It's your baby Jesse

Tears will fall
oceans will rise
The earth will stop turning
since you left '
every breath feels like it's burning
I know that life will go on
i will survive but for tonight i swear on my life...this is the end of the world...


6. chapter 6 : Time to tell

Trey kept smiling at me . He had a big rectangular brown box in his hands , He kept asking me to guess what it was but I couldn't . I seriously couldn't . ''Oh Come on Lace , Please '' He begged ''I don't know what it is Trey , Please tell me '' I crossed my arms and smiled at him as he gave up and started to open the box in front of me . As soon as he pulled it out my eyes shot wide open in happiness , I laughed and hugged him tightly . He got me an acoustic guitar that had purple sparks on the side of it and a pink background ''Omg I love it Trey ! Thank you so much ! '' .We both let go of each other and faced the beautiful gift '' Your welcome Bud '' I grabbed it slowly and stared in awe . ''But why ? '' I asked still staring in awe at it . ''Well , I know your going through so much right now so I decided to save up some money and buy you a guitar since you love to sing and play it ...'' . I looked up at him for what it seems we were both quiet for what seemed like forever , but that didn't stop me from hugging him again ''Thank you '' I said in a soft whisper , He hugged me back and whispered with a smile ''Your welcome bud '' . Every time he called me bud made me remember the day we first met ; it was in the third grade and We had to be partners in some creative art class...Trey had to go home so he gave me the box and the pick to it , I couldn't stop thanking him I mean he had to spend a thousand dollars on it right ? I mean this thing looks like it's worth millions ! . 

I laid on the bed and played with the guitar strings not knowing what to sing . Until a song quickly popped into my mind so I sat criss cross and Began to sing while smiling . 

My hands are searching for you
My arms are outstretched towards you
I feel you on my fingertips
My tongue dances behind my lips for you This fire rising through my being
Burning, I'm not used to seeing you I'm I'm alive, I'm I'm alive I can feel you all around me
Thickening the air I'm breathing
Holding on to what I'm feeling
Savoring this heart that's healing My hands float up above me
And you whisper you love me
And I begin to fade
Into our secret place The music makes me sway
The angels singing say we are alone with you
I am alone, and they are too with you I'm alive, I'm alive I can feel you all around me
Thickening the air I'm breathing
Holding on to what I'm feeling
Savoring this heart that's healing..... I heard at my door and it was him...Jesse . He gave me a look that had the word sorrow written all over it . ''What ? '' I asked as he took a seat in front me staring down at my guitar . ''Where'd you get that ? '' I didn't answer him instead I just put the guitar back in its case and stared at him . ''Okay I'm done , Me and you haven't been talking and I'm sick- ''  ''Who is she ?'' He stood shut and his eyes shot open in fear . ''What ..? '' I asked again now in anger ''Who is she Jesse ? Who's April ? '' He sat up and argued back ''How the ? She's just a friend Lace , Is this why you've been distant ? '' . I walked past him and threw my notebook at him ''Get out ! Get the hell out of hartford and back to her ! I'm sick of crying for you every freaking day ! '' I threw another one but he kept moving out the way trying to explain himself crying ''Babe , Look it's not like that please ! '' I walked up to him and smacked the living hell out of him . I'm done of his lies , Done of him faking his love . ''Don't you dare call me babe , I;m freaking having your child and you want to do this to us ?! And you think I'll never find out you prick ?! Two words , Fuck you !! '' . He held his hand on his right cheek and stared at me in shock , He has never seen me this angry , I could tell in that little mind of his that he knew I was heartbroken , Just by the way I huffed and puffed and cried . ''Baby please - '' I Shut him again ''Don't ! Don't even beg , I'm done ''  ''You can't do this Lacey ! I will take custody of our baby ! '' I went up to him closer and smirked feeling full of power ''I would love that war '' . We both glared at each other but not by the minute he grabbed his coat and walked out pushing my door open hard making my mom rush out the kitchen ''You'll regret this Lacey ! ''  ''I already regret the day I first told you I love you '' I shouted back at him . The door slammed shut and My mom stood by the kitchen door in shock , She took a look at me in sadness ''Baby girl.. '' I took a look at her and shut my eyes in tears . She took baby steps towards me and hugged me tightly .
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