Love Within the War

After the closing of their beloved home, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy find themselves in another pizzeria, where they meet their counterparts. Will the war continue until one side is conquered, or will they find a way to make peace? Rated M for later chapters.


16. Chapter 16

Continuing on with their game, it all went weird when the dare was always the same. They were having a blast anyways. Chi felt weird about Bon confessing to her that he has a crush on her. Bon was feeling embarrassed, almost to the point he couldn't look her in the eyes. They continued with their little thing. It now turned from 'Truth or dare' to 'Truth or kiss', and you probably know how. It was Goldy's turn to spin the bottle. And when he was playing games with his friends, he could have any personality there is.

He spun the bottle and it stopped on Bonnie.

"Oh boy, now for a little revenge for what you said." Goldy replied rather sarcastically. "Truth or dare?"

"I pick dare. Whatever you throw at me, I'll be able to handle it."

Goldy smirked as he looked at everyone. When Bonnie saw that, he could probably guess what was coming for him.

"I dare Bonnie to kiss Foxy."

Bonnie frowned immediately. "What?!" Foxy also wasn't expecting that. Chica and Vixey weren't mad at all, but liked the idea, much to Bonnie's dismay.

"Do you really have to be a child, Goldy?" Bonnie side-looked at him.

"I am not done with my daring yet. It has to be on the snout, and the kiss has to last 15 seconds." Goldy continued smirking. Everyone were now looking at Bonnie and Foxy. Foxy was reluctant at first, but then realized that it was a dare for him as well. And when Foxy is dared, he won't say no.

"I can't believe this." Bonnie mouthed while shaking his head.

"Come on Bonnie, it's just a kiss! And Foxy looks like he's down for it." Chica spoke. Bonnie wasn't happy at all, but accepted. He looked at Foxy, who was giving him a smirk, purposely to make him uncomfortable.

"Come 'ere! I'mma gonna give ye a kiss of yer life!"

"Let's just get over with it." Bonnie said as he stood up. They both walked into the circle. Chica and Vixey were most excited to see that for some reason. Bonnie looked at Foxy, a little nervous, but willing to be over with that.

They both approached and leaned in for a kiss while everyone counted up to 15. Once their lips and noses connected, they started.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5,..."

Bonnie realized that it wasn't that bad. Chica and Vixey were staring at them and giggling. They really liked it.

"...6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,..."

He didn't want to admit it to himself, but he actually enjoyed it. It was the same for Foxy, though it was still awkward.

"...12, 13, 14, 15!" And at that moment they both released.

"So, how was it like?" The one that initiated the dare asked.

"Not tha'bad. Like I was kissin' Vixey." Foxy commented.

"Well uhh..." Bonnie stopped and did something unexpected. He grabbed Foxy's head and pulled him in for another kiss. Foxy almost tripped over when Bonnie pulled him.

"Oooh! You liked it huh?" Goldy asked.

" let me just..." He walked over to where he was sitting, next to Chica. "...wash out this terrible taste in my mouth." and he kissed Chica.

"I know ye liked it! Don' be lyin' ta me!" Foxy shouted from the opposite side.

"Okay, let's just move on!"

Now it was Toy Freddy's turn to spin the bottle. It stopped on Chi.

"Truth or dare?"

"Dare, but don't you dare to dare me a stupid dare!"

"Naah, I just want you to kiss Vixey. Same rule - 15 seconds."

"What's with the kissing?! Can we use another dare? She's my best friend, ya know?"

"No!" Most of the guys shouted.

"Okay then, challenge accepted."

Vixey also accepted the challenge. Both of them stepped into the center and did the same thing Bonnie and Foxy did. Snout on beak, they started while everyone else counted.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5..."

Unlike for Bonnie and Foxy, it wasn't awkward at all to them.

"...6, 7, 8, 9, 10..."

and a little tongue action started for the last seconds.

"...11, 12, 13, 14, 15!" And they interrupted the kiss.

"Happy?" Both Chi and Vixey sounded at the same time.

The answer for most of them was summed up in: "Yeah, it was hot!"

And from then on nobody picked 'dare'. They were all smart, knowing that they will make them kiss eachother. And most of the 'truths' they said were lies to make them less embarrassed and stupid. Those were all uninteresting, and it was boring. Then someone decided to be 'brave'.

It was Chi's turn to spin the bottle, and it stopped on Goldy. Goldy thought it was safe to choose dare, so he did.

"Okay, I dare you to stand up and fight me. I want to test my skills as a fighter."

Needless to say that Goldy was surprised. Everyone else was surprised too.

"As you wish, sweetheart. But I won't go easy on you."

And all of them stood up and sat on the chairs while Goldy and Chi chose a clear spot in the room. Once they announced the start, both of them just stood there and waited for the other to make the first move. Chi was more patient, and after 30 or so seconds, Goldy decided to make the first move. He went to grab her arm and pull her to the floor, but she dodged and quickly placed her leg behind Goldy's calf and pushed him until he lost his balance and fell to the ground. Everyone gasped, and then cheered.

Chi then 'went for the kill', as she fell right onto Goldy, and 'killed' him by giving him a kiss. Goldy was amazed and little embarrassed that he lost to a girl, but he was also happy.

"I never knew you know martial arts techniques." he said while still on the ground.

"Well, I won't reveal everything right away." she said as she offered Goldy a hand to get up.

The 'truth or dare' now became boring and they decided to vote on what to do next. Chica suggested a cooking competition, since the pizzeria always had food. And everyone gladly agreed.

"Just so that you know, I will not be the one cooking. I will be the taste-tester. Chi will also be a taste tester, and we need another one."

Toy Freddy immediately offered, and they accepted. The other six were supposed to make pizza, but a small pizza, since they didn't want to waste too many ingredients.

They started making the pizzas, with Bonnie in the lead. He obviously knew what to do, since he watched Chica make them million times. He started making dough, along with Vixey and Goldy close behind. Freddy struggled, so he had to see what the others were doing. Bon and Foxy were absolutely clueless on what to do. They had flour, eggs, milk and didn't know how they could make dough.

Chica and Chi watched and laughed at the mistakes everyone made.

After a few minutes Bonnie already made the dough and started reshaping it into a disk. Vixey put too much flour, so the dough didn't really come out the way it should. Goldy wasn't any different. He constantly kept turning around and looking at Chi, hoping she could help him, but alas.

Foxy gave up, which made him get disqualified. Bon started to experiment with some ingredients, but messed up big time.

Bonnie finished reshaping the dough and started making the pizza sauce with tomatoes and ketchup, and started spreading it, while Vixey took a different turn by taking out cherry jam and spreading it on the dough.

Bon gave up as well, while Goldy finally finished making the dough, but it didn't come out good. He continued nontheless.

After a few minutes, Bonnie's pizza had the sauce, cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms and was ready for the oven. Vixey's sweet pizza was no mistake. She aimed it to be a dessert. She put on pieces of fruit that they had, like strawberries, bananas, apples and other, while sprinkling it with powdered sugar and sprinkles.

Bonnie and Vixey put their pizzas in the oven, while Goldy was still putting topings. He didn't know what would go together, so he spread butter, then put on tomatoes and mushrooms, and then struggled to apply sauce over that. His pizza was soon ready as well, so he popped it into the oven as well.

After they were done, they took them all out and cut them into three pieces for the testers. This was how the pizzas were rated by Chica, Chi and Toy Freddy.

Bonnie's pizza was rated 7, 8 and 10

Vixey's pizza was rated 8, 9 and 10

Goldy's pizza was rated 5, 6 and 9 since Goldy burned it a little. Chica was harsh on judging, but Vixey won.


Andrian was sitting at his house, while his wife went grocery shopping with their two kids. He was trying to understand what happened to him that day. Was it all a hallucination? It can't be. It was so vivid that it couldn't be.

He tried to think of a way the animatronics could be alive, and he had an idea. He was a believer, so he thought that God had to do something with them, or even maybe the devil. Whatever was the cause, he was now afraid to go there. He was thinking about quitting the job.

He stood up from his chair and went to the bathroom to wash his face. He remembered Mike's words.

"Don't you dare say anything about the animatronics being alive."

He saw how they looked like. They could destroy him if they see him. Adrian took the soap and rubbed it on his face. After he washed his face, he looked up into the mirror and saw a black figure behind him. He immediately turned around, but couldn't see clearly because of the soap getting into the eyes.

"Adrian, is it?" The figure spoke.

"Who the hell are you?! How'd you get in here? I'm calling the cops! Get out of my house!" he screamed as he took a defensive stance. Once his view cleared, he could see...a puppet from the pizzeria.

"Remember me?" The Puppet asked.

"Holy shit. It's haunting me. Please leave me alone!"

The Puppet then teleported in front of him and slapped him on the face.

"Relax, retard. I want to talk to you."

After a few minutes, Adrian calmed down but was still frightened about a possessed puppet being in his house. Wouldn't you be afraid? Taken that you don't know it's intentions.

Adrian sat in his armchair, while the Puppet stood across the room, touching the decorations.

"What do you want now?" Adrian asked.

"Tell me, do you remember what happened today? When you came back for your keys?"

Adrian gulped.

"Yes...they were alive, like you."

"Good. And what did they say to you?"

"Uhhh...that I shouldn't tell anyone about them."

"Exactly. So what do you think I want from you?" The Puppet indirectly hinted what it wants.

"I have no idea." Adrian replied.

"Ughh...think, you retard! It's not that complicated." The Puppet rose it's voice.

"You want me to tell the people about them?"


Adrian was about to say something, but Puppet interrupted him.

"I know what you are thinking. Don't worry, they will never get you. And you will be rewarded. Don't think I'm a cheap scape."

And so, Adrian decided to first collect some evidence. He grabbed his camera and rushed to the car, while Puppet disappeared from his house."

Back at the pizzeria

Everyone was doing their thing. Goldy, Chi and Freddy were again using the TV from Stephan's office, and it was left unlocked for an unknown reason, so Bon and Toy Freddy also joined them. Bonnie and Chica were having a, sorta, 'romantic evening'. They were just sitting for a table and talking while a candle burned on the center. They weren't eating though.

Vixey was in the backstage room napping/sleeping, while Foxy was in her cove, looking around. Even though it was only one day for those 30 years, he was reminded how was it like to entertain children. More importantly, he knew what Stephan said. He could be performing again, and this time for real, along with his girlfriend Vixey.

Foxy then walked out of the cove and went to find Vixey. He knew where she was, so he went into the backstage room and saw her sleep, her face turned away from him.

He laid down next to her, watching if she will move. Only her deep breaths could be audible. Foxy then turned towards her, wrapped his hand around her and closed his eyes, trying to sleep. He liked to hear her breathe. That's because he knew that she was next to him. That calmed him down, helping him sleep.

Little did he know, Vixey was actually awake. She was listening and waiting to see what he would do. Once there was silence, Vixey waited for Foxy to fall asleep, while Foxy was doing so.

Soon, Foxy started to quietly snore, signaling that he is asleep. Vixey then turned around to face him and kept looking at him, smiling the whole time. She found his snoring and breathing extremely cute, to the point she almost squealed.

At one point, she couldn't take it, so she softly kissed him on the snout. This woke Foxy up. Before he could realize what happened, Vixey shut her eyes, pretending to sleep.

Foxy couldn't process, so he closed his eyes and went back to sleep. Vixey opened her eyes again, and tried the same thing again, but Foxy opened his left eye, that didn't have the eyepatch above it.

Vixey tried to pretend, but it was too late.

"What ye be tryin' ta do?" Foxy chuckled.

"I just couldn't hold myself. You are really cute when you sleep."

(A/N - Teh lemon (sorta) starts here. It's also the longest I have done. There ya go, ya naughty perverted people! (I'm1ofu ;)

Normally, Foxy wouldn't like to be called 'cute', but if it comes from Vixey, he loves it. This prompted him to return the kiss by wrapping his hands around her and pulling her in. They were kissing passionately for a couple of minutes, when Foxy started moving his hand onto her breasts. She almost didn't even notice. But then, Foxy rolled himself on top of her, without breaking the kiss.

At once, he moved down to her neck, kissing it and gently nibbling it. Vixey closed her eyes, and hugged Foxy close. She slid her one hand down to his pants, but Foxy stopped her.

"Hehe! Deja vu, huh?" She spoke in a tired voice, but she was far from being tired. Just like last time, except this time Foxy didn't allow her to do anything. He wanted to do all the work. He took her shirt off and went further down, now kissing her breasts, while she kissed him on the top of his head, and playing with the fuzz he had on his head.

Her breathing started to speed up, as he now started using his good hand to take off her pink three-quarters and used his fingers to stroke the outline of her vag through her panties.

Vixey's breathing intensified. Needless to say she enjoyed every second of Foxy's pleasuring.

In the meantime, Foxy moved further down, skipping her stomach and going for the thigh. He didn't spend that much time there.

"I be ready for ta dessert." He said. Foxy pulled down her panties, exposing her vagina to him. Foxy licked his lips and leaned down to lick her 'lips'. Once his tongue made contact, Vixey flinched. This was a new feeling for her, and at that moment she felt like she loved Foxy more than ever.

Foxy then used his hand to play with her clit, while he slowly inserted his tongue inside of her, causing her to moan. She felt like she was on fire, and Foxy's vibrating only put more fuel to it.

"Foxy, that is so good! Don't stop!" She almost screamed. And Foxy obeyed. He only intensified his actions, speeding up his finger that was swirling around her clit and moving his tongue inside of her.

Once he found the G-spot, she flinched again. Once he returned to it, she started moaning rapidly. After 20 seconds, he suddenly stopped and pulled his tongue out, much to Vixey's disappointment.

"Why, Foxy?" she asked while panting.

"Because yer gettin' the mast of me pirate's ship." he answered.

Foxy then took off his pants and boxers, revealing his erect cock. But he didn't do what Vixey was expecting him to. At least not yet. He crawled up to her and started kissing her. She kissed back, but needed the fire to be put out.

Foxy could feel her troubles, so he proceeded to insert his cock in her vag. Both of them moaned out at that. As Foxy started thrusting into her, Vixey pulled him in again for a kiss. They (mostly Vixey) moaned into eachothers' mouths.

"I love you so fucking much!" Vixey screamed.

"I love ye too!" Foxy replied.

From the intensity of thrusting the whole bed started shaking. Vixey was soon at the edge, she moaned one last time, as she released her fluids, coating her walls and Foxy's cock, some dripping out as well.

Foxy continued for a minute or so, and then pulled his cock out.

After a few more minutes of both of their panting, Vixey now rolled onto Foxy.

"Revenge is going to be sweet!" she said jokingly. She looked at his cock that was still covered in her fluids and stood up. Foxy was kinda disappointed.

"Why, lass?"

She didn't say a word, she just took out a piece of cloth and went back to him. She proceeded to wipe her fluids off of his cock, and Foxy found that interesting.

"Why ya doin' that? Don' like yer juice?" he asked. It was strange to him because when they first had sex, she had no problem swallowing his cum.

Once she wiped it clean, she took it in her mouth. Foxy soon forgot about that and enjoyed, as she swirled her tongue around the head, causing him to wrap his legs around her back, and moan quietly.

She bobbed her head rapidly up and down his shaft.

"Ayee! Keep goin' lass!" he said almost in calm voice, but that voice was camouflaged.

After intense pleasure, he was brought to the edge as well and came in her mouth, as she swallowed. There it is again! She almost seemed disgusted by her own fluids, but had no problem with his.

They laid on the bed for another few minutes, to take a breather.

Few minutes earlier...

Bonnie and Chica were talking about themselves when they heard squeaking coming from the backstage room.

"The hell is that?" Chica asked.

"I don't kn...wait. Foxy and Vixey are in there, right?"

Both of them smirked. "Ooooh!".

"Let's take a peek?" Bonnie suggested.

"They will see us. And it's not okay to invade their privacy."

"Ah come on, babe!" Bonnie was persistent. Chica agreed, because she was also curious. They opened the door slightly and were able to hear moans and even louder squeaking. They poked their heads and know what.

"I love you so fucking much!" Vixey screamed.

"I love ye too" Foxy replied.

Bonnie's and Chica's eyes widened and they quietly closed the door, feeling a little bad about invading on their privacy.

"That was kinda hot." Bonnie giggled.

"I have to agree, yeah. But i still feel bad."


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