Fins and Legs

Lola is a mermaid who lives in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Maine. Her life is almost perfect, her parents are King and Queen of the Penobscot Bay area. She has her two best friends, Rockie and Aurora and her pet porpoise Lollie. Her life turns upside down when she meets a human and everything changes as she falls in love for the first time.


4. Secrets

"We meet again," Finn smirks at me. I roll my eyes and shake my head, "What are you following me now?" I say a bit harsher than I intended but that was probably for the better, I can't get too attached to him. "Something like that, I just want to learn more about you." He says sounding a bit wounded. Feeling bad I try to humor him a bit. " Well I'm just here getting some lights for my room, any suggestions?" I ask. He looks around at the shelves of lighting fixtures and asks "Decorative or for the light on your ceiling?" "Maybe both if you can find a good pair." I reply enjoying watching him. He walks up and down the isle and picks out a gorgeous tear drop chandelier and matching Christmas type lights to string around my windows. "Those are perfect and gorgeous" I say in awe that he actually found ones I like. We walk together to the checkout lane and I start to take out my money but Finn hands the cashier $200. I look at him wide eyed and blush crimson. He actually payed for my stuff?? Do I look poor or is he just trying to be polite?? I ask myself. As we head out to my bike I feel an electric current buzzing between us and it surprises me. "Well," I sigh, "I better be headed home my family will be mad if I'm not home by dinner." "Please let me take you home, so you don't have to peddle the whole way," He asks. I think for a moment, Would this be a good idea?? Oh Triton what do I do? I finally give in to his gorgeous green eyes and nod yes. The car ride is mostly silent, rap music softly playing in the background. He has his hand on the arm rest slightly open, probably hoping that I hold his hand. I decide that would be too far and just keep watching the road and the houses go by, occasionally telling him which way to turn. " You can drop me off right at the beach," I say to him as we turn onto the beach road. "Oh ok," He replies. I look longingly at him wishing more than anything I could talk to him as me, show him that I'm not this timid, shy girl who isn't supposed to even be in the car with him. He gets out of the car and opens my door for me. I put the lights in my magical bag and look at him for a second. "Will I see you again?" He asks. "Possibly, but nothing is certain." I try to comfort him. He pulls me in for a hug again and I shock myself and hug him back, tight. I don't want to let go of my green eyed man, I feel like we have connection, stronger than the strongest tide. I step out of the hug and quickly walk away, tears pooling in my eyes. I need to do this quick and fast, like ripping off a Band-Aid. I turn back and look at him. I watch him getting in the car and drive off. I step onto the beach and smirk a bit, remembering I left my number for him on the passenger seat. I look for anyone on the beach, as soon as I see the coast is clear I put my bag back in the bubble and go waist deep in the water, take off my bikini bottoms and dive. 

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