Love Within the War

After the closing of their beloved home, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy find themselves in another pizzeria, where they meet their counterparts. Will the war continue until one side is conquered, or will they find a way to make peace? Rated M for later chapters.


3. Chapter 3

Foxy x Mangle | Love within the war Chapter 3, a five nights at freddy´s fanfic

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The next day ~ Kids cove

Foxy woke up, finding himself next to a beautiful vixen. He still felt pain in his jaw and torso from all the beating the previous night. He noticed that his arms and legs were free, as well, and he was surprised to even be "alive". He tried to remember what exactly happened, and then he remembered when the vixen had protected him from her friends. He remembered what she said before he passed out, and he was a little surprised. She said "I love you". Why would she say that? He knew that she had a crush on him, but love him? He didn't even know her name. It felt slightly awkward, so he decided to ask her. That is, when she wakes up. He brought her close to him, so that she can sleep in his embrace, and saw tear tracks on her cheeks and thought to himself:

"Wow, she must really like me that much, It's quite interesting how she actually attacked her friends that she was previously listening to, just to protect me."

She then let out a little snore, as she took deep breaths.

"She is really cute when she sleeps", Foxy thought.

She then wrapped her hands around him, so that she was practically hanging from him as she slept. Foxy then started blushing, but it didn't seem like she was waking up, more like repositioning herself. He was warm on touch, so she was pretty comfortable. Foxy smiled and kind of liked it.

That's when the door knob on the Kids cove door started turning. He started growling, expecting the Toys, ready to attack if they tried something.

The door opened and Toy Chica entered with some kind of basket. When she saw Foxy awake, she immediately jumped, but didn't make any serious noise. She saw Vixey sleeping in his embrace,and knew he was not going to hurt her. She then approached with the basket and said quietly:

"I brought you some snacks, if you want some."

He was still not sure what she was planning. He stopped growling, but was still giving her "the look".

"Calm down, I won't hurt you, just came to check up on my friend." She said, still talking as quiet as she could.

"Ta lass be sleepin'. She be ok, so ye can get outta 'ere." Foxy hissed, and started growling again, though quietly.

"Ok, I'm leaving now! When she wakes up, tell her that she has the honors of deciding what to do with you, though I can probably guess what it is. You are not leaving until she decides."

He then yelled: "Wait! What did ye do to me mates! If they be dead, ye will pay!

Toy Chica then turned back and told him:

"They are okay, still, for now, currently." She said in a cheeky tone, and exited the room.

Foxy then looked back at the vixen. She was still sleeping, not being bothered at all by the noise they just made.

Toy Chica went back to the kitchen, where Toy Freddy and Toy Bonnie were sitting, talking and expressing their curiosity for why was Vixey so mad. When they saw Toy Chica enter, they greeted her and asked her what was going on in there.

She then chuckled and said:

"Everything is okay in there."

Toy Bonnie then turned back to Toy Freddy and asked:

"Anyway, do you have any more ideas as to why she would be acting like this?"

Toy Freddy nodded and said: "Yes, that girl is going crazy I'm telling ya!"

Then they both felt a hit on the back of their heads. It was Toy Chica:

"You two numbskulls! Why are boys always so clueless?

They both turned towards her, holding their heads:

"What are you talking about?!" they said in sync.

She then shook her head and rolled her eyes:

"She's in love, you numbskulls!", she said with a chuckle.

"In love... with her counterpart? I see..." Toy Bonnie whispered the last part.

Toy Freddy then started making noises with his lips, as he just stared at the wall.

"Freddy, if you don't believe me, just go into the room and see for yourself."

Toy Freddy decided to peek through the key hole. Sure enough he saw Foxy napping, while Vixey was in his embrace, still sleeping.

"Hmm?" was all that came out of Toy Freddy's mouth.

Meanwhile ~ West side

Bonnie woke up, only to be hugged by Chica:

"Bonnie, you are finally awake! Thank goodness!"

"Y..yeah. How are you doing? Are you ok? Where are Freddy and Foxy?"

"I'm here, Foxy isn't" Freddy said in a sad tone.

"Oh no...we left him?"

"Yeah...we waited for you to wake up, so that we can go back and get him, but those sons a' bitches barricaded the door. Chica and I tried to break through, but no luck."

"Then let's go! This time we will kick their sorry asses!"

Chica then stopped him: "I think it's better to negotiate with them rather than fighting them."

Bonnie then thought about it and agreed with his girlfriend: "You're right, my love." he said in a soft voice and kissed her.

Freddy ignored what they were doing, but concentrated on what they were saying, and said: "I would rather if we ripped their guts out, but I guess we have no choice...let's get a move on!"

They exited parts/service room, and found Mike trying to get the door opened, but it didn't work. He noticed them and turned around: "Hey, guys! What happened with the door last night, I fell asleep, but I can't get out, It's almost 8 AM and I have to get out of here. The pizzeria is opening in 3 days though..."

They didn't want to tell him what happened, but since they were stuck with him, they had no choice. They told him what happened.

"But why didn't i hear anything?". He then remembered that he was a hard sleeper, and that sounds didn't bother him...

They decided to leave that aside and proceed to negotiate with the Toys. Freddy knocked on the door hard. "Hey, you shitbags! Answer me!"

Chica then yelled at him: "Don't be rude, they won't negotiate if you are."

Freddy then sarcastically answered: "I'm not being rude, i'm just calling them what they really are."

"Stop it Freddy!" Chica became nervous, so she decided to try. She knocked on the door and called for them:

"Anyone there? We just want to talk. We don't want to fight you."

That's when Freddy heard a familiar voice: "Then tell that old bear of yours to apologize for what he said to me!"

Freddy then moved Chica out of the way and yelled through the door:

"No I won't, you gay motherfucker."

Chica slapped him, already angry: "If you want Foxy to come back, do what he said!"

Then they heard Toy Freddy's voice again: "If you want to see your fox friend again, you better say you are sorry."

Freddy then felt like he was being humiliated. As much as he wanted to rip their guts out, he wanted to get Foxy back, so he accepted:

"Okay, I'm sorry!"

Toy Freddy then said again: "Sorry for what?"

"I'm sorry for calling you gay!"

"Well...I don't know...since you called me "gay" once more just a minute ago, say you are sorry one more time." Toy Freddy continued to tease.

Freddy hissed through his teeth: "Why, you little...!"

"Whaaaat? I can't hear yoooou!" Toy Freddy continued

"I'm sorry for calling you any names ever! Now can we please talk to you!?"


Then they heard a female voice: "Freddy! Stop that! Let them talk!". It was Toy Chica.

Chica then said to Freddy: "I'll take over, since you will ruin everything."

The two Chicas started negotiating:

Toy Chica: "What do you want?"

Chica: "What did you do to our friend?"

Toy Chica: "He's ok, though if you try anything, he won't be."

Chica: "What do you want for him?"

Toy Chica: "What do you mean?"

Chica: "To let him go, what do you want?"

Toy Chica: "Time..."

Chica: "What does that mean?"

Toy Chica: "It's up to our friend to decide."

Chica: "Can I speak to your friend then?"

Toy Chica: "She's not available yet. She's busy with your friend.

Chica: "What will she do to him?"

Toy Chica: "As i said, she will decide..."

Chica: "If she does anything to him, we will have an excuse to attack."

Toy Chica: "Whoa, whoa, calm down, I doubt she will decide for something bad!"

Chica: "Ok, we will come back in two hours, tops! If your friend doesn't show up, we are busting through."

Toy Chica: "Oh, she will, don't worry."

The two Chicas stopped negotiating and the originals went back to the parts/service room. Mike then approached the door and said: "Listen, I have to wife will be worried about me, and my phone battery is dead..."

Chica then started laughing: "Well, if you didn't play your games, you would be able to call her!"

Toy Chica answered him: "I'm sorry, guard, but you are staying there. You can exit through the window if you want."

Mike then listened to her, said his goodbyes to his friends and left through the window.

"If only we could do that..." Bonnie whispered.

Meanwhile ~ Kids cove

Vixey started to wake up. She woke up so peacefully, but then, she remembered what happened, and jumped. Foxy held her down.

"Heey, yer finally awake, lass!"

"F...Foxy? Are you ok? Where are the others?"

"How do ye kno' me name"?

She then realized she was laying on his lap, and started blushing.

" official name was Foxy, at first...then they decided to change that, so the name can be well suited for a vixen, so I kind of guessed your name is Foxy..."

"Oh..." He then started blushing as well.

"So what be yer name, lass?"


Then they got up, Vixey still blushing from the position they were in.

"Foxy...I'm sorry!"

"Naah, I di'nt mind. I wanted to ask ye a question, Vixey."


"Last night, before I passed out, I heard ye say something tat kinda surprised me."

"I'm sorry about that as well, Foxy! I...really like you"

"Well, I figured tat out. Still, don'cha think "love" be a bit big of a word for that? I mean, ya don' even know me and..." Foxy was speaking to her in a soft voice

"I'm sorry...I used a wrong word..." Vixey was still blushing

"Well, then, i suppose everythin' be ok? And ye don't have ta say "sorry" every time.

"I'm sorr.."

Then they started laughing.

"Though seriously, I'm sorry that I didn't react sooner. Maybe my friends wouldn't do that." Vixey said with her ears down.

"Heeey, don' blame yerself! Come 'ere!" Foxy then gave her a hug.

As they parted, Foxy said: "Speakin' of yer friends, yer friend Chica came while ye were sleepin'."

"What did she say?"

"Tat be why I mentioned. Ta lass said that ye have the honours of deciding wat ta do wit' me."

"Well, isn't it obvious?" She said as she went for the door knob. "Stay here."

She opened the door and came out of the Kids cove.

The three toys greeted her

Toy Chica especially, since she was her best friend: "Good mornin' Vix, how did you sleep?"

Vixey just stared at her like she was a piece of crap.

"Well...I guess you're still mad, huh?"

"YOU BET I'M MAD!" She yelled at her

"Whoa, whoa we didn't know you had feelings for your fox boy back then! Though you still have reason to be mad, so we are not angry at you." Toy Chica replied.

Vixey started blushing slightly: "How did you..."

"I saw you sleeping in your lover's embrace. What else could be going on?" Toy Chica chuckled.

"Don't call him my...lover!" She had a less angry voice and more embarrassed voice.

"So what will you do with him?" Toy Bonnie asked.

"I'll let him go, of course. What do you think?"

Toy Bonnie had an awkward smile on his face: "Weeellll..."

Vixey knew what Bonnie was thinking about. "NO!" she yelled, blushing like a tomato.

"At least not yet" She thought to herself.

"Okay, okay, your fox boy can come out, we won't do anything."

"You'd better not!" Vixey hissed.

Toy Chica felt sad: "Vix, why are you threatening us? It's your fault for the most part! If you told us earlier we wouldn't have done anything.

"You're right..." Vixey lowered her ears.

"Ok, call him out now, we want to talk with our future brother-in-law." they teased her.

"Ok, just don't do that anymore."

As she went to call him out, they heard banging on the hallway door.

"Two hours are up! Let us talk to your friend or we are busting in!"

Foxy regcognized Chica's voice, but didn't know what was she talking about. Vixey was confused too.

Toy Freddy then called her: "Vixey, come speak with your fox boy's friends. We made a deal with them."

She instinctively knew what he meant, so she approached the door that was still barricaded with heavy furniture.

Vixey then called for them in a cheerful tone: "Hello? You must be Chica, right?"

Chica: "Yes, are you "the friend"?

Vixey: "Yes."

Chica: "What do you want from us to let Foxy go?"

Vixey: "Nothing!"

Originals (in sync): "What?!"

Vixey: "I think I was clear enough. Nothing!"

Freddy: "Is that a trick? Are you joking with us?

Vixey: "No, I'm not kidding."

Chica: "Then let us speak to him?"

Vixey: "Sure! Foxy! Come out here!"

As Vixey called out for Foxy, the originals were looking at each other, confused as hell.

Vixey: "He's here!"

Foxy: "Ahoy, Chica, yer there?"

Chica: "FOXY! I'm so glad to hear your voice!"

Bonnie: "Are you ok?"

Freddy: "What the hell did they do to you?"

Foxy: "I'll be tellin' you my tale after I get to ya."

Toy Freddy, Bonnie and Chica approached the door, which made Foxy back off a little, looking them with a sour look on his face.

Toy Freddy (whispering to Toy Chica): "I'm not happy about this, they will sabotage us and attack us if we try to hand them their fox!"

Foxy: "I can hear ye! Me name be Foxy!" He hissed as he still stared at them with an angry look.

Toy Chica: "I don't have a bad feeling. They just want their friend." Then to Foxy: "Oh, we are sorry, but you didn't introduce yourself before."

Foxy: "That be yer fault!"

Toy Chica (to the other originals): Ok, we will open this door now, but only to give you your friend back. Truce for now?"

Originals: "Truce!"

Then, the toys, along with Vixey, started removing the heavy furniture. Halfway through, Foxy joined them in doing so. When they removed everything, one of them opened the door. Despite the truce agreement, everyone was still ready for a fight if the other ones tried something funny. It was Foxy who opened the door.

"Ahoy me mateys!"

Freddy, Bonnie and Chica immediately jumped on him, First was Chica, who started hugging him and kissing him all over the face. Bonnie didn't mind, because he knew those were just friendly kisses. "Heey, easy there, ye are suffocating me!" He returned the hug and kissed her as well.

Bonnie gave him a hug, and even a kiss on the cheek. It should have been an awkward moment, but both of them didn't mind, since they knew each other for extremely long time, and they were best friends. Foxy returned the kiss as well. "Glad ta see ya, lad!"

Freddy only gave him a hug, but it was the longest of them all.

"Glad to have you back, brother!"

"And I be glad ta be back as well!"

"We were so scared you were getting scrapped by them." Chica giving him another hug.

Toy Freddy then cleared his throat "We are still here, ya know?"

Freddy then answered "You are still gonna pay for humiliating me like that!"

Toy Freddy grinned and said: "Oh, I enjoyed that!"

Freddy: "A truce will serve you well...but you are still a little shit"

Toy Freddy: "Yeah, you are a grumpy motherfucker, ain't you?"

Foxy then interrupted them: "Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, I want ta introduce ya ta someone."

That's when Vixey came out.

"Ta lass saved me booty. I have ta thank her fer tat!

Vixey then spoke, while blushing: "Oh, stop, Foxy! Glad to meet you all, I'm "the friend". My name is Vixey.

Bonnie and Freddy didn't really like her at first, but Chica knew what was going on, though she was still hiding it.

"Glad to meet you, and thanks for saving our friend!" Chica said with a smile.

Vixey then stepped back, as they parted. Toys closed the door and stayed in the east side, enjoying the truce. Originals went back through the hallway to the west side, also, enjoying the truce.

Foxy told them what had happened, though not completely. He was too embarrassed to say that Vixey was sleeping in his embrace, so he lied about that part.

Freddy and Bonnie, after hearing what they did to Foxy, instantly became angry again. "The truce will be over soon, and that other Freddy will pay!"

Chica knew that he was lying about the other part, since he was stuttering and stopping to think what to say to them.

Foxy and Vixey thought about each other all day long, as they were hanging out with their respective friends.

Well, that's the end of the 3rd chapter. I hope ya enjoyed it! Until next time...peace out!

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