Love Within the War

After the closing of their beloved home, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy find themselves in another pizzeria, where they meet their counterparts. Will the war continue until one side is conquered, or will they find a way to make peace? Rated M for later chapters.


9. Chapter 9

"Fuck off, Foxy!" Foxy was surprised by her sudden outburst and backed away a little. She had an angry expression. "Vixey, me beauty, why?" She then turned around and started putting the dishes in the dishwasher. She never did that. ChiChi and Chica were always the ones to clean up the kitchen. She wasn't exactly "putting" them. She was just throwing them in. "Why ye be angry?" She didn't reply and continued putting the plates into the dishwasher. Foxy decided to approach her again. "Lass, tell me, what be wrong?" At first he thought that she got mad because of the kids. Then everyone except Bonnie, Bon-Bon and Toy Freddy came into the kitchen after hearing Vixey yell. They were watching in sorrow, as Vixey turned around and yelled at Foxy: "Get away from me, I fucking hate you! And everyone else. Don't talk to me anymore!" ChiChi guessed that the puppet was responsible for this. But why aren't her eyes red? Foxy was crushed by her words. He tried to speak again, but she interrupted him as soon as he started. Foxy still didn't give up, so he tried approaching her again. "Lass, tell me please, what did I do ta ye?" She had enough of him at this point. She turned around with her teeth visible. Her eyes then turned red again. She started running towards him and jumped on him with her fist in the air. Foxy didn't know what to do. He didn't expect her to attack him, so he tried to stop her. Normally, he would be able to overpower her, but it was like she gained a lot of strength after her eyes started flowing red. He lifted up his hand and hook, trying to catch her fist. He did, but her sudden outburst in energy was shocking. She freed her hand, punched him in the stomach and threw him against the wall like he was a ragdoll. Everyone gasped, surprised by her move, and even more surprised by her enormous outburst in strength. Foxy was now on the ground, holding his stomach in pain and coughing. She was running towards him, seemingly trying to finish him, but then Goldy stepped in and grabbed her from behind before she could reach Foxy. Even Goldy was surprised by her strength. Being that he was the strongest from the group, it seemed that Vixey was now on his level. She clawed him, and punched him in the face so hard, he had to let her go. Chi was watching in horror, as her best friend and her boyfriend fought in front of her. At that moment, the other three that weren't in the kitchen before, entered the kitchen. "Goldy tried to grab her hands, but then he faced her sharp teeth. Everyone else in the group continued watching in horror, with Freddy and Bonnie wanting to help hold her down, but the others stopped them, since they could unintentionally hurt her. Meanwhile, Goldy and Vixey were pushing eachother in the opposite directions. Surprisingly, Goldy's feet seemed to slide backwards, as Vixey was slowly overpowering him. Goldy refused to give up, so he pushed as hard as he could, and now Vixey's feet started sliding backwards. He then pulled her hand, turned her around and tried to trap her again, from behind, wrapping his arms around her arms. This time it seemed to be working. She finally showed signs of exhaustion and started countering him with less and less force. Her body wasn't adapted to this kind of strength that the puppet gave her. It was too much for her. Then she did something that surprised everyone. She lifted her leg backwards, kicking Goldy in the balls, prompting Goldy to let go of her and fall down in excruciating pain. Every guy from the group cringed at this sight. Vixey then turned around, preparing to finish him. She was completely exhausted. She suddenly fell on the ground, losing consciousness. Everyone gasped, and ran over to help both of them, and Foxy, who was still suffering enormous pain in his stomach, watching in disbelief, as his beloved girlfriend fell on the ground, losing her consciousness. He slowly got up, and went up to her. He knelt down next to her, now starting to cry from what just happened. He remembered seeing her red eyes. "Ta puppet...!" After that, they carried Vixey to the backstage room, laying her down on the bed, with Foxy staying next to the bed. "Are you ok, Foxy?" Chica asked, worried about the punch he received. "Aye, I'm fine, lass." "You sure? Do you need anything?" "Nah, it be ok. I be a little upset 'bout wat Vixey said ta me." "Yes, but it was not her. Did you see her eyes? It was the puppet." "Aye, I ain't mad at ta lass." "Okay, If you need anything, call me." "Aye aye..." Chica then exited the room, leaving Foxy to watch over his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Goldy was still in pain from the kick, hardly able to walk. ChiChi and Freddy tried to help him get to the chair. "I'm fine, please. I'll get to the chair m-myself." When he did, he was curious as to how did the puppet manage to gain full control over Vixey. The strength wasn't there the first time. "The first time..." he thought out loud. He then turned to everybody: "Keep Foxy away from the puppet. I have a feeling that the same thing will happen to him if he looks at it again. We have to deal with the puppet somehow. I have a feeling that it will soon start coming out of the box at night...That puppet is possessed by something..." then he turned to Freddy ", let's go and search for more files. Maybe we can find something else about the puppet?" Freddy then replied: "But there are no more files. We searched everything, brother!" Goldy answered: "Not everything..." as he was looking at the manager's office door. "But it's locked. We have to break in to search it." Goldy then looked at Freddy with a raised brow and smiled at him: "Brother, look at me..." Freddy was confused. "Okay, and what about you?" Goldy sighed. "It starts with the letter 'T'". "Hmm?" Goldy then face-palmed. "Teleportation, brother. I can teleport us in there." "Oh..right. But you will then have to teleport us back out. You are gonna pass out again." "That doesn't matter. We have to try and find out more about it." Chi then came up to them and asked: "What are you two up to?" Goldy then answered: "We are gonna get to the bottom of this. We are gonna search the manager's office." "Hey, that's a great idea..." "Yeah, you be next to the door. We will push the files that we find from under the door. You pick 'em up. Okay, sweetheart?" "Yes!" Goldy and Freddy then walked to the office door. Goldy grabbed Freddy's hand again and concentrated. They were soon inside of the office. Goldy was holding his head. He was still using a ton of mental energy for that. He recovered quickly and they started searching the office. In the office was a safe, a lot of shelves, a desk with a chair, decoration, but there was also a drawer cabinet, and on it was written "Archives". The two brothers immediately started searching drawer by drawer. They found the same files about the Toy animatronics, the puppet poster, but this time they found the same type of file for the puppet. "Jackpot!" Goldy shouted. "What did you find?" "Puppet's data." "Great, read it." "No, let's wait till we get back and read it to everybody. Now try and find any paper associated with the puppet and put it on a pile." So they searched the whole archive, but found nothing else associated with the puppet. "One measly file?!" Freddy shouted. "It might be enough. Let's get back and read it." "You sure you can do it again, brother?" "Well, if not, I'll prepare for a hibernation then." Freddy chuckled at the comment. "Well, if you say so..." Then Goldy called for Chi through the door. "Chi, sweetheart. We found a file. I'll push it to you." She was in front and answered: "Do it." Goldy then pushed the file under the door for Chi to pick up. Goldy then concentrated again and they were soon out of there, with Goldy suffering the consequences of that again. Last time he passed out, but this time he was holding out. "Brother, do you feel like you are gonna pass out?" "N-no I'm fine." Chi then approached them: "Honey, you ok?" Goldy couldn't maintain his balance so he had to sit down. Freddy and Chi then called everyone to gather for the table again. They all did, except for Foxy and Vixey. "So what's new?" they all asked. Freddy then started: "We found one document about the puppet. It's the same prototype document from you, uhhh...Toys." "Don't call us that." the three toy animatronics sounded off at the same time. "Well...that's beside the point. I'll read it out loud." Then, when he opened it, his eyes widened and his jaw dropped. He didn't say anything for 20 seconds after he opened it. The others looked at him curiously. Bonnie: "Well, go on!" Chica: "What does it say?" Chi: "What's with that face?" Goldy: "Come on brother, read it." Freddy then stuttered: "G-guys...the p-p-puppet is an animatronic." They all gasped, as their eyes widened as well. "Here, I'll read it to you..." PROTOTYPE: The Puppet Known as: Marty the Marionette Gender: Genderless Role: Gives presents to the children at Prize corner. *picture after development* Description: Black body with a white, happy face and purple streaks coming down it's eyes. Marty was a character that was entertaining children in a Puppet show theatre [name of the theater] in Chicago. It was portraying a funny character having a role of Santa Claus. It gave presents to the children. After an incident, the owner closed the theater and sold Marty to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. The real character was supposed to perform at first, with a puppeteer, but the owner of the pizzeria, Stephan Stevens, decided to make it into an actual animatronic. It's endoskeleton is very light and thin, so a human can still pick it up without having any issues. The strings that come with the animatronic do not serve any functional purpose and are there for aesthetic purposes only. The original character (puppet) is still being kept. The animatronic is equipped with facial recognition software, nightvision and thermographic software. Goldy: "Holly shit. So we are dealing with a possessed animatronic. Now it makes sense." Bonnie: "The question remains: How did it get possessed?" Bon-Bon: "Good question!" Chi: "Well, what if we dismantle it? Maybe it will stop?" Chica: "But the actual puppet character was also possessed. It attacked the children before, without an endoskeleton!" Toy Freddy: "Why don't we give it a try, then? What do we have to lose?" Everyone else: "Right!" Bonnie: "Wait, what will the owner say? And the kids won't have anyone to give them gifts!" Chi: "It doesn't matter. They will find another animatronic to give gifts." Goldy: "So it's settled. Tonight, we engage that puppet motherfucker." (A/N - Yep, that's totally Five Nights at Fuckboy's reference) Everyone: "Yeah!" Chica: "I'll go check on the two lovebirds again. Gotta see how they're doing." Chi: "I'll come with you!" Chica and Chi went to the backstage room. They opened the door to find Vixey sleeping on the bed, while Foxy fell asleep on a chair next to the bed, his head supported by Vixey's stomach, going up and down as she breathed in and out. Both of them giggled at the sight. Chica then went up to Foxy. "Foxy, wake up and get on the bed, it will be more comfortable." Foxy shook his head, not opening his eyes. "Okay then, as you wish." she giggled again. And left the room. Foxy then remembered what happened and lifted his head to look at Vixey, who was still sleeping. He whispered to her: "Vixey, I know tat ye di'nt mean it. I know ye love me." Vixey then started waking up. She yawned, and then she opened her eyes and saw Foxy. Foxy was a little scared of how she would react. The suspense... Will she still be possessed, or will she be back to normal. When she saw him, she smiled: "Hi, Foxy. Why are you sitting like that?" He was overjoyed to hear that she was back to her normal self, so he jumped off the chair and immediately hugged her and started kissing her. She was, sort of, surprised by his move. Like he didn't see her in a few years. "Wow, someone looks happy to see me." she chuckled. He then looked at her and asked: "Do ye remember anythin', lass?" "Remember what? All I remember is that I was talking with the kids, and then went to sleep...oh wait. I went to sleep while I was supposed to work? Oh no, please don't tell me I did. How could that happen to me?" she instantly worried. "Nah, relax, ya di'nt. Ta puppet possessed ye again." "Oh no...and what did i do?" "Well..." he then showed his stomach, where she punched him. Part of his fur was darker than the rest. "Oh shit...I hit you?" " were pretty tough. Ya surprised me wit yer strength." She then jumped into a sitting position and hugged him. "Foxy, I'm sorry! I will never forgive myself!" she was about to cry. "Nah, it be ok. Don't be rough on yerself. Ye even beat Goldy." "I attacked him as well?" she was starting to cry "Ta pupped did. Tat you didn't do." "Then what will we do about the puppet?" she sobbed. "We ask ta others. Let's go, lassie." He then kissed her forehead and wiped off her tears. After a few minutes, they exited the backstage room. Everyone was eating, and when they saw them, they called them. "Foxy, Vixey! Come and eat. You must be starving." called Chica. They sat on two empty chairs right next to eachother, and enjoyed the pizza that two Chicas prepared. While all of them were eating, Goldy proposed a plan: "Okay, so I came up with a plan. We will take a table cloth, and once the puppet is out of it's box, we will throw it over it's head, and that's how we will pull it out and dismantle it, if you can understa...Chica! Why did you put so much hot sauce on the pizza? You know that I hate spicy food. It's burning now." Everyone laughed. "It's not funny." ChiChi spoke: "It's my fault, honey. I put in too much. Sorry." He turned to her and smiled: "Well, now you know, sweetheart. No problem. Anyway, did you understand the plan, y'all?" They all nodded in agreement. After the meal, they looked at the clock. It was 7:38 PM, and it was already dark, though they still had 4 and a half hours. Freddy and Toy Freddy decided that it was enough of their fighting, so they decided to apologize to put everything behind them. Freddy went up to Toy Freddy first: "Hey, how should I call you. We can't have two Freddys." "Well...just call me Toy Freddy. You are the original, so you have the honors of having the name." "Thanks. Listen, what do you say we put everything behind us?" "I-I was about to ask you that." "Really? Well then...I'm glad that we are over with that. I'm sorry for all the things that I said to you." "And I'm sorry as well..." Goldy and the others were watching this, and Goldy first started walking towards them with a smile on his face while slow-clapping. Others soon followed. The slow-clapping turned into an applause and cheering. Freddy and Toy Freddy smiled at all of them. ChiChi: "I was waiting for this moment for so long!" Bon-Bon: "I can't believe my eyes!" Bonnie: "Awesome, you two!" Foxy: "Aye, it took courage for ya ta make peace!" Chica: "Finally, we are all friends now! Vixey: "Well, they were bound to do that sometime." Goldy didn't say a word. He just smiled at them. Everyone turned around and went back to doing what they needed until 12 AM. When 12 AM came, as usual, Mike unlocked the pizzeria, greeted the animatronics and went into his office. That's when the animatronics started with their operation. They advised Foxy and Vixey not to come with them, since Vixey has been possessed twice, and if Foxy gets struck once more, the puppet will also give him enormous strength, which it will use to hurt the others. But, both of them wanted to come. They felt useless when the others were doing everything with the puppet. Everyone had a feeling that they'd regret allowing the two foxes to participate, but they went on with it. Toy animatronics figured out how to make the puppet come out, so they activated the music box. First, it played "Toreador's march" for a minute or two. For that time, Chica and ChiChi went to the kitchen and brought a red table cloth, to prevent the puppet's red eyes to pierce through and possess them. They patiently waited for "Pop goes the Weasel". When it started playing, they all prepared for the puppet. The box opened and puppet sprang out like a jack in the box. They threw a cloth at it. But it slid off it's head and down on the floor. "Shit, bring another! Look away everyone!" Puppet's eyes turned red and it looked at Foxy. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another cliffhanger...Huehuehuehue, I'm so mean.
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