Love Within the War

After the closing of their beloved home, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy find themselves in another pizzeria, where they meet their counterparts. Will the war continue until one side is conquered, or will they find a way to make peace? Rated M for later chapters.


17. Chapter 17

Somewhere on the streets

Adrian was riding his bicycle towards the pizzeria with his phone and his camera. It was already night, and there was little to no people on the streets. What would you expect from such a quiet suburb at night?

Adrian was thinking about what just happened. He remembered Mike's words and the animatronics' looks. They could crush him, and he didn't really want to do it. He was looking left and right, trying to get that thought out of his head. He watched a store worker exiting the store and locking it. The man waved at Adrian and wished him a good night. When Adrian looked forward again, he drove into a rock, which made him lose control over his bike and fall onto the ground, just a few blocks away from the pizzeria. Luckily, he wasn't injured.

"What am I doing? I am so gullible. I can't betray Mike. By doing that, I am also putting our friendship on the line. He can lose his job too."

He stood up, picked up his bike, and turned around, heading home. Just as he started going in the opposite direction, a familiar figure appeared in front of him, causing him to make a sharp turn on the right and crash once again, this time, injuring his knee. He let out a groan, as the familiar figure spoke:

"Where do you think you are going? We made a deal. Didn't we?"

Adrian turned around and saw the Puppet standing above him.

"To hell with your deal. I am going home, and there is nothing you can do to stop me." he said as he stood up again and picked up his bike.

"Oh really?" the Puppet snickered and snapped it's fingers, causing Adrian's bike to flip violently and make him crash onto the ground once again. He fell on his back and hit the ground hard. "I can do this all night. Next time I will do something much worse if you don't comply."

The Puppet tried to degrade Adrian mentally, but he stood up again.

"The fuck is your problem and why do you want me to report them so bad? Disgusting demon."

Puppet was already sick of it, so it snapped it's fingers again, and Adrian (and his bike) flew across the street. Adrian hit the ground hard for the 4th time now, finally gave up.

"Okay, you demonic garbage. I'll fucking do it, but leave me the hell alone after that!" Adrian snapped.

"Good..." The Puppet smirked as Adrian got onto his bike again and headed towards the pizzeria, with the Puppet teleporting behind him.

At the pizzeria...

Bonnie and Chica were sitting at the table, pretending to talk about something, when they heard the backstage door open, and out came Foxy and Vixey, in a hug. Bonnie snickered, and Chica slapped him on the hand, telling him to shut up and not say a word about...well...

Once Foxy and Vixey saw where Bonnie and Chica were, they realized how close and loud they were to them. Foxy saw a smirk on Bonnie's face and immediately had a 'oh shit' expression on his face. Vixey too.

Instead of listening to Chica, Bonnie decided to be an asshole.

"Hey, you two. How was the party going?" he said with an evil-ish smirk. Chica slapped him.

"Bonnie, shut up!"

Foxy and Vixey became red as tomatoes when they realized that Bonnie and Chica heard what was happening. They sat at the same table with Bonnie and Chica, trying to pretend they don't know, but it was obvious right now.

"H-how loud were we?" Vixey asked, realizing that there is no point in hiding.

"Well...loud enough for us to hear." Chica answered. "But don't worry, we won't say anything to the others, won't we, Bonnie?!" She said as she turned her head towards Bonnie, who was still snickering.

"How rude can ye be?" Foxy said. "Aye, we did it. Ya don't need ta rub it in." His already red cheeks were redder than before.

Bonnie finally stopped snickering. "Sorry, I'm so sorry, It was so funny.", then he exhaled, "Why didn't you call us to join the party, eh?" and he started giggling and snickering again.

"Bonnie! You are such a weird jerk. Stop that."

After a minute, he finally stopped, but nobody could get that out of their heads, not until the rest of the gang came out of Stephan's office when the movie finished.

Goldy: "To be honest, I really liked that movie."

Chi: "Yeah, me too."

Toy Freddy: "No, that movie sucked in my opinion."

Freddy: "Yeah, a vampire in a mad love with a human, I can live with that. But weird shit after,"

Goldy: "Nah, you two just have no taste for good movies."

Bon: "I am neutral. There must be way better movies out there. But those fucking commercials were driving me insane!"

Others: "Yeah!"

Bonnie: "What were you watching?"

Freddy: "Some movie where a vampire falls in love with a human and saves her life and blah blah."

Goldy: "It's called 'Twilight', brother."

Foxy: "It has pirates in it?"

And so, they all sat down and discussed a movie they just watched, while Vixey stood up and went through the long hallway into the west side. Foxy, of course, followed. Chica decided to see what was wrong, so she stood up and followed too. They ended up in the office. Vixey looked through the office window, and Foxy entered the office.

"What be wrong, me sweetness?" Foxy asked.

"Nothing...I'm just thinking about everything going on, and I am really upset about what the Puppet will do next. Goldy needs one more eye contact and it's pretty much over for him..." she said as she exhaled the stuffy air of the pizzeria and took a breath of fresh air from the outside.

Foxy decided to break the news to her, in hopes to make her feel better.

"Ya know, how would ya feel ta have a first mate on yer cove crew?"

"What are you talking about?" she obviously didn't understand.

"That Stephan lad told that he be puttin' me in t' family again."

Vixey gasped quietly. "Really? You will be able to perform again? With me in the cove?"

"Aye-aye!" Foxy responded.

Vixey responded back with a quick kiss, wrapping her arms around him and squeezing him. "Yes! We will be able to spend every single moment together!"

"Oke...lassie...I can' breathe!", Foxy's voice was smothered. She released him and then hugged him more gently, giving him a peck. He hugged her back.

"What a cute couple you are, no doubt!", a voice was heard from the hallway. It was Chica.

"Chica, ye be spyin' on us?", Foxy said jokingly.

"I have been watching you ever since you two saw eachother. And look at you now. Lovebirds. I really love to see something like that." Chica watched them almost in awe.

"Well, we have to thank you for that, Chica." Vixey said.

"Thank me? For what?"" Chica asked cheekily.

"Well, you were the first one to negotiate, you first saw everything, before the others, and maybe even before us two."

"Oh...well it was really a pleasure watching you two for these two months."

"Aye, and we be happy ta have ye with us, Chica."

Suddenly, they heard metalic noise outside. Chica was automatically afraid that it was the Puppet, so she closed her eyes. "Oh no, please don't tell me."

Foxy poked his head out of the window and looked to the left. As he was turning his head to the right, a flash of light was emitted, blinding him temporarily.

"Argh! I hate bright lights!" he groaned as he took some steps back inside. Vixey then poked her head and saw...Adrian!

"Hi, Vixey!" he said as the thing that he was holding emitted another flash of light. Vixey didn't mind the light, but she was surprised at what Adrian was holding.

"Is that a camera?! Don't you dare!" she started growling, as Adrian took another picture of her. "Don't you dare, you imbecile!"

"I'm sorry, but I have no choice." he said and ran in the opposite direction. From the dialogue, and Adrian's voice, Foxy and Chica realized what happened, and Vixey ran straight through the hallway and into the main area.

"Goldy! Adrian took a picture of me and Foxy! I think he's gonna give it to the other people. You have to stop him somehow!"

Until then, it was loud in the room, but then everyone stopped talking.

"Really? Oh shit, where'd he go?!" Goldy shouted and stood up from his chair.

"He headed towards the town!" Vixey gave directions.

"NO Brother! Don't go! The puppet..." Freddy tried to stop him, but Goldy teleported before he could hear anything.

Adrian was running through the park, towards the town center and police station. He ran as fast as he could, with evidence in his hands. He knew that the Puppet was watching him, and that it could do anything to him if he didn't comply. All of the sudden, he bumped into Goldy and fell down for the 'unknown-th' time.

"You liar! You are not getting out with those photos!" Goldy reached to snatch the camera from him, but Adrian held onto it like it was his own eye.

"Hello, Goldy!" He heard a familiar voice behind him. "Just as I planned."

"Oh shit!" Goldy panicked and closed his eyes right away, letting go of Adrian's camera.

"Go!" The Puppet reminded Adrian to do what he was supposed to.

Goldy was in the middle of the park, with Puppet teleporting around him

"Just like a fish hungry for a worm..." *teleport* " hooked onto my trap..." *teleport* "You cannot save yourself by closing eyes anymore." and it teleported in front of him, as he tried to listen to the Puppet's location. The Puppet spread it's fingers in the air, causing Goldy's eyelids to start opening. He tried to teleport, but he wasn't able to do that. All he could do is struggle to keep his eyes closed, but he was losing that battle too.

"You are DONE! How does it feel to be reabsorbed into me again? Now I will torture you!" His eyes opened, now exposed to the Puppet's red eyes. The eye contact was made. Goldy screeched in agony as the Puppet now looked deep into his soul.

"You are will always and forever puppet." It rang through Goldy's mind. Goldy then fell onto the ground, losing all movement abilities.

"So weak..." The Puppet mocked his seemingly lifeless animatronic body.

At that point, the puppet felt a sharp kick in the head. It was Chi, using her roundhouse kick to knock the Puppet out. The Puppet simply turned around, and said.

"It's over for the bear..." as it teleported away, leaving Goldy's lifeless body now visible. All the other animatronics ran after Chi, when she broke the front door, only to find her on her knees, next to Goldy. Everyone stopped at that moment, and a cold aura wrapped around all of them when they saw Goldy's lifeless body and Chi...

Chi was screaming in anger and sorrow above her boyfriend's lifeless body. Freddy was the first to run towards them.

",no,no! That is impossible!" he shook his lifeless brother, trying to wake him up, but to no avail. Everyone else approached now. Everyone was on the edge of crying, and when Freddy started crying, everyone else did too. Chi was absolutely destroyed by this. If she could go nuts, she would.

Adrian was hiding behind a tree and watched everything happen. He was surprised the most for the sympathetic and compassionate, so full of feelings, he was heartbroken at the scene. Animatronics crying was something he never thought he would see, and never thought that it would also destroy him. The animatronics were pretty much alive, so he felt like he killed a living soul. He blamed himself for it, as he started crying.

The Puppet teleported to him, surrounded by golden-colored aura and golden-yellow eyes.

"What do you think you are doing? Get the job done, you worthless bitch!"

Adrian slowly looked at the Puppet in pure anger as well.

"You filthy demon! You made me do this! If I knew that this would be the consequence, I would have never listened to you, no matter what you would do to me!"

The Puppet answered rather nonchalantly: "Well, you already did. I will let you live if you do what you were assigned. If you don't, you will end up as that bear animatronic."

Adrian did not listen to the Puppet. He stood up and started walking towards the group of crying animatronics with his camera.

"Hey, what are you doing? You want to die, don't ya? Be my guest then." The Puppet threatened, but that didn't stop Adrian.

As the animatronics still weren't able to get a hold of themselves, because it was too much.

"Ugh, no! I didn't want to do this!" The Puppet said, as the golden eyes started shining brighter. At that moment, to everyone's surprise, Goldy's body started moving. Everyone was exploding with happiness for a moment, but it went away when Goldy opened his eyes, and they were red.

"He is at the third step. The Puppet still doesn't have his soul! There has to be a way!" Freddy pointed, wiping away his tears. Goldy was now fully possessed and controlled by the Puppet. Nobody wanted to fight him. They felt like they should let possessed Goldy beat them all up, except for one.

"Chi, what are you doing?" Vixey called for her best friend. Chi was ready for battle, even though she was mentally destroyed, she still wanted to fight her possessed boyfriend. That little outburst of happiness at the beginning gave her the strength.

"Come on, big fella! Wha'chu got?" She shouted. Goldy growled and attacked her first, but she made a side-flip and dodged it. She kept dodging him for quite a while, tears still present in her eyes. After around 20 minutes the Puppet got sick of it, so it teleported in to try to finish Goldy off with one final eye contact.

At that point, Foxy and Vixey stepped forward, and before Goldy could turn around to face the Puppet, both of them blocked the view and jumped on the Puppet. Once they got hold of it, they realized how defenseless it was when it possessed someone. It wasn't able to teleport away. Possessed Goldy tried to help the Puppet, but the rest of the gang jumped on him and held him down. Not to mention that Goldy was at full power.

The Puppet was trying it's hardest, but it wasn't able to do anything to Foxy and Vixey. All of the sudden, both of them felt something being transfered into their bodies. The golden aura was now being transferred to both of them. As that happened, the Puppet started to lose control over Goldy, and was able to teleport away.

"No way!" It screamed, dumbstruck by what happened.

The two foxes were now glowing gold, and their eyes were now fully golden. Goldy's eye color changed from red to yellow, matching the color of both of their eyes.

As that happened, Foxy and Vixey started experiencing flashbacks. Not their own, but those seemed to be...Goldy's flashbacks.

"Hi, my name is Golden Freddy. What are your names? My brother wants me to meet you."

"Hello, I'm Chica. Nice to meet you!"

"I am Bonnie the Bunny!"

"And me be Foxy the pirate! Glad ta have ye on me crew!"

"So, what do you guys do around here?"

"Meh, we just mess around. There isn't really anything else to do."

"Sounds fun!"

"Look what I can do!"

"Wow, you can teleport? Awesome!"

"Chica, I...kinda like you."

"Oh really? That is so sweet, but I kinda like someone else..."

"I can't do this anymore. I need to stay away from you guys. I will come to visit every now and then.

"Why, brother?"

Foxy and Vixey came to reality again, and realized that they are in the control of Goldy's soul. Once they did, they immediately grabbed hold of him and attempted to give it back to him. The golden aura started going into his body again, producing a bright light. Everyone else was watching in awe, even Adrian that stopped on his way there. After the transfer, Goldy regained his normal black eyes with white pupils back, but fell unconscious right after that. The Puppet couldn't believe what it saw. Foxy's and Vixey's eyes returned to their normal yellow color, and they lost unconsciousness as well.


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