It's your baby Jesse

Tears will fall
oceans will rise
The earth will stop turning
since you left '
every breath feels like it's burning
I know that life will go on
i will survive but for tonight i swear on my life...this is the end of the world...


5. Chapter five : In my head

''Is he cute ? '' I nodded again giggling and putting my books in my locker ''Is he sweet ? Is he tall ? '' I faced Kristany with a smile ''Yes Kris , He's Six feet tall actually '' . Her mouth dropped and she chuckled at me '' Six feet tall ?! That's the height of My big brother Randy ! And he's twenty ! '' She followed me down the hall to the Science room and we took our seats . His smile kept running through my mind and his handsome laugh as well . The way his eyes lit up every time I told him a joke made me feel amazed and made me feel like he actually cared . ''So the whole night You guys talked but phone number ? Seriously '' Kristany sighed with a smirk , I shrugged at her and leaned my head back now regretting that . ''I know , I know '' I moaned out ''I totally forgot Kris , But I mean come on , If he wanted my number he would asked me last night '' . Kris faced the teacher who was talking to other students about the project , Then she looked back at me with a stern look ''I swear if you guys ever meet again , I better be there to get that number for you '' ''Why should you get it for me ? '' ''Because your too much of a wimp to ask , DUH '' . We both turned our heads to the teacher at his call , But we secretly smiled at each other and giggled silently . 

Mom wasn't pressuring me anymore about Jesse , She finally understood that I didn't want to talk to him for some time and that I should handle it by myself . It was already Twelve o'clock at night and My Dad wasn't home yet , He must be stuck at work finishing papers I guess . ''Lace ! Lacey ! '' I heard a whisper coming from My porch window , The voice was recognizable , It was obviously Jesse . Why is he still here ? Doesn't April need him ?! . I opened the window half way making him able to hear my voice at least . ''What '' He sighed and Bent down to the low area of the window ''Please talk to me , If your having my baby shouldn't you at least be talking to me ? '' I bent down as well but now furious , I tried to keep my voice down as low as possible . ''Yeah Jess , Your right I'm having your baby , That may be true but that does not mean I have to talk to you ! ''  ''What did I even do ? The hell Lacey you won't even tell me ! We're supposed to tell each other everything remember ?! '' . That struck my head and into my heart . He didn't say that , but he did . ''Yeah , I thought so too '' I shut the window and closed the curtains , Tears began to stream down my face and My heart suddenly started to feel a lot heavier . I can't take this anymore ! I just can't ! . I fell on my knees and held my body tight , If only what I've seen wasn't true , If only that picture wasn't real ! The way she held him , The way they smiled , Just the way they were together ! . I cried into my hands as I heard him shout in anger and slammed his hand on my window . I have to wait , but I can't forever , If I wait till the baby's born then he might take custody of it and leave me even more broken ...What the hell did I get myself into ?! ..

I called Kris over and She came running since I couldn't even speak on the phone . all you can hear is mufflles and heavy breathing . I needed her , I needed to tell her everything , I needed her help to get me out of all of this . 

''What do you mean you want to leave ? Lacey you can't , there's no way , And what do you mean he freaking cheated on you ? '' She tried to gaze her eyes to mine but couldn't since I paced back and forth in frustration ''I have to Kris ! There has to be a way to do this ! ''  ''Jesse will find you Lacey , If not just freaking tell the dude ! Then all of this would be over ! '' I cuffed my hands onto her wrist and Faced her with my drenched eyes and hard stutters . ''I can't just freaking tell him Kris ! I mean because if I did then he would want to work it out and if we work it out again then it'll be a mess over again and over again ! Just like the same damn cycle we always have ! '' . She didn't say anything but just hug me in sadness , The grip she had on me felt as if she was about to burst into tears or scream ''It'll be okay Lace , Just wait and see '' I held her tighter and sobbed ..''I hope so ..''

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