom, but sometimes princess's shatter.

Ashton Irwin Fanfiction.


5. Chapter Five.

[Chapter Five]

going back to school was not exactly what I was looking forward to, well what is there to be looking forward to? Homework? ex-best friends?  drama? because who ever looks forward to that is a complete moron. (With a capital M.)

The chilly fall air made my nose turn pink, as I looked at the bright autumn colors painting the tree's as the leaves fell towards the earth in a whirlwind of a cold breeze, autumn is my favorite season and if it wasn't for all the bullshit happening all around me I would have enjoyed my quiet walk to school.

As soon as I saw "Rock point high" I wanted to run away, but not everyone can run away from their problems . . . How was I supposed to get through the rest of this awful semester, I could feel the dread slowly crawl up my spine as I approached the building, the building surrounded by kids who planned to probably never leave this dead end town, most people here got pregnant young or were connected to some family business.

Opening the school doors felt repulsive and to find the nearest trash can to puke in, I knew I was going to be surrounded by bullshit as soon as I walked in, whether it was my teachers feeding it to me or my fellow freshman to senior classmates.

I started piling my old homework into my locker I finished the night before and grabbing only the necessities, but as soon as I started actually believing maybe this day wouldn't be so bad a girl walked up to me, she usually sat a table away from me and we would normally just always give a small wave and a smile, but this girls demeanor seemed off, not from what she normally seemed like, with fiery short hair and freckles across her nose and cheeks, she had this malicious joy to her.

"Hey Ella, do remember me? I went to summer camp with you, I'm Becca." Due to her shady behavior, I shook her hand warily, my cautious behavior evident.

"No sorry," I muttered shutting my locker and slinging my backpack on my shoulder, what fuck was happening?

"Well," She paused a smirk on her face "I slept with Bradon a few nights-" I cut her off by walking away, I knew he slept with people during the time we were together.. but how many?


seventeen girls have walked up to me just between the time of three periods, I couldn't take it anymore so during lunch and my chemistry class I hid in the bathroom bringing my legs up on the toilet seat as silent tears ran down my cheeks I sniffled, I wasn't crying over the fact Brandon cheated on me with so many girls it was more of the fact that he was my best friend for so many years and he was no longer their to comfort me, not even Marinda could be here.

and who the heck wants to 'clear the air', it felt more intentional to hurt me, then wanting to clear things up, and what the fudge did I do to deserve this?

so I sucked up as many tears as I could hearing the bell signaling I had chemistry but I ignored it and pulled out my crappy iPhone 4s, with a giant crack down the side of the screen and only one speaker on the phone seemed to work considering how much I dropped it, It's not really a surprise that it's this broken.

I then plugged in my dollar headphones just wanting a second away from the world, I sighed in content as I opened my illegal music app where I downloaded all of 5sos's songs illegally because I was broke as shit.

I leaned my head against the stall as Daylight came on, Closing my eyes and imagining living somewhere anywhere but here, maybe I'll move somewhere far away from here, I nodded my head along to the drum beat.

I was snapped out of my music haze when I heard the bathroom door slam shut, was someone already in here and just left? or did someone enter?

I hesitantly took out my earbud out of my right ear hearing girls giggling like normal for a woman's bathroom in a high school, I was about to put my earbud back in but a sentence a familiar voice said made me pause.

"I can't believe you actually got everyone to walk up to Ella." a girl whisper shouted excitedly, wait.. what?

"Well now since their broken off I can swoop in and take the prize, and damn Brandon is like sex on a stick, I can't believe Ella is still even a virgin." I heard Marinda's voice laugh along with to other girls as my heart hammered away in my chest I pulled my legs up to my chest and delicately laid my head back against the stall, putting my earbud back in not wanting to hear any further as I put my music at the highest capacity of sound.

Was she even Lesbian? What was she doing? everything about her was beginning to complex me.


I dragged my butt inside my house the house an empty and cold, did dad forget to turn on the heat?

I shivered and moved towards the thermostat seeing it was indeed turned off, I put it on seventy-five again, letting my shoulders relax when I heard it turn on, I then climbed the staircase to my room putting my backpack in the corner, and falling onto my bed.

My phone dinged and I got a notification from Instagram, at @marinda_CherryPie where she tagged me into a post, there stood a photo that made me want to crawl into a pit and die, I could feel the sick feeling of embarrassment crawl up my throat as it showed her making out with Brandon as people seemed to be cheering them on, and honestly they looked like they were about to hump each other.

I exited Instagram and went to twitter and onto my personal/fan account I saw Ashton tweeted something, about how he was eating a donut, I let out a giggle as I scrolled through his tweets that would always make me smile as 5sos silenced my sadness, even if they didn't know I existed.

I decided to tweet, "Had a bad day :'(, but listing to 5sos helped me forget about reality :D" I sighed and locked my phone but not before adding the hashtag '5SOS', I lay back on my bed just staring at the ceiling with plastic glow in the dark stars that were beginning to fade, I really hoped someday this pain just go away, maybe I'll move somewhere when I pass highschool, go to college in Calfornia or something.

I closed my eyes and began to drift to sleep.





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