It's your baby Jesse

Tears will fall
oceans will rise
The earth will stop turning
since you left '
every breath feels like it's burning
I know that life will go on
i will survive but for tonight i swear on my life...this is the end of the world...


3. Chapter three : It's hard fighting an fallen angel

''Honey you have to talk to him '' I had my eyes outside the window , I wanted to ignore my mom but There was no use since she kept bugging me about talking to him . ''Honey - ''  ''Mom stop , Please I don't want to talk to him ! I'm busy '' She chuckled ''With what Lacey ?! You don't work , You stay home all day in your room ! What are you busy with ? '' I took a look at her ''Why is this so Important to you ? ''  ''What ? '' She asked trying to act dumb . ''Me talking to Jesse '' She looked back at the wheel smiling softly ''because Honey , He's the father of your kid , He came to see you again '' I chuckled myself and Looked out the window again . ''Lacey , This is all dumb You - ''  ''This is my relationship mom , I can do what I please with My boyfriend '' . After I said that not other peep was heard , She completely went back to her ignore me stage . 

When I got home I saw Jesse sitting on the steps Angry but worried . My mom didn't even bother me to get out the car but it seemed like He asked her if he can see me in it . Since the car was off I couldn't lock it so he got in and sat next to me . ''Can we talk ? Please ? '' I didn't say anything , Jesse really hurt me and I don' t know why he won't admit to me he doesn't love me period . He loves April . ''Baby please '' He reached for my hand but I put it between My lap . ''I don't want to talk Jess '' . The anger in his tone made him have an attitude ''Just yesterday You were so eager to talk to me ! What the hell happened ?! '' I looked at him and opened the door . Every time he asked me what was the matter with me I always tried to find a way to avoid it until he stops asking . ''Lacey ! '' He followed me into the house but I stopped him letting a tear fall down my right cheek ''Go home Jesse !! Just go away !! '' I slammed the door in his face and cried into my hands .... I don't want to ignore him for so long but My parents , Brothers and sisters told me 'Once a cheater always a cheater , Once a liar always a liar ' . I have to let him find out by himself or keep it up till the baby's born . 

I walked to my room and shut the door quietly making sure no one saw me and bothered to ask me if I was okay . I hated it when they asked , They probably wouldn't even ask since they all hate Him and Me . I took a deep breath in then out , The air suddenly felt heavy and My body started to feel powerless which made my eyes close and Made everything around me stop . The noises . The wind outside . The chimes outside my window . Especially The shouts of Jesse calling out my name . Everything was starting to feel way better than before . Especially My own mind . 

Mom Knocked on my door gently and asked if she could come in . I sighed and said sure . When she walked in she had a concerned look on her face but same time it looked upset . ''Honey ...What's wrong with you and Jesse '' I groaned and put the blanket over me , We are not about to have this conversation again ''Please talk me mami , You and Jesse were always so happy ...What happened ? '' I shrugged my shoulders now closing my eyes tightly . She seemed more concerned than usual , Sometimes I feel like She cares more about Jess's health than mine . ''This is his baby Lacey..Isn't it ? '' I sat up quickly glaring at her in anger ''What the fuck mom ?! '' She shouted back ''Excuse me but watch your'e tone! '' ''No , watch yours! Why the fuck would you even ask that ?! ''. My mom stood speechless at me , She didn't want to make things worse anymore . I could tell by her eyes . ''I'm going for a walk '' When I walked past her I stopped and faced her in tears . ''For quiet some time mom , I never had peace ! Not for a freaking while ! And right before you came in , Everything for me was becoming normal ! For once again !! . But no ma , You just had to come in and ruin it ! '' . I opened the house door and ran out crying , She followed me out shouting my name . I needed to leave , I need to start over . 


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