Love Within the War

After the closing of their beloved home, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy find themselves in another pizzeria, where they meet their counterparts. Will the war continue until one side is conquered, or will they find a way to make peace? Rated M for later chapters.


2. Chapter 2

Foxy x Mangle | Love within the war Chapter 2, a five nights at freddy´s fanfic

I kind of forgot to mention how I exactly see the new animatronics's looks. They look like in the game, but they have synthetic fur instead of being plastic, just like the old ones. Forgot to mention as well, Foxy doesn't have a hole in his chest or on his arms. He only has endoskeleton hands and legs. Mangle (which will not be her name in this fanfic) is a new animatronic, with female curves of course.

Also, when I write Foxy's POV, he will not have a pirate accent. Only in conversations. (Because I would go nuts if I had to write everything in pirate accent)

Well, that's about it...enjoy the chapter!

? AM/PM, January 31st, 2017 ~ Truck ~ Foxy's P.O.V

I can't believe those idiots didn't deactivate me. Never saw this coming. I open my eyes to look around. I see Freddy, Bonnie and Chica sitting next to me, limp. I look the other way, towards the front of the truck, I saw another idiot sitting there, probably monitoring us, or maybe because he didn't have room in the front. Luckily, he wasn't looking at me. He was looking at some sort of magazine. I saw a white rabbit with a white bowtie on the cover and a black background. I don't know what's that all about. Maybe he was reading something about the new Bonnie? The one that is replacing my old pal Bonnie? The new Bonnie is white? Anyway...

If he did look at me, and saw my eyes open and looking around, I would be in serious trouble, and wouldn't forgive myself. The truck ran into some bumps during the trip, which caused us to bounce a little bit. I planned to somehow get my mates running after we get to the new place. Though even I don't know how we work. Where would I find a switch? I have no idea...I..I'll figure something out when we get there. I am also kind of excited to see the new place. The old place did grow on me a lot, but it was boring to just sit the whole day in my cove and do nothing while Freddy, Bonnie and Chica had fun with the kids. I heard two male voices coming from the drivers cabin, one which i recognized immediately. As i heard before, his name was Mr. Stevens or somethin'...I guess he's the manager of the new place. What will happen to our old place? Will he open some kind of cool shop, another restaurant, or something else? Maybe a pirate shop? Does something called "pirate shop" exist? I can't wait to explore the new place though. If they don't turn is into scrap metal of course. I then mentally facepalmed myself. "Why would you say that, you scallywag?" I really hope they don't turn us into scrap metal. Just thinking about that made me shiver

Then, I listened the two voices from the front and tried to hear them, to understand them, but I couldn't... because the engine of this truck was loud as fuck. I can barely hear my thoughts. To help the noise, sometimes this retard with a magazine would turn the page, or clear his throat. He did that many times, and it annoyed the crap out of me. I was scared and curious at the same time.

Suddenly, the magazine guy stood up from the chair and approached us. He approached me first. I pretended to be limp, and listened, if he would say something, though the truck engine wouldn't allow that. I could hear him though, he said: "You guys are a hunk of junk. I can't believe I am watching over some old trash." Then he kicked my metallic foot with, what seemed, all his power. I almost yelled out in pain, but covered my jolting by falling over, like he knocked me over. I wanted to stand up and rip his head off, but then i remembered that I can't do that. I wanted to rip his head off so much though. He went back to sitting in his chair and reading the white bunny magazine.

After some time, the truck suddenly stopped. We must have arrived at the new pizzeria. I heard the truck doors open, then footsteps coming to the back of the truck. Then the back door opened, and bright light entered. I quickly relaxed, as I heard some voices again:

"Okay, we will take them from here".

Then again, the new manager Stevens spoke:

"Ok, put them in the parts and service room."

"No problem!" The voice spoke again. Then some people came in and proceeded to lift Bonnie, Freddy and Chica and carry them inside the building. I was last.

Meanwhile, in the new pizzeria ~ Vixey's P.O.V

I finally got to meet my friends, Freddy, Bonnie and were so cool and fun to talk to. This is our 2nd day. We won't have to work for another week, though I can't wait to be crowded by the children. For some reason, I love children, even if I didn't see any child ever. That thought made me giggle. Chica and I became good friends, since we are both girls, we could share everything with each other. She heard me giggle and sat next to me: "What are you thinking about, Vix?" she said with a smile. "What are you so happy about?"

"I was just thinking about the children. I don't know why, but I love children for some reason!" She then replied: "We all do, we were programmed to love the kids. I'm guessing you can't wait for us to start working?" I then replied: "Yep, though I will be in the Kids cove while you three will be here on the stage. I am a bit worried about having my own spotlight". She then replied: "Why? I am already jelaous of you!"

Chica and I were talking and laughing for a while. Freddy and Bonnie were talking as well, probably some guy stuff. Though Bonnie looked like a girl when I first saw him. He was embarrassed when I called him a "she" the first time I saw him.

Then suddenly the front door opened. We quickly rushed to our positions. I saw 2 people carrying some kind of a box that looked like a present, which they put in the corner of the dining area. It was a big present though. The text on the walls read "Prize corner!". I guess that we are gonna hand out some gifts to the children as well. Then, something else happened. I saw a bunch of people carrying something what looked like a purple rabbit animatronic. I got quite curious and approached, acting like an animatronic, so that people wouldn't suspect anything. I let my voice box recite the installed speech for the children, while in reality, I was concentrating on what was going on. "Hello boys and girls, What are you carying there? Be careful not to hurt yourselves!" My voice box recited. They seemed to ignore me, which was good. They didn't suspect anything. They carried the purple bunny animatronic to the hallway that lead to the west side of the building, where party rooms were. I peeked and saw them carrying the animatronic to the door that read "Parts and Service". He must be Bonnie's old counterpart! We overheard the manager talking about our old counterparts earlier. There must be the others, and, MY COUNTERPART! I can't wait to see him/her!

The people that carried old Bonnie went back out to get another one. Then they came in with a bear that was brown, just like Freddy! That must be old Freddy. They did the same with him. Then they did the same for old Chica and then...through the door came a red fox. It's my counterpart! I took a closer look at him. Oh gosh, he's cute! I don't know why, but I felt something strange. I can't really describe what. For some reason I liked my old counterpart in a special way...

When people left, I went back to my friends and asked them: "Did you see that! Those must be our old counterparts!". The others weren't so excited about it. They looked kind of angry. Then Freddy spoke: "Vix, I have a feeling that they will threaten our jobs. I don't like them!" The other two nodded. I didn't feel angry at all. Though I didn't want to tell them I liked my counterpart, I said: "But what if they don't want to take our jobs?". Bonnie then said: "They are programmed to like the working with the kids, just like we. There is no doubt they will try something!". I then sighed and pretended to be angry as well: "Yeah, we mustn't let them take over our jobs". I didn't want to disappoint my friends, but I think I have a crush on my old counterpart!

I had to see my old counterpart again. The sun has set, it was night. That's when no human entered the pizzeria, so we were free to do whatever we wanted, except for demolishing the place. While the other three weren't looking, I snuck into the hallway leading to the west side of the building. That hallway is long! Dunno why it was so long, but I'm not the one to judge. I finally reached the door that read "Parts and Service". I tried to be as quiet as possible, though the door was not on my side. It was squeaky as hell. Then i heard a noise from the inside. I got scared! Are they moving? Even if they aren't, I would probably try to get them to work anyway. I don't know why, though...maybe because of my counterpart? Probably...

As i entered, I saw all four of them limp. Then i heard a click. I looked at my counterpart and saw that he was opening his eyes, I jumped back, and ran through the hallway back into the east side before he could take a good look at me. He was activated! I'm glad the room was dark. I rushed back and closed the door loudly. That prompted Freddy, Bonnie and Chica to look at me with a "What the hell happened?!" expression on their faces. They didn't see me coming out though... I lied, of course...

"Oh, sorry, It was the draft. I ran to close it, but it was quicker than me, hehe..." Freddy and Bonnie just shrugged and went back to talking. Chica then asked me: "Are you ok, Vix? Why are you so red?" I then lied again: "Well, it's quite hot in here, I'm getting a minor overheating!" She then looked at me and said: "It's not hot at all! It's winter, Vix! What's going on?" I didn't want her to know where i went, and i didn't know what to say to her. "Forget about that, it was nothing! Say, would you like to teach me how to bake a pizza?" She then excitedly said: "I'd love to" and gave me a hug. She loved to teach others whatever she could, so I knew she would get excited. Her pizzas are delicious though. But at least I found a way out of it.

A few nights passed with nothing happening. I tried to hold myself from going back, being that my counterpart was activated, he could see me. Though I couldn't help thinking about him. I hope I can properly meet him. Then something strange happened. At 12AM a human entered the building. He saw us move, but he didn't seem surprised. He opened the hallway door and went into the west side. I could see that he wore a jacket that read on the back "SECURITY". He must be a night guard. Then he popped out of the hallway again and...It was like he was telling us, and we were surprised. He said "Don't worry, you can do whatever you want, I won't tell anybody." And went back into the west side. We were surprised. He was a human! We never saw him before! How did he know? Then came the awkward silence for what seemed like hours, but it was just a few minutes. Freddy then stood up and went looking for him. He was surprised as well, but since the guard already knew, It was nothing awkward. Freddy came back saying that he was okay and that he won't tell anybody. The guard then came to the door, and, without saying the word, he locked the hallway door. Like he didn't want us to go back there again.

Bonnie asked Freddy what was his name. Freddy said "Mike Schmidt, he won't bother us. Anyway, guys, come here I want to show you something". He said, and we followed him. I was still thinking about my counterpart

12:25 AM ~ West side of the pizzeria ~ Third person P.O.V

Mike was carrying a bag that had a lot of mechanic tools. He then opened Parts and Service room and turned on the lights. Foxy opened his eyes, and closing his eye-patch over his left eye, but when he saw that it was Mike, he jumped, which caused Mike to scream. "Mikey, lad! It be me, Foxy!" Mike looked at him with a scared and surprised look, but then it became just a surprised look. "Foxy?! How are you active? Aren't you supposed to be deactivated?" Foxy then laughed and said "Ye said that before, when we be back at the ol' place!" "You're right, some deja vu huh?"

"Though seriously, how are you active? They didn't deactivate you?" Foxy then answered "No...I don' kno' why tho'!"

"Well, the good thing is, I have to work on 3 of you now, not 4.", Mike chuckled. "I help ye, matey!", Foxy exclaimed. Mike then pulled out of the bag a huge, thick book. It was a manual. "How did ye get that?" Foxy asked with a confused look. "Well...I got it from the security office at the old place. That's not important though, the important thing is, we have to get the other three working.". Foxy nodded, as they began looking on how to turn them on. "Aha!" Mike yelled, as he got up, approached Chica, who was the closest to him. He opened the back compartment on her neck and flipped the switch. Mike and Foxy could hear her servos starting as she started to shake. She then suddenly yelled "Bonnie!" as she began to cry. Foxy and Mike were comforting her, telling her that everything is alright. As Foxy was hugging her, Mike immediately went to Bonnie and did the same thing. Bonnie then suddenly whispered: "Where am I? Where's Chica? Mike?" Mike then pointed towards crying Chica, as he immediately got up and hugged Chica tightly. "Bonnie, I was so scared!" Chica cried on his shoulder. Bonnie then comforted her: "Shh...shh...It's okay now, you are okay." as he kissed her forehead. They activated Freddy after that, and they were all happy to be together again, forming a group hug.

After a few minutes, they finally broke from the hug, but Bonnie and Chica didn't. They continued hugging and kissing. Everyone looked at them with an "Awww" look on their faces.

A few minutes of silence passed, and Mike was the first to break it. "Hey, I saw your new counterparts" Freddy then formed a mad look on his face.

"I can't wait to tear them apart!" Freddy hissed. They all looked at him. "Freddy, lad, ye don' want to do that." Foxy tried to calm him down. Chica added: "Yeah, what would the kids think of you? The parents wouldn't want the kids to come to the pizzeria again!"

Freddy then felt a sudden headache, as he started to hear a voice in his head: "Freddy, brother, where are you?!"
"Goldy? I'm so glad to hear of you brother! We are ok. You can come to us." Freddy answered in his mind. Golden Freddy then told him "It's been so long since i've appeared in front of you guys. I can't wait." Then Freddy turned towards the others and said: "Don't get scared, but Goldie is gonna teleport to us now." The other three were excited, but Mike got curious: "Who's Goldy?". Bonnie then turned towards him and said: "You'll see." Golden Freddy (Goldy for short), teleported in front of them. The four animatronics were happy to see him. Goldy then asked: "What the hell happened, and where are we? Freddy, I tried to reach you, but I couldn't." They proceeded to explain everything to him.

After hanging out with everyone, Goldy decided that he would go back to the old place, to watch over it. He would come visit every now and then to update them on what's going on with the old place. Stevens will surely open something there.

Goldy then teleported away, as Mike went into his new office and decided to chill while playing on his IPhone. He was kind of pissed that there was no wi-fi, though, so he just played minecraft on his phone. (A/N - I play Minecraft PE as well, couldn't think of anything else for Mike to play xD)

Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy sat there for a while, after they looked at the clock. It was 3:36 AM. "Wooh, time flies by when you are having fun!" Bonnie chuckled. Foxy then had an idea. "Ey, mates, what d' ya say we visit our new mates?" Freddy hesitated, but agreed eventually. All four of them left Parts and Service room, as they glanced down the hall at Mike, who was concentrated on the game. They continued towards the long hall that lead to the east side of the building and saw a key in the door. They turned the key and unlocked the door. After opening the door, they saw the new animatronics sitting at a party table and talking. The new ones heard the door opening and turned to see the old ones entering the room.

A/N - Warning! Intensive swearing ahead!

New Freddy, Bonnie and Chica got into an attack position, thinking that the old ones came to take their jobs. When the old ones saw the new ones, they did the same. Vixey soon had to do what her friends did, and prepared for an attack. Toy Freddy hissed: "What are you doing here?". Freddy then looked at Toy Freddy and laughed: "Haha, you are my counterpart? I'm sad for you, and for me, you look like a fat fucking gay!" To what Toy Freddy responded with a charge. Toy Bonnie and Chica followed him. Vixey was reluctant, but did the same. Soon they all found themselves fighting their counterparts.

Chica was fighting Toy Chica. They examined eachother with a stare, and that's when Toy Chica spoke: "You look like a fat old lady version of me!" Chica got angry and responded: "And you look like a fucking slut". They charged at eachother. Toy Chica was a bit more agile, so she managed to trip and pin Chica to the ground.

Bonnie then faced Toy Bonnie, and said: "I have no problem with my counterpart being a girl, but I don't fight girls", that's when Toy Bonnie spoke with his masculine voice: "I am not a girl, you fucking twat!". Bonnie turned around, surprised at Toy Bonnie's voice, but it was too late. Toy Bonnie managed to pin Bonnie to the ground and started throwing punches at his face.

Freddy and Toy Freddy were the worst of all. Their fight was like it was to the death. They were kicking and punching violently. Freddy managed to knock Toy Freddy on the ground, and started kicking him with all his power. Toy Freddy rolled out of the way, grabbed a chair and hit Freddy in the face so hard, that he almost knocked Freddy out.

So far, Toy animatronics seemed to be winning.

Foxy faced Vixey and said: "I saw ye back the other night! Ye were tryin' to finish us while we were weak?! I don' fight lassies tho'!" as he turned around to help Freddy. That's when Vixey decided to do something. She pounced at him and pinned him to the ground. He hit his face hard on the ground and got dizzy. Vixey then did something surprising. She leaned and kissed him on the top of his head. The others didn't see the kiss. He was surprised by this, but when he recovered from the blow, he rolled over so that he was on top of her now. "Why did ye do that?!" He hissed with a less angry expression on his face.

That's when he felt a blow on the back of his head as Toy Freddy hit him with a metal pipe. Foxy blacked out.

The Toy animatronics won, as old Freddy, Bonnie and Chica retreated back to the Parts and Service, but because they were in so much pain, they didn't notice that Foxy stayed behind.

Foxy was unconscious on the floor, as Toy animatronics gathered around him.

"What shall we do with him?" asked Toy Chica. Toy Freddy said "We will tie him up in the Kids cove. If we are able to take him out, he won't be a problem anymore." Vixey didn't like the idea at all, but she didn't show it yet. She was looking at Toy Freddy angrily, though. Because he knocked Foxy out and because he proposed the idea of disposing Foxy

Toy Freddy, Bonnie and Chica went on to tie Foxy down to the floor, while Vixey, reluctantly, handed them the ropes. Then they barricaded the hallway door, so the others couldn't come back.

Meanwhile, west side of the pizzeria

Mike fell asleep on his job, while the other three went back into Parts and Service, where all of them collapsed from the pain, except Chica, who didn't receive any blows to the head, but had scratches all over her. That's when she noticed that Foxy was missing. She didn't pass out, rather fell asleep, thinking about what they were doing to poor Foxy.

Back to the east side

Toy animatronics were healing themselves from all the hits, wounds and scratches, except for Vixey, who didn't get even a scratch.
They were waiting for Foxy to wake up. Vixey then asked them what were they going to do to him once he wakes up, hoping that they would just talk to him and let him go. Toy Freddy answered: "You'll see". This worried her a lot, so she demanded him to tell her what they would do. He didn't answer.

After a while, Foxy woke up, but Vixey was not in the room. He tried to feel his head from the blow, but then he noticed he couldn't move his arm, or his other arm, or his legs. That's when the three approached him. "What is happenin'? What are ye doin'?" Toy Freddy's eyes then turned black as he took a metal pipe, and started hitting Foxy in the stomach and face. Foxy yelled in agony and pain. Toy Freddy didn't seemed to talk normally when he said "You will not steal our jobs! We will teach you not to mess with us!". Toy Bonnie and Chica just watched as Foxy was begging them to stop. Vixey then ran into the room, after hearing Foxy yell. She gasped when she saw Toy Freddy hitting Foxy, with the other two aiding him.

Her face was full of anger, as she charged towards the other three. Toy Bonnie and Chica turned around, but it was too late, as she did a double-hit with both of her arms on them while charging. Toy Freddy then turned around "Vixey, what are you doing?!" She slammed into him with all her power, causing him to fly across the room. All three of them got up and looked at her. She was furious. Toy Freddy then said "Ok, Vix calm down..." She then hissed: "Get out of here, all three of you!". They obeyed, and went back into the dining area. When they went out, she then turned around, knelt next to Foxy and started crying and sobbed: "I'm sorry, Foxy! I'm so sorry! I sh..should've acted earlier...I...I lo...I love you Foxy!"

Foxy, then, himself crying in pain, turned to look at her. He smiled at her and said: " that's wh...why ye kissed" as he passed out again. Her crying intensified. She then took a knife and proceeded to cut the ropes that were holding him. Then she laid next to him and cried herself to sleep.


A bit of a sad ending to the second chapter huh? Well, don't worry, everything will go for the better in the next chapter ;)

I really hope you enjoyed this extra long chapter that is 4.4K words long. I promised to write long chapters, so you can expect to read a lot everytime i release a new chapter! Please tell me if you like the story so far.

Until next time, peace out!

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