Love Within the War

After the closing of their beloved home, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy find themselves in another pizzeria, where they meet their counterparts. Will the war continue until one side is conquered, or will they find a way to make peace? Rated M for later chapters.


8. Chapter 8

Foxy x Mangle | Love within the war Chapter 8, a five nights at freddy´s fanfic


Anyway, this chapter is gonna be a little weird, because if you read the 7th chapter, you should know that there is gonna be a lemon in this one, so... WARNING to the children that are somehow reading this without their parents' permission. For those who don't like this kinda stuff, why are you reading this fic anyway? It's rated M...Go watch Spongebob or something lololololololololololololololol. Jk! Don't hurt me, Spongebob fans! *cowers in fear* If you wish to skip the lemon, I put the markers to let you know.

Also, like them being "alive" and eating doesn't make sense, try to ignore that they have "organs". I don't know how to explain that part. Toy Chica has breasts in the game though! They do have clothing as well.

This isn't the first lemon that I actually wrote, but it is the first lemon I am publishing, so leave a review or PM me and tell me if i did okay. See ya at the end of the chapter. Enjoy! *evil Freddy laugh*

Third person P.O.V

The puppet seems to be moving inside of the box, but it can't get out. While everyone is sleeping, Goldy and Freddy are keeping watch over the Prize corner in shifts. When it became 12 AM, the animatronics heard that the front door is being unlocked. It was Mike. He came in and waved to the animatronics. They waved back at him. He then noticed that they weren't all there.

"Hi guys...where are Foxy and Vixey?"

Chica answered him:

"They're sleeping in the backstage room. They didn't feel very good earlier. I was about to go check on them."

Mike then walked to the west side and entered his office. He trusted the animatronics, so he checked the cameras very rarely. He brought a laptop with him and went on the internet.

Chica decided to check on the two foxes. She opened the backstage door and peeked inside. It was dark, but she heard both of them snoring and purring. They were hugging and sleeping. She found that really cute, so she left them to sleep.

When she went back, Bonnie asked her:

"How are they doing?"

"Well, they are extremely cute when they sleep. They seem to be okay. Though I'm a little tired"

"Great. I'm getting tired as well."

"We are all tired..." Bonnie felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Goldy. " guys go and sleep, I'll keep watch. Though it's better that we didn't tell Mike about it.

They all scattered around the dining area, finding the best places to lay down and sleep, since the bed was already taken. Chi didn't want to sleep, so she sat with Goldy.

"Why don't you sleep, sweetheart?" he asked her.

"Meh, I don't feel like sleeping."

"Okay then. Though if you become sleepy, tell me."

She then whispered in his ear: "Yes, honey." To what Goldy twitched.

"Hey, don't whisper in my ear, I get goosebumps when someone does that to me."

"Oh, didn't know that. Sorry."

"I have sensitive ears...Freddy does too. Sorry i yelled at you."

"No problem, honey."

Then something awkward happened. Goldy suddenly felt that he was having an erection when a bulge appeared in his black pants. When Chi noticed that, he covered his crotch with his hands:

"Yeah, that's also the side effect of someone whispering into my ear."

"Sorry...again" she giggled.

Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Toy Freddy and Bon-Bon all slept on the stage. Chi and Goldy sat and chatted while occasionally looking towards the prize corner. Goldy had to remember to wake up the others before 6 AM, since that's when the owner comes to the pizzeria. Chi then became drowsy and started falling asleep. She fell asleep leaning onto Goldy. He carried her to the stage and left her with the others to sleep. When nothing was happening, he decided to check on Mike. When he did, he saw that Mike fell asleep on the job AGAIN.

"Is he not sleeping enough?"

It became 3 AM, and Goldy started feeling drowsy as well. He went up to his brother and started shaking him.

"Brother, wake up. I can't take it anymore. Can you take over?"

Freddy then woke up.

"Y-yeah sure, just five more minutes...please."

and then he went back to sleep. Goldy knew that his brother was groggy and was not an early-riser. He left him for five more minutes. He was about to fall asleep himself, when he tried again:

"Freddy, wake up! Five minutes are up."

"Yeah, yeah, sure...five more?" and his head fell back down again. Goldy was a little irritated:

"Okay, but five more and that's it!"

"Okay, I promise..." he could hear his brother whisper.

Another five minutes passed.

"Brother, you promised, now get up!"

", I beg of you, just five more, please."

Goldy was already angry:

"Oh no, not even a single second more. Brother, I need to get some sleep as well."

Freddy didn't move. Goldy then thought:

"I hate to do this to you, but you leave me no choice."

Goldy then leaned forward and whispered into Freddy's ear:

"Wake up, brother."

Freddy then jumped from his sleep, scratching his ear.

"Jesus! Goldy don't do that! You know what happens..."

"Yeah, but you left me no choice. Now get up and go and watch over the puppet and keep quiet."

"Okay, okay, just don't do that again, it's awkward." Freddy covered his crotch now.

"I will if you don't go. And don't forget to wake us up before 6 AM."

Then Freddy took over, while sleepy Goldy fell asleep mere seconds after he laid down. Freddy soon became bored. He went to the kitchen to grab the leftovers, but Chica and ChiChi cleaned everything and threw everything away. He groaned and went back to sit on the chair.

An hour later (4AM), backstage room

Foxy and Vixey were still sleeping, though were now facing back to back. They were waking up, though not noticing that the other one was waking up as well. Since Vixey was facing the clock, she saw that it was 4:02 AM. Foxy has woken up as well. Both of them were still waking up, and were too lazy to turn around. Vixey then remembered that Foxy was supposed to be next to her, so she tried to find him with her tail. She brushed his back, and smiled. Little did she know, Foxy was awake as well. When he felt something touch his back, he knew that it was Vixey. It tickled him a little, so he decided to do the same and returned her the brush on the back with his tail. Then they both started a "tail fight" where they tried to trap eachothers' tails with their own, both laughing during the "fight". Foxy was about to win, as he wrapped his tail around hers, but Vixey's tail slipped out and then she wrapped it around Foxy's tail.

"Aww...ya win, lass." he finally spoke with a chuckle.

"Of course I do!" she responded with a chuckle as well.

They both turned around, now facing each other and gazing into each others' eyes. Foxy had shining gold eyes that seemed to hypnotize Vixey, being she just starred at them and took deep breaths.

Vixey had pale yellow eyes that Foxy adored. They quickly pulled into a hug and snuggled. Foxy then looked at her eyes again, and started:

"Lass, yer lips be so soft and red,
the thought of kissin' ya be stuck in me head.
Yer beauty so bright and warm,
shinnin' through ta darkest storm.
Yer eyes sparkle like them stars in ta sky,
when I be starin' into them I feel like I be soaring high.
Me love for ya is pure and true,
I never stop thinkin' of ya."

As he stroked her hair. A beautiful poem made Vixey so happy.

"Foxy, I...I...that was so beautiful. I'm not that good at poems, but I love you so much. You mean everything to me."


Foxy then leaned for a kiss. They started making out really passionately while snuggling.

Vixey then broke from the kiss and spoke:

"I want you to be mine, forever!" and she rolled over so that she was now on top of Foxy.

"Aye, I give me pirate promise!" Foxy answered.

She smiled, and continued making out with him while laying on him. Then she made an interesting move.

(A/N - WARNING, Lemon starts here)

As Foxy wrapped his arms around her carefully, trying not to hurt her with his hook,, she made a move with her hand. Her hand slowly made it's way down to Foxy's crotch. She then started caressing his "area" through his brown pants. Foxy didn't expect this move, and instantly got aroused. His ears perked up, as he held his breath for a moment, and Vixey now felt something hard. She then continued caressing it, as Foxy started pulling her shirt off, revealing her breasts and started tracing them with the fingers of his good hand.

As they were still kissing, Vixey then speeded up her tracing on his crotch, and Foxy softly moaned into her mouth. Foxy then removed his hand from her breasts and, like her, he started going lower and lower. As he was about to pull her pants down, she caught his hand along the way.

"I'll do that." she whispered into his ear. She then stood up and took off her pants, exposing her "area". Foxy then took the chance and took off his shirt and pants as well. Now they were completely exposed.

Vixey jumped back on him, and started kissing him again. Foxy wanted to make a move, but Vixey didn't allow it. Whenever he tried to move his hands, she held him down, not wanting him to move. Foxy knew that she wanted to be in charge, so he let her. She then went from making out to kissing and licking his neck and chest, slowly making her way down. He enjoyed her teasing, as it was really slow. She slowly reached his groin, but then stopped going. She wanted to tease him, loving his reactions, as he audibly exhaled while shivering. She could tell that he wanted her to get to his member as soon as possible. He was exploding with pleasure.

"Ahh...lass, please!" he exhaled and started panting

She understood him and finally went further down. She then started licking the tip, earning another moan from him. She absolutely loved his reactions, which prompted her to continue teasing him. Foxy felt like he was going to explode.

Vixey finally decided that it was enough of teasing after he started begging her. She then took it in her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down, careful not to bite it with her sharp teeth. Foxy was moaning, panting and twitching like crazy. Then she started deep throating as she took the entire length of his member. It didn't take long for Foxy to flood her mouth with a warm liquid, because of her previous teasing. The liquid that came out was grayish-black, though. She swallowed every bit of it.

After a minute break, Foxy decided to pay for her "services". It was his turn now. He then grabbed her and placed her on the bed and rolled over so that he was on top of her this time. He started kissing and licking her neck, upper chest and breasts. Now it was her turn to moan, as he started gently nibbling her breasts. His teeth were sharp as well, so he had to be very careful. He then positioned himself as he slowly entered through her already wet entrance and started thrusting slowly, earning a ton of moans from her. He continued thrusting as he looked at her. Her eyes were closed, signaling that she was enjoying every single moment.

She almost screamed when he slowly inserted the whole length. The pleasure was immense. Now she started panting and twitching. Though he was still going really slow, not fast enough to bring her to the edge. Foxy was returning the favor. Now he was teasing her. He was teasing her to the point where she also started begging him to speed up.

He finally listened to her as he sped up his pace. She was moaning like crazy and doing her best trying not to shout and/or scream.

A few minutes later, she was finally on the edge, as her walls tightened around his member, and she too started releasing a dark-grey liquid that flowed out of her. She moaned again, now even louder than before.

They finally parted and laid on the bed next to each other while panting and breathing heavily.

"How'd it feel...lass?" Foxy asked while panting.

"Amazing..." Vixey was also panting like crazy.

(A/N - Lemon ends here)

After 5 minutes or so, Vixey looked at the clock and saw that it was 5:45 AM.

"Oh shit...we better get outta here. It's almost 6 AM, the owner is gonna come soon.


They both then put on their clothing as they opened the door to get out. They found everyone sleeping. Freddy fell asleep on the table.

"Wake up, landlubbers! It be almost 6 AM!" Foxy yelled.

Goldy immediately jumped into a sitting position, followed by the others. Freddy was still sleeping. Goldy was irritated, but he would never get mad on his brother. He went up to him and started shaking him.

"Brother, you fell asleep, wake up!"

Freddy jumped and fell of the chair.

"It's almost 6 AM! Better make it to the parts/service before the owner sees us. You can sleep when we get there."

When Freddy heard that he could sleep, he was the first to get to the parts and service, and simply laid on the ground and fell asleep. Goldy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy joined him shortly after, when Foxy kissed Vixey again, and Goldy kissed Chi. They waved to Mike, as his shift finished and he left the pizzeria.

"Ok, the puppet will come out again. Once again, don't look at it in the eyes." Toy Freddy reminded his friends. They all nodded, while waving to Mike as well.

Soon it became 6 AM and The owner, along with the employees, entered the pizzeria to prepare the food, clean everything up again, and manage everything. Foxy and Vixey were still thinking about what happened, and they giggled at the thought of it. Luckily, nobody suspected a thing.

So they waited for the work day to pass. Better for them that the pizzeria was closing at 2 PM. The day guard was in the office, and around 10 AM, Goldy decided to see what was happening. He teleported out of the parts/service to update everyone on what's happening. He teleported into the hallway, and at the wrong moment too. The day guard saw him down the hallway as he teleported again

"What the fuck is that?!"

He immediately got scared and flipped through the cameras. He found the golden bear he saw in one of the party rooms.

"Holly shit, what is that?!"

He then pulled his phone and called the manager. He couldn't come out into the main dining room where the kids were partying.

"Hello? What's up Adrian?" Stephan answered the phone.

"Uhh..sir? Do you have an extra animatronic here in the pizzeria?"

"Uh no we don't...OH wait! Yes we do. We have four of them from the previous location in the parts/service. Why?" Stephan asked, surprised by the scared tone of the guard.

"Well I think I saw one moving, he was in the hallway and vanished in front of my eyes, and then appeared in an empty party room."

"What are you talking about, Adrian? Those animatronics are deactivated. And they can't just vanish or teleport! Are you trying to get me to give you a day-off?"

"No, sir! I'm serious this time!"

"Well, okay then you win. Go home and come back tomorrow."

"Sir, I'm not lying to you!

"Yeah, got a day-off. See you tomorrow."

"But sir!" and then Stephan hung up.

Adrian (the day guard) checked the party room to see that the bear was gone. He switched through the other party rooms, but couldn't find him. He even checked the vent cameras, and found nothing.

"Maybe I was hallucinating after all."

He then decided to take the day-off offer and picked up his stuff. He was still afraid to look at the parts/service, so he tip-toed and exited the hallway. Goldy was back in parts/service room not suspecting anything. He was talking with Bonnie, Chica and Foxy while Freddy was sleeping.

Back at the east side, where all the kids were

The band was having a blast. After Vixey told the kids some exciting stories. After that, the kids were allowed to play with the toys in the cove, though those were mostly toddlers and small kids. The school kids went back to listen to the band. Vixey decided to exit the cove. Soon, it was the puppet's turn to entertain. Good thing that the animatronics remembered to remove the table and the presents before 6 AM.

As the kids gathered, they heard a music box playing as always. They patiently waited for the "Pop Goes the Weasel" music. When they did, the puppet jumped out of the box.

"Who dares waking me up from my sleep? Oh, well look at that...the little kids want some presents! Then I guess I can forgive you."

The band stopped playing and started looking at the puppet. Vixey was passing by the prize corner when puppet turned to her. When Vixey turned to look at the puppet, it had red eyes again.

The other three saw that and rushed to help Vixey.

"Oh no..."

Vixey's eyes turned red for a few seconds, then back to her normal eyes.

The three couldn't talk to her in front of the kids, but when they saw her eyes returning to normal, they sighed in relief and went back to the stage. Vixey continued to talk to the children.

After everything was over, the children and their parents left the pizzeria, and Stephan could finally lock the pizzeria.

"I'll go get the others, you two go and see Vixey." ChiChi told her two friends as she went to tell the others that it was okay to come out now.

Toy Freddy and Bon-Bon went to the Kids cove to check on Vixey, because they saw her eyes go red.

"Vix, how do you feel?" Bon-Bon asked.

She turned towards them, with her normal eyes and yelled:

"Shut your yapper and get out of here!"

They immediately knew that the puppet was responsible for this, but they decided to listen to their possessed friend.

When the originals came out, the first thing Foxy did was rush off to see Vixey. He found her in the kitchen. He approached her quietly from behind, wanting to hug her from behind. When he wrapped his hands around her waist, she shook him off of her.

"Fuck off, Foxy!"

Oooh, a cliffhanger. It's about time I ended a chapter with one.

Well, how did you like the chapter. The most important question is: Did you like the lemon? Please tell me if i did good.  I hope i did good.

Also, the day guard is gonna have a teeny-weeny more important role in this fic.

Ok, i'm signing out.

Until next time...peace out. Random eight words to get to 3400 words.

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