The Alpha and the Bata

Scott McCall was not your average highschool student. He had become an alpha, true alpha. Along his journey as a werewolf, he meets a young girl, Arden. She was new to the area too but was warned about the supernatural attacks that had happened around the small town of Beacon Hills. But did she believe any of it? No. What happens when she finds out Scotts big secret?


1. Prologue

I'm Arden, your average seventeen year old.

My parents made me move away from my hometown, Los Angles.

Now I am living in Beacon Hills with my Uncle and Aunt.

I started school a few days ago and made some friends.

I am pretty close to Scott. Scott McCall.

But something about him seems odd.

This area seems a bit odd overall.

I was told there was such thing as the supernatural here.

I don't believe so. Vampires and Werewolves, etc, are not real.

Nah I'm not gonna push it on you.

But last night there was a man found near the public library... dead.

He had scratch marks like a wolf on his chest.

Its weird because there aren't any wolves in California.

But maybe it wasn't just a wolf.

I want to figure out what it was and I am going to.

~ Arden.

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