Love Within the War

After the closing of their beloved home, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy find themselves in another pizzeria, where they meet their counterparts. Will the war continue until one side is conquered, or will they find a way to make peace? Rated M for later chapters.


4. Chapter 4

Foxy x Mangle | Love within the war Chapter 4, a five nights at freddy´s fanfic


What are you even doing with your life, reading this pointless author's note! *shakes head*


The following day, back at the old place ~ Golden Freddy's P.O.V

Since this place was still empty, I've been sitting in the dining area, not worrying at all if anyone is gonna see me. I was sitting in a chair with my feet on the table with my eyes closed, daydreaming.

I was thinking of going to visit my friends and my bro. It has been three days since I saw them, and I used to see them every single day. I realized I never got to see how the place looks like! I only saw the room they were in. That room was quite big, but was filled with plenty of metal parts and tools.

I opened my eyes and looked around. This place was getting dusty, with no humans to clean it. I wondered what will happen to this place. This place did grow on me a lot, since I've been here the longest, but I was free to roam around since there are no humans.

I got up and decided to look around in pure boredom. I knew this place like the back of my hand/paw, but I still decided to look around. I went from the kitchen to the bathrooms, then parts and service and supply closet.

It's quite boring. What to do?

Then i decided to play a game with myself. I said out loud to no one in particular: "If nothing happens in the next 10 seconds, I'm gonna go to visit Fred..."

Then I heard a click. It was the front door. "Humans?!"

As they opened the door, I quickly teleported to parts and service. That was close! They almost saw me. I heard plenty of people enter. I teleported again, to the security office and decided to see what was going on.

I couldn't pick up the tablet properly, because my paws were too big. I somehow managed to turn on the cameras. Of course they didn't turn anything off. They never did! That's why the power was so low, it went out plenty of times during the nights.

I then switched to the dining area and saw 5- no, 10 humans enter. Three of them were the janitors I saw every single day, once the pizzeria closed. There was one that looked odd. He stood in the middle of the area, along with two more people, one male and one female. I couldn't exactly hear what were they saying, since the audio feed was terrible, but their clothing looked really odd, . I then switched through the other cameras to see where the others went. I saw one of them coming through the hallway and was almost right outside!

I didn't have enough time to teleport. If they would see me, who knows what they might think of this place. Maybe even demolish it.

I quickly slammed the button so that the door closed before he came around the corner and saw me. The hydraulic door slammed down with such a loud noise, even I got scared. I heard the human outside scream. The door must have scared him as well. I used the chance that I had to teleport away. He ran back through the hallway screaming. I teleported to my secret room that only my friends knew about.

All I could hear are loud footsteps coming down the hallway to the office, and a commotion started.

"What the hell happened here?!"

"Did you shut the door?"

"No I didn't! The door shut itself!"

"That's impossible."

"That scared us all."

"Don't do that anymore, please!"

"I didn't! I'm telling you! I didn't even enter the room!"

"Stop joking around, we have to refurbish this place, I have no time for this!"

"Umm...yes, Mr. Stevens!"

Then i thought out loud: "Mr. Stevens? Is that the guy whom Mr. Johnson sold the building to? And did he just say "refurbish"? What will they make out of this place now? I gotta go and tell Freddy and the others. They will find this interesting for sure!"

Meanwhile, back at the new place ~ Third person P.O.V.

Bonnie and Chica sitting and talking in one of the party rooms. Freddy was sitting in the office chair thinking about how to kick that other Freddy's ass. Too bad Mike turned the cameras off.

Foxy was sitting alone in another party room, thinking about what happened to him. Most importantly, he thought about the vixen that saved his life.

On the east side, Toy Freddy was circling around the main dining room, unsure if what they did will come back and bite them in the ass.

Toy Chica was in the kitchen, as usual. She experimented with a new cake she was trying to make. Toy Bonnie was hanging around close to the door, talking to Toy Freddy. He occasionally approached the door and listened if the originals were up to something.

Vixey was in the Kids cove. Since they had 2 more days, she was cleaning her cove. She missed Foxy, because she was thinking about him as she was cleaning.

Chica and Bonnie decided to check on the other two. Bonnie went to talk to Freddy, while Chica was looking for Foxy. She opened the party room door ever so quietly, thinking Foxy was sleeping. She found him sitting on the floor and leaning against the wall.

"Daydreaming?" She asked him. Foxy jumped, since he didn't notice her enter.

"Wha? Who...? Oh, Chica..."

Chica then chuckled: "You were expecting someone else?"

He then rose his eyebrow: "Who are ye talkin' about?"

"I was just asking. The way you reacted, I thought you were expecting someone else."

"I ain't expectin' nobody. Only ye, Freddy, Bonnie, and..." He then stopped.

"And? Who is the fourth?" She decided to tease him, already knowing who was he talking about.

"And Goldy! Ta lad could come as well." He started blushing.

"Okay then...sorry for interrupting your little daydream! And for scaring you." then she left and closed the door.

Foxy then continued thinking about Vixey. He had a crush on her, though he didn't wanna admit that to the others, and even to himself. He was a little scared about it.

As Freddy was talking to Bonnie about how they would get their jobs back, Goldy teleported behind Freddy. Bonnie saw him, but Goldy put his finger on his lips, singnaling him to stay quiet.

Bonnie then put a smile on his face. Freddy saw that he was looking behind him, so he decided to turn around. He did, but saw nothing.

"What were you looking at?" Freddy asked.

"Nothing, anyway, tell me what is your plan."

Freddy turned around once more to see nothing, and shrugged.

"Anyway, I thought that we could...BWAAAH!"

Goldy was behind him and wrapped his arm around Freddy's neck, causing Freddy to kneel down. Goldy brought him closer, removed Freddy's tophat and started rubbing his head violently.

"Ow, ooow! Goldy, stop! OOUCH! Let me go!"

" are so slow, brother!" Goldy laughed and let him go. Bonnie started laughing as well.

"Why did you do that? My hair is burning now!" Freddy yelled while getting up, holding his head.

"You know I like to mess with you, bro!" Goldy chuckled.

Bonnie stopped laughing and asked: "So, you came to visit us?"

Goldy replied: "Yeah, I'm also here to update you on what's going on at the old place. You won't believe what just happened to me!"

Bonnie then replied: "We have a story of our own as well, I'll go get Chica and Foxy."

Bonnie went to find them. When he did, three of them returned to the office. Goldy then told them what happened to him at the old place.

"They are gonna refurbish the place? What are they gonna make out of it?" Freddy asked.

"I don't know, brother. That's why I said I will stay there, in case something happened."

"Yeah, well some shit happened to us as well."

Freddy then told him what happened when he left. Goldy, when he heard what happened to Foxy, instantly approached him.

"Foxy, are you ok?" He asked with a worried expression.

"Ye, tis ol' pirate needs more than tat to go down!"

Goldy then went on and gave him a hug. Goldy was acting like a dad if he heard anything happened to any of them.

"Well then, I'm gonna give them a scare of their lives! For you guys! Especially for Foxy!" Goldy said and teleported away.

They started laughing, and rushed to the metal door to hear what was Goldy gonna do. They didn't open the door though.

Foxy was not really happy, because he didn't tell anyone that he had a crush on Vixey, so Goldy didn't know. Now Foxy was afraid if Goldy was gonna do something to her.

They approached the door ever so quietly and started listening. They heard the toys talking.

"Here, I made you all a cake! Vixey, come and get it!" That was Toy Chica.

"Sweet! Thank you, Chica. It looks delicious!" said Toy Bonnie.

"Awesome!" said Toy Freddy.

Then they head a door open

"You called me?" Vixey asked peeking from behind the door.

"Yes! I made you a cake."

"You did? It looks so good! Thanks, Chica!"

The originals were still listening. As they heard the noises of the chairs as they were all sitting down for a piece of cake, they were waiting to see what will Goldy do. Seconds after that they heard series of "wtf's" coming from the Toy animatronics.

"Looks like the power went out. Shit!" Toy Freddy was angered.

"It will come back. Everyone, turn on your night vision." said Toy Chica.

"It's not that good, I can see only a little better." said Toy Bonnie.

Then they heard glass break. Everything went silent. Freddy then sensed Goldy trying to tell him something.

"Better cover your ears!"

Freddy then turned to the others: "Oh shit, he said we'd better cover our ears. I know what's coming!"

Chica then said: "Goldy must be teasing me, because I don't have ears." She then placed her hands on her head where her earholes were.

Everyone did as Goldy said and prepared, because they knew what was coming.

The toy animatronics were looking around with their bad night vision, and saw a giant head next to the wall that looked like old Freddy.

"What the hell is that?!" Toy Freddy screamed, pointing towards the head.

All other Toys looked at the head and screamed.

"What in the fucking world is that?!" Toy Freddy yelled once again.

A loud screech echoed through the building, and people outside could probably hear it as well.

"What the fuck!?"

"What is this?!


"Make it stop!"

The Toy animatronics were panicking and running around the dark room. After 15 seconds the screech stopped and the lights went back on.

Vixey was crying, and Toy Chica was screaming. They heard Toy Freddy yell: "Bonnie?"

They didn't hear Toy Bonnie do or say anything.

"He passed out! Bonnie, wake up!"

Bonnie then laughed: " seems my counterpart has a heart of a coward, poor girl..."

He knew that his counterpart was male, but was insulting him this time. Goldy then teleported back to them and asked: "Did you enjoy the show?" Freddy, Bonnie and Chica nodded while laughing. Foxy had a worried expression. Goldy saw that and decided to ask him:

"Foxy, what's wrong?"

Chica saw that and pulled Goldy into one of the party rooms and asked him:

"Did you do anything to the vixen?"

Goldy responded: "No, I should have?"

Chica then told him what was going on with Foxy.

"Oohhh...I see."

"Bonnie and Freddy don't know yet, so if he doesn't wanna tell them, you mustn't tell them."

"I got it..."

As Freddy, Bonnie and Chica went back to the security office lauging, Goldy went up to Foxy and said:

"Don't worry, she's ok! If you want, I can go check up on her for you."

Foxy looked at him with a confused face.

"How'd ya..."

"Chica told me."

"Chica knows?"

"From the looks of it, yeah. I see my favorite fox is in love..." He teased as he wiggled his eyebrows.

Foxy was blushing, but then he accepted that he had a crush on her. He had nowhere to go, so he admitted:

"Ye...I am...could ye please see if ta lass be ok?"

"Sure! Everything for my favorite fox in love!" he continued to tease as he teleported away. A few moments later he teleported back and said:

"She's a little shaken up, but she's fine. Why were you hiding that? It's a beautiful thing that you are in love."

Foxy didn't reply, and went back into the office with the other three. Goldy followed with a smile on his face. He then decided to go back to the old place and see what is going on. They all said goodbye as he teleported away once again. As Bonnie and Freddy were laughing and recalling what they heard, Foxy went to Chica and asked: "How'd ya know, lass?"

She then replied: "Oh, I know two lovebirds when I see them." with a wink.

Later that night, 12 AM

They were all expecting for Mike to come, but he didn't. At least not at the door. He came to the office window from the outside and knocked. Freddy was in the office at the time, so he heard the knocking. He approached the window.

"Mike? What are you doing at the window?"

"Hey, I just came to check on you guys. The owner told me that I don't have to work until the pizzeria opens. How are you guys doing? Please don't tell me there have been more incidents!"

Freddy then laughed and aswered: "Well, we all died laughing, if you can call that an incident."

Mike then sighed and replied: "Good, tomorrow some workers will come to check on the new ones and see if they are ready for the show. I'll be going now, I'm really tired. I'll see you in two days!

"See ya, Mike!" Freddy waved as he went back to sit on the big office chair. He saw Bonnie coming from down the hallway. Bonnie entered the office and asked: "Where the hell is Mike? It's 12:10 AM, he should have been here long time ago."

"Oh, he was just here, at the window. He's not working tonight or tomorrow, so we are alone for the next two days." Freddy answered not even looking at Bonnie. He was looking at some sort of kids drawing he found in the drawer. He could recognize the kids on the drawing. But next to them there was a gift box and in the box was a black and white creature that supposedly handed them presents. It had a face, but it was a little kid who drew this, so it was really tough to see what it's face looked like.

He then took something else from the drawer. It was a poster of the "thing" from the drawing. Since this was an official poster, Freddy could see how it exactly looked like. "'s a marionette, from the looks of it." Then he read what the poster said:

"The new Freddy Fazbear's pizza is introducing a new face of fun! Marty the Marionette!" then he stopped reading and thought: "This puppet thing looks creepy..." Then he continued reading the Marionette's backstory that was written in the back: "Marty the Marionette was popular among kids in a puppet show that was held in...blah blah blah. This is boooring!".

East side

The Toys were recovering from the trauma they had that day. Toy Bonnie woke up and didn't seem to remember what happened. Toy Freddy was convinced that those were the Originals, since the face on the wall looked like old Freddy's.

Everyone, except Toy Freddy seemed to forget about the event. Or they didn't take a good look at the head and recognize it.

Vixey was still shaking from the screech. She wanted to see Foxy really bad. She was thinking about him all day, so she decided to visit him. While her friends weren't looking, she snuck into the hallway leading to the west side.

Foxy was exiting the party room that everyone gathered into. He also wanted to go and see her. As he was walking towards the east side, she walked out from the corner and bumped into him. Both of them were surprised, and blushing mad!

She was the first to speak: "Oh...sorry, didn't mean to."

Foxy asked her: "Wat are ye doin' 'ere, lass?" in a calm voice.

"Well...I...wanted to see you."


"Foxy, please forgive me this..." She said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and started kissing him on the snout. His eyes widened, but he soon relaxed and returned the kiss. They both enjoyed it. He wrapped his arms around her and brought her closer.

They were kissing for a good minute, when they heard someone coming out of the party room. Then they parted and she said:

"Bye!" as she ran behind the corner and back to the east side.

He was stunned, but really loved it. It was Bonnie who came out.

"Foxy, where have you been? Come here, let's play cards! Freddy found 2 decks in the office."

Foxy then slowly turned around and went back into the party room, thinking about what just happened.

He was usually the best when it came to poker, but this time he was wondering off in his mind when it was his turn. They didn't have anything to bet on, so the played just for fun.

"Foxy! It's your turn!" Chica waved her hand across his face

He then snapped out of it:

"I fold." as he threw his cards on the table, stood up and walked out again.

They looked at him, confused:

"But we just started the game!"

He didn't respond.

Wooh! That's the end of this chapter. This chapter is not nearly as long as the second one, but it took me the longest to write, because I was distracted plenty of times! I hope you all enjoyed the chapter. Leave some reviews and tell me what do you think about this chapter, and the story so far.

Until next time...peace out!

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