Love Within the War

After the closing of their beloved home, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy find themselves in another pizzeria, where they meet their counterparts. Will the war continue until one side is conquered, or will they find a way to make peace? Rated M for later chapters.


7. Chapter 7

Foxy x Mangle | Love within the war Chapter 7, a five nights at freddy´s fanfic

I'm back! I don't have to say anything here. Enjoy! Oh, and "Chi" actually sounds like when you say "Chica". So it's "Chee"

Two weeks later, closing time ~ Golden Freddy's P.O.V

"Oh, what the fuck...not again!"

It seems that my younger brother and his replacement are fighting again. They toned down a little bit with fighting physically (which is a great thing), but they are still calling each other names. When will this stop? Well, here we go again.

My younger bro seems to be irritated by his replacement taking his top hat, thinking it suits him better. They were about to pick a fight. As I was about to teleport in between them, I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was ChiChi.

"Goldy, let me take care of it." She said.

"No, they will hit you. Not on purpose, but you can still get hurt, sweetheart. Why don't you let me stop it?"

"Oh, well that is my plan!" she said with an evil-ish tone and grin. I looked at her confused.

"What are you gonna do?"

"Just watch. And don't come in to break the fight, no matter what you see. It's gonna be fine. Okay?". I was still not sure what she was planning, though I didn't have a good feeling about it. She then kissed me.

"Okay, honey?"

I reluctantly nodded "Okay...".

At that exact moment, Freddy and his replacement started throwing punches while swearing. ChiChi approached them, though they didn't seem to see her. She then yelled: "Hey, break it up!" She almost seemed to be sneaking to them. Then she slipped and fell in between them, with her face smashing into the floor. This didn't seem like her plan.

"Oh no..." I whispered to myself. When she turned around, her beak has been separated from her face. I couldn't take it anymore, but I decided to listen to her. She was sneaky, and that's what I know about her very well from the past two weeks I have met her. Though the beak-snapping never happened. I didn't know what to do. She then got up with her broken beak in her hand, and she started crying. Freddy and his replacement stopped to look at her. I decided to trust her, though.

"Look what you two made me do!" she said in a crying voice.

"Oh, shit! ChiChi, I'm sorry!" my brother gasped when he saw her beak-less. I did too, but then she turned to look at me, and I recognized her glare. It was a trick. I am glad that it is!

"W..we're sorry, Chi! You okay?" the other Freddy asked with a look of guilt in his eyes. Both of them, actually.

"Do I fucking look okay to you?!" she snapped at them. I giggled. "Oh, that trickster...that's why I love her..." I whispered to nobody. She then continued:

"Now break it up or I'll have to break you both!" she yelled. Both of them walked away on the opposite sides, with their ears down. When they were out of sight, I came out and approached her, still confused about the beak. She then snapped the beak back with one click.

"You never told me you had a removable beak. You are still full of surprises, sweetheart."

"Well, I discovered it a few days ago...It's doesn't feel really good, but it doesn't hurt either." she replied. I leaned for a kiss. I was almost a foot taller than her, so I had to lean forward a little bit. She kissed me back.

"I'll go see how is my brother doing. I'll catch up with you later, Chi."

"See ya later, honey!" she winked and followed the other Freddy. I went off to find my brother. I found him in a party room. When he saw me, he jumped.

"Goldy, I...I'm sorry about Chi...I didn't mean to!". I was surprised by how he reacted.

"Don't worry, she's okay. Please, calm down with the fights. Okay, brother?"

"O-Okay...though if that little shit tries something again, I won't have a choice." he replied.

"Brother, why are you like this? I understand that he is taking your spotlight, but can't you at least try to work it out? Or is it something else...?". I was thinking about something else. I was waiting for his answer to confirm.

"I am trying, but that little shit won't even try!"

This didn't give me an answer, though I was still thinking of it. Then he did say:

"You know, brother, I'm a little jealous of you guys."

"Of who? And why are you jealous, little bro?". Maybe...

"Well, y'know. You have ChiChi, Foxy has Vixey...Chica and Bonnie are together... I'm...alone."

"Oh...little bro, I didn't understand it. Sorry. Give your big bro a hug...". He did, though he sniffed a little. I felt bad for him...I wanted to do something to cheer him up.

"Please, brother. What do you say we go visit our old home? I haven't been there in forever. I almost forgot about it."

He then looked at me with a raised eyebrow: "And how are we going to do that?"

I then chuckled: "Well, I can try and teleport us there."

"You know that never worked before, brother. We tried so many times. You can only teleport yourself..."

"Well then, let's try again?" I replied with a hint of hope.


I then grabbed his wrist and tried to teleport. Nothing. I tried one more time, but this time I concentrated on him. We then started fading away.

"What the hell is going on?". It was working, though I had to concentrate way more than I had to with only myself. And It seems like I have to concentrate on the person I'm trying to teleport. It worked! Though it was mentally exhausting, just doing that. I was so happy that the teleport was working, I didn't pick a location that was clear. I teleported us right in the middle of the place that was...crowded in humans!

"Shiiit!" we both yelled and decided to not move. A woman saw us and screamed: "I'm getting out of here! What the hell are those!" as she rushed out of the door. Though nobody else seemed to see us, though they did look at us weirdly when they saw us, while we pretended to be...statues? Then we heard a human say: "I don't remember these being here a moment ago..."

Then they shrugged it off and went on minding their own business. Freddy was shocked when he saw our old place. It was turned into a shop. We had to get out of there immediately, so I waited for the right moment, when nobody was looking, grabbed Freddy's wrist again and concentrated on him. We were fading away so slowly, and because of that, a few humans noticed us. I don't know what they did after that, because we were out of there. We teleported back into the party room where we were previously. My head was hurting like crazy. It took so much energy to teleport another person...or an animatronic...TWICE. Everything was dizzy. I heard my brother calling me: "Goldy, you okay? Don't pass out on me!". I did. I woke up on...some kind of a bed. I felt I was laying on a soft surface. I heard talking in the room I was in. Everyone was in the room, waiting for me to wake up. I did open my eyes and stuttered a few words. Then I then saw both Chi and Freddy rush to me.

"Honey! You're awake! How are you feeling?" Chi squealed.

"Brother, you passed out. How's your head?" My brother then asked me.

"I-I'm fff-fine..."

Then everyone else rushed to me.

"I'm fine, everyone! Please, just don't yell." I said with my eyes half-closed.

Everyone was happy that I was okay, so they went out of the room, with a lot of comments. Chi and Freddy stayed.

Third person P.O.V

Everyone walked out of the room. Vixey then approached Foxy and told him:

"Foxy, I saw this puppet thing in the prize corner. It was staring at me weirdly. Maybe it made Goldy pass out? I got a few headaches from that thing."

Foxy then replied: "Aye, maybe. But it be a puppet, not animatronic. It can't do nothin' ta us."

"Still, could you please come with me? I want to check it out. I have an odd feeling. It doesn't seem right."

"Wherever ya go, there I go, lass."

"You're sweet..." then she kissed him, " let's go."

They both approached the prize corner and the box the puppet was in. Foxy opened the box and they peeked inside. They saw a pair of red eyes, shaking around, looking at them...almost piercing into their animatronic souls. And it seemed to be just that. As soon as they saw the red eyes, their own eyes started glowing red. They both then turned around and went the other direction, like they were possessed. First they found Bonnie and Toy Bonnie (now nicknamed Bon-Bon) playing their guitars on stage. They stopped playing and greeted the two, but the two foxes didn't say anything.

Both bunnies noticed their red eyes and felt that something was wrong. They were twitching like crazy.

"Hey, what's the matter with you two?" Bonnie first spoke.

They approached closer still.

"Guys, stop it, It's creeping me out!" Bon-Bon had a little fear in his voice.

Bonnie decided to approach them himself. Bad idea!

"Hey, what's wrong with you two? Your eyes...what the?!"

Both of the foxes jumped on him, pinning him to the ground with a loud noise echoing through the pizzeria. Bonnie yelped in pain. Bon-Bon tried to aid his counterpart, but then Vixey let go of Bonnie and jumped on him, knocking him off his feet with another loud "bang" on the floor. Goldy, Freddy and Chi came out of the backstage room, where they made the bed. Chica and Toy Freddy came out of the kitchen. They all saw the two foxes holding the two bunnies pinned on the floor.

"What the hell! Foxy! Vixey!" Goldy growled at them, being sick of all the fights. Chica got scared, because her boyfriend was getting clawed by Foxy's hook.

Bon-Bon managed to get away from Vixey before she could do anything to him, and run to the others.

"Guys, they seem possessed or something, look at their eyes."

Both of their eyes were glowing red, while they were growling and showing teeth.

Foxy swung his hook, like he was getting ready to tear his best friend apart, but Bonnie caught his wrist in time, and then pushed him to the side and got up, running towards Chica.

Goldy was a little irritated, but also worried as hell.

He then went up to both of them. Foxy swung his hook again, and Vixey formed a fist on her right hand, trying to hit him. He caught both their hands and pulled them down with an immense force, making them trip and hit the ground. Nobody could match Goldy's strength, not even the two foxes attacking him at the same time. When they hit the ground, their eyes returned to normal.

"What ta hell? Goldy! Why are ye holdin' us down?"

"What happened?"

Goldy sighed in relief and let go of their hands.

"You guys seemed to be possessed! You attacked us out of nowhere!" Bonnie yelled, while still in pain.

"Bonnie, lad! Did i do this ta ye?"

"Uhh..yes! Though it's okay. I forgive you...OUCH! Chica, please don't touch."

They all sat and discussed about it. When they asked the two foxes, they shook their heads everytime. They didn't remember anything prior to exiting the backstage room where Goldy was.

They didn't shrug it off, though. Whatever that was could happen again. Goldy had an optimistic expression, but Freddy knows his brother too well.

"Do you have a good guess, brother?" Freddy asked.

"No, but I think I heard Chi mention something about a puppet. Have you seen it?

Freddy's eyes widened and he shook his head disturbingly slowly.

"I have seen it, on a poster in the security office desk drawer."

"Really? Let's go and see it."

The two brothers went to the security office and Freddy opened a drawer. He took out a poster and started reading the text that he found boring a few weeks ago.

"Marty the Marionette was popular among kids in a puppet show that was held in Chicago suburbs. After an incident during the show, the puppet show stopped airing and the building closed down. Marty the Marionette was bought by Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria's new owner, Stephan Stevens." and he finished reading.

"That doesn't tell us much...though what could this "incident" be?" Goldy was puzzled.

"Well, let's dig through this drawer. There are more files here, so there must be something about it. But a puppet is a puppet. It can't do anything!"

As Freddy searched through the drawer, he found some interesting files about the new animatronics.

"Wow, look here, brother. The new animatronics's files."

"Let me see those. Hmmm..."

(A/N - The text marked with stars is not a part of the text in the files. I'm kinda lazy to do the description...everything underlined is a crossed text)

PROTOTYPE: Toy Freddy/Freddy 2.0

Known as: Freddy Fazbear

Gender: Male

Color: Light brown

Role: Singer in Freddy Fazbear band.

*picture of Toy Freddy after development*

Description: *long text*

"Wow...your counterpart's name is actually "Toy Freddy Fazbear"." Goldy finally broke the silence after a long read.

"Haha that shithead is a toy...hehehe!"

"Here's Chi!"

PROTOTYPE: Toy Chica/Chica 2.0

Known as: Chica the Chicken

Gender: Female

Color: Yellow

Role: Back-up singer in Freddy Fazbear band.

*picture of Toy Chica after development*

Description: *long text*

"All the new animatronics seem to be labeled as "toys". Strange. Found anything yet?"

"This newspaper might contain something we need to know. Read on."


PROTOTYPE: Toy Foxy/Foxy 2.0

Known as: Foxy the Pirate Fox Vixey the Adventure Vixen

Gender: Male Female

Color: Crimson/White Pink/White

Role: Story teller in the Pirate's Kids cove.

*picture of Toy Foxy after development*

Description: *rewritten long text*

"Wow, so "Toy Foxy" is actually Vixey, and this file was almost completely rewritten. Foxy's counterpart was supposed to be male and look like him..."

"That's interesting, why would they do that in the middle of development...still can't find anything. Read for new Bonnie."

"On it."

PROTOTYPE: Toy Bonnie/Bonnie 2.0

Known as: Bonnie the Bunny

Gender: Male

Color: Light blue/White

Role: Guitarist in Freddy Fazbear band.

*picture of Toy Bonnie after development*

Description: *long text*

"Nothing special for Toy Bonnie here..."

"I found something, brother! There is a text here that has been circled with a red marker!"

"Where? Read it out loud."

"A strange incident - Today, in Chicago, there has been an incident at a local puppet show theater. The building was full of children, but thankfully, no child has been hurt. As the owner describes, the puppets seemed to "develop minds of their own", and attacked the staff and the children. The staff swears that it wasn't part of the show, and that they suddenly "lost control" of the puppets. What does this mean? The parents of the attacked children blame the staff for the incident and think that the staff is responsible. Owner announced closing." Freddy finished reading.

"What the hell? Puppet developing a "mind of it's own?" I mean...I know that we are animatronics, but we have AI. The puppets have nothing."

"I know, big brother. And now we have the same puppet in our pizzeria, RIGHT NOW."

"Do you think that it might have attacked Foxy and Vixey?"

"So far, the most logical conclusion."

"We have to find a way to deal with it. Foxy and Vixey must have seen it. Probably the eyes. Just don't stare at the eyes.

"Let's go tell everyone what we've found."

And the two brothers went back to the main dining area and demanded everyone to gather and sit down. Goldy was the one talking, while Freddy was reading the files that they've found. After a lot of gasping, especially from Toy animatronics after hearing what their real names are, they agreed to visit the puppet.

"Wow...My name, role and gender were supposed to be the same as yours, Foxy..." Vixey started.

"Aye...but good tat it ain't."

"Yeah. I don't know why they changed everything during my development."

Foxy then held her hand with his good hand:

"Tat don't matter. Are ye glad ta be like ye are?"

She then chuckled: "Yes! Especially because of you, Foxy." and kissed him.

" shall we get tat puppet landlubber?"

Everyone nodded in agreement, and walked in a big group to the prize corner. The night was already kicking, so the lights were on.

Goldy then repeated:

"Don't look at it in the eyes! Whatever you do, don't look at it."

As they approached it, both Foxy and Vixey felt a sudden headache. They both twitched, holding their heads.

Chica saw this:

"You two go and sleep, we will take care of this."


"Ok, shout if you need us."

"Will do."

Everyone noticed that the two foxes were gone.

"Where are Foxy and Vixey?" asked Bon-Bon.

"They went to get some shut-eye. I could see that they experienced some kind of pain."

"Ok, I think we can handle it without them." Goldy assured.

They all gathered around the box. Who will open it? All of them, even Goldy seemed to be reluctant to open it. Toy Freddy then decided to step forward and open it. Once he did, they heard a noise inside the box, which made them instinctively gather into a group. They didn't dare to peek in there. They waited to see what will the puppet do.

Goldy felt a little embarrassed hiding from a puppet. He decided to take a quick glance of the puppet.

"Brother, no!"

"Goldy, wait for it to come out. Don't make the first move!" both Freddy and ChiChi tried to make him change his mind. Then everyone else tried to make him get back.

Goldy wasn't going to do that, but the puppet started moving inside of the box, so he changed his mind. The puppet then peeked out of the box, with red eyes. Everyone immediately looked away. It seemed to be working. The puppet started releasing some kind of a demonic sound. It was garbled and deep. Goldy had enough of it, so he approached the box with the box cover, not looking at it, and then he slammed the cover on the puppet's head, closing it inside of the box. They could finally look.

"Quickly, grab some heavy objects, we need to close it in..."

They brought a small table and placed it over the box, so that the puppet can't escape. On the table, they put presents that were near the big box. They all backed away.

"Okay, it's over, now scatter and do your own do's" said Freddy.

They all went to doing what they want. As usual, Bonnies chatted and played the guitars. ChiChi and Goldy were sitting and talking with Freddy, Toy Freddy was also sitting with them. Chica was in the kitchen.

With the foxes

They entered the backstage room, and their headaches intensified. They were both laying on the bed, holding their heads. Once they finally stopped, Foxy and Vixey fell asleep while hugging, not saying a word.

The end of this chapter. 

Did you like the chapter? I'm quite content on how this is going. Also, in the next chapter there will probably be a Foxy x Vixey sex scene. I'll be changing the summary of the fic for that. Yes, I decided to write my first lemon evah...Watch me fail miserably, but HEY! At least I will try.

Until the next chaptah...peace out! ;););)

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