Love Within the War

After the closing of their beloved home, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy find themselves in another pizzeria, where they meet their counterparts. Will the war continue until one side is conquered, or will they find a way to make peace? Rated M for later chapters.


13. Chapter 13

Pirate's (Kids) cove ~ one hour later

Foxy was sitting on the edge of the cove stage, his feet hanging just a few inches above the floor. He was worried about Vixey, but he was also worried about his unexpected performing again. He hasn't performed since 1987, 30 years! And that's what really bothered him. But the staff was surprised so much by Foxy's good condition, they would have never guessed that he was able to keep himself in a good condition.

It's almost like Foxy's mind was a battlefield in a war between his thoughts. On one side fought thoughts about Vixey, and on the other one, thoughts about performing. Soon the Vixey side won over when he thought about what Goldy said previously: "What if the puppet finds her?". Surely, the puppet had her and Foxy almost on it's fingertips. Just one more eye contact for both of them would be over. He got up and went back to the main dining area to find everyone sitting and crowd-talking. As he entered, everyone turned towards him and saw his dissatisfaction and sad expression. Before anyone could speak to him, he rose his good hand in the air as a sign not to say anything. They all stopped and he spoke:

"Goldy, I need ta talk ta ya, lad." and gestured him to come to the cove.

Goldy then stood up and followed Foxy to the cove. Once they were inside, Foxy was about to ask, but it's like Goldy read his mind:

"I know what you want to ask me, but I can't. I didn't really build a connection with her to be able to find her." Goldy was looking at Foxy compassionately, as Foxy lowered his ears in disappointment.

"Sorry ta bother ya, lad." said Foxy as he turned to go back to the stage. Then something clicked inside Goldy, and he had an idea.

"Foxy, wait. I thought of something, but I can only try it with your help." Foxy turned around, he had his hopes up. He nodded at Goldy, who gestured him to follow him. Goldy took him in front of the manager's office. Then he asked:

"Wanna go watch TV?" with a smile on his face. Foxy shook his head, he clearly wasn't in the mood for watching TV.

"But we are not going to watch TV. I want to test something." Foxy shrugged and accepted. As Goldy placed a hand on Foxy's shoulder, they started disappearing, and found themselves in the office.

"Test number one complete." Goldy stated.

"Wat in ta world are ya tryin' ta do?"

"Don't you worry about anything, you'll get it. Now I want you to think of any of our friends. When you do, I want you to keep concentrating on how they look like, and I will try the test number two."

Foxy then realized what Goldy was trying to do. He randomly thought of Chica. Once Foxy gave a nod, and Goldy placed a hand on his shoulder again, and they teleported into, right behind Chica, who was cleaning the kitchen counters while humming a song. She didn't notice them, until she turned around, and screamed out loud.

"Foxy? Goldy? I didn't hear you enter! Don't do that!" and she hit them with a rag that she was using to clean the counters. They both chuckled at her reaction, but realized what they could do. If Goldy was to concentrate on the person's thoughts (which he could also hear), he was able to let the other person pick a location of the teleport. They apologized to Chica and exited the kitchen. Goldy knew that Foxy wanted to go find Vixey immediately, so he didn't waste any time.

"You know the drill?" Goldy asked.

"Aye, let us go!" Foxy almost screamed in joy. Goldy chuckled and soon they disappeared from the pizzeria, and didn't reappear anywhere in the pizzeria. They found themselves in...well...

"It's dark as fuck here." Goldy commented.

"Find ta light switch." said Foxy, and they both turned on their night-vision, which was really poor, but enough to find a wall. They noticed something unusual, that was not the wall. Those were metallic shelves. They soon found a switch, and flicked it. When the light turned on, they found themselves in some kind of a garage. And it was pretty big. But they ignored it and started looking for the one they came for - Vixey. They saw her in a sitting position, leaned to a wall. Her arms were yanked loose pretty bad. She didn't seem to be able to move, she seemed to be deactivated. Foxy then knelt next to her trying to get a response.

"Vixey, me beauty, I'm here, lass." and he gently shook her. She didn't respond, she was indeed deactivated. Then they heard a door open, and panicked. Both of them looked for a place to hide, when they saw the same two engineers that brought Vixey out of the pizzeria.

"Better start working, or Stephan will eat us for breakfast." one of them could be heard.

"But the old one took over, so it's not all bad." the other then spoke.

Foxy and Goldy were standing behind some tires, but were completely visible. Lucky for them the engineers didn't turn around. They started working on Vixey, so the fox and the bear took the chance and teleported back to the pizzeria.

Once they were back at the pizzeria, Goldy started experiencing some issues again with his head, but recovered quickly. At least Foxy knew that puppet didn't come for Vixey, but seeing her deactivated and partially 'mangled' really bothered him. He couldn't do anything about that, he could only wait. He promised himself to dedicate a whole day to her when she comes back.

"I can't thank ye enough, Goldy." Foxy said.

"No need to thank me. I would always do it for any of you." Goldy smiled.

Then Chi ran towards them. "Where the hell were you two? I searched the whole pizzeria and you were gone?! I started thinking the puppet got you!"

"Whoa, slow down sweetheart, we were away for 10 minutes. Foxy, wanna come and hang out?"

"Nah, I don't feel like." Foxy said and left back to Pirate's (Kids) cove.

Bonnie, Bon-Bon and Toy Freddy now enjoyed playing cards, since both of the newbies learned how to play poker. Goldy and Chi decided to join them. Chi had some chances to learn how to play poker as well, though she still had a lot to learn, so Goldy had to guide her. They were practically playing like one person.

"Hmm, I bet 10 thousand." Bonnie made a first move. They were using monopoly money as betting money.

"I raise to 100 thousand." Bon-Bon raised.

"Ohohoo, seems like you got some good cards." Bonnie chuckled.

It was Toy Freddy's turn now. "I'm pretty confident, so I call."

Bonnie was surprised by their confidence. It was Goldy's turn: "Hmm...I fold. Bad cards are bad."

Then it was Chi's turn, so she asked Goldy to check her cards. His eyes widened at what he saw. Then he whispered something to her, and that's when she spoke:

"I raise to 200 thousand."

The other three: "What?! So it's all-in?"

Chi: "Yep!"

Bonnie thought that Goldy was trying to trick them into making Chi winning. He had to fold, since he had no way of winning with a one-pair of sevens.

Bon-Bon thought the same, so he decided to be cocky. "I call."

The others: "You too?"

Toy Freddy folded as well. He had a three of a kind with eights, but didn't want to risk.

So it was all-in between Bon-Bon and Chi. Then came the showdown. Bon-Bon turned his cards. He had a four of a kind with threes, which is pretty rare.

After that, Chi turned her cards, and Goldy was about to laugh out loud when he saw their faces. Their jaws seemed to drop to the ground! She had a royal flush in diamonds!"

Bon-Bon: "What!"

Chi won that game like a pro, even though she didn't even understand what she had in her hands. After things calmed down a little:

"Where is Freddy?" Goldy asked.

"I think he is backstage, taking a nap." Chi answered.

"Oh, well whenever he takes a nap, he falls asleep. I'll go check on him." and Goldy stood up from the table. When he reached the backstage door, he noticed that they were not closed. He peeked through and saw that Freddy wasn't asleep. He was laying on the bed with his eyes wide open. He seemed to look at the ceiling and had a...boner? Goldy suddenly broke the silence:

"Fantasizing?" he said jokingly.

Freddy jumped, obviously surprised by that. "Goldy? Why did you do that?"

"Well I was at the door already, so what should I have done?"

"Nevermind, leave me alone." Freddy said while turning his back to the door.

"What's bothering you, brother?"

"I...I don't...just go away."

Goldy wanted to talk to him, but decided to leave him alone, even though he knew why he was down.


The Puppet was located in a forest at a 10 minute drive from the pizzeria. It was practicing it's walking around the forest, since its legs were thin. It also tried practicing rapid teleporting, so that it could catch the animatronics off guard and take as many of them as it can to the next step of the reverse process of JoC (Joy of Creation). The puppet would become much stronger by reclaiming the souls of the animatronics. Its plan was to catch the two foxes off guard. They were its main target now. It was already dark, as the sun has already set.

As the puppet walked on its thin legs, it heard a wolf howling in the distance, so it decided to teleport to the wolf. When it did, the wolf looked at it in the eyes and started growling,snarling and barking at the puppet, clearly disturbed by it's presence. The puppet didn't even move. It just stood there with arms spread and with a creepy smile that it had to keep at all times. There was no sign of a pack, this wolf must be a loner. The wolf was intimidated, so it got into an attacking position. The puppet looked at the wolf and its eyes turned white. The wolf's eyes turned white as well, after looking at the puppet. The wolf stopped barking and snarling and just stood there, with no expression whatsoever. Puppet's eyes started glowing stronger and stronger, and that's when the wolf started whimpering loudly, almost like it was screaming in pain. The puppet's eyes then suddenly returned to normal, black, and the wolf was free. The wolf ran away, and the puppet mumbled:

"Another fail, damn it!"

Then suddenly it heard a voice:

"Practicing soul-stealing, aren't we?" the voice was deep and calm, and it sounded human. The puppet turned around, looking for the source of this voice, and it found it. There was someone standing next to a bigger birch tree.

"Who are you? How did you know what I was trying to do?" Puppet called out for the person. The 'person' slowly approached and the puppet could see how they looked like. The 'stranger' wore a black trench coat with a hood over their head. The face couldn't be seen, since the 'stranger' was wearing a mask that had a blueish-red 'T" on it.

"Well, I have my ways. And you? They call you Marty, if I am correct."

The Puppet was now starting to back away from the ever-approaching 'stranger'.

"Who are you and what do you want?" The puppet asked.

"My name? It's not important. What do I want? I look over special creatures, like you. You are the reason why I stopped by. You have a great potential for becoming a Dark Creature, however, you have to practice a lot, my friend. You almost remind me of someone that I know. Someone just like you."

"Wh...what is a 'Dark Creature'?"

"Well, aren't we curious? I cannot explain it to you, but if you master your powers, you might just discover yourself."

The puppet's vision was interrupted for a second, and after it cleared again, the 'stranger' was gone. Almost like he vaporized into the air, like he never even was there. The puppet looked around to make sure that it was alone, and then proceeded to practice again, however, it was left with so many questions.

Back at the pizzeria

Goldy was sitting at the table, thinking about his brother. He really wanted to do something for him. If Freddy was to continue acting this way, he would fall into a depression eventually. Only if he was able to perform for the kids, that wouldn't be the case, but Goldy knew that it was impossible.

Chi then approached him. She was watching him sit like that for 30 minutes.

"What makes you think so much that you just sit there and do nothing, honey?" Chi asked as she approached.

"Well, It's about Freddy. He has been really quiet lately. He barely even speaks to the others, and I'm afraid that he is falling into a depression."

"Do you know what is the cause?"

"I do. You see, I've known him my entire 'life', and I know that he can be a bit emotional at times. As you already know, he is prone to anger. I'm afraid that he is jealous now." Goldy explained.

"I know what you're talking about. I saw him myself, like when we watched TV with him."

The two just sat there for a few minutes, when an idea popped into Chi's mind, but she wasn't sure if she should tell Goldy.

"Hey, I have an idea, but you will probably disagree." He then grew curious:

"Tell me, sweetheart."

"Okay, but you will probably hate me for it." then she leaned and whispered something in his ear. He answered:

"You've done it again, Chi. Again with my ear...wait..." he then looked at her. "So you are suggesting a threesome with my brother?" Goldy was surprised.

Chi: "Well, not really...I just thought that we should relieve his depression a bit."

Goldy: "We?"

Chi: "I told you the idea was stupid." Chi was now afraid that Goldy would hate her.

Goldy: "No, I think that it's a good idea, only if you exclude 'we'. And no intercourse."

Chi:"Wait, so you agree?"

Goldy:"Yeah, but I trust that there is nothing between you and him, right?"

Chi: "Of course, It's gonna be like a...friend to friend...I guess. You two might be similar in appearance, but you are still my love. Your personalities are different, and that's another reason why you are special to me."

Goldy: "Freddy was right, we are a one strange couple. If it was someone else, I would have never allowed that, though. Freddy never betrayed me.'s gonna be really awkward."

That night ~ 1 AM

Everyone was now sleeping except for Goldy, Chi and Freddy. The pair somehow managed to keep Freddy from falling asleep. As Freddy was coming out of the kitchen with a glass of milk, he heard the two calling for him. They were in the backstage room, so he decided to see what they wanted. The light in the room was out. He stepped in with a groan:


Then the door closed behind him and the lights were on again. He saw both Goldy and Chi blocking the door.

"What did you want?"

Chi then approached him with a seductive look, and playfully pushed him on the bed. The glass was empty, so nothing spilled.

"What the fuck are you doing?" he asked, confused as hell.

"We are going to relieve your stress a little." Chi answered in a seductive tone.

"WE? What the fuck is going on here?"

"Don't worry, brother. I am not going to participate." Goldy answered.

"Goldy, you are okay with this?!"

"Don't worry about a thing, we will talk later." Goldy didn't answer his question, but it was obvious. Freddy was left dumbstruck by what happened next. Chi started pulling off Freddy's pants, while he was trying to process what was happening, and when he finally did, he was simply mind-numbed. He couldn't believe that Goldy was allowing that.

"Well, if you are allowing this, could you at least step out? Not trying to be offensive, bro." he was talking to Goldy.

"Of course not. It's my girlfriend we are talking about here. Now forget about everything and just relax." Goldy said rather jokingly.

(A/N - WARNING! Lemon starts here)

Chi finally pulled off Freddy's trousers, exposing his already fully erect member. Chi then leaned forward and licked it from the base to the tip, and Freddy started twitching from nervousness and a little pleasure, but that still didn't change the fact that it was awkward.

"Just relax, it's just a blowjob. Come on, brother." Goldy spoke and Freddy finally gave in.
She wrapped her tongue around his member and started pulling up and down and Freddy released a soft moan. After some teasing, she stopped to snap her beak off so that she would be able to have 'full access'. Then she continued with the teasing by licking and kissing, which made Freddy feel amazing, but the fact that Goldy was watching was another reason it was awkward.

As Chi snapped her beak, Goldy remembered when they had intercourse in manager's office, so he had an idea to how he could 'help'. As Chi was continuing with the teasing, Freddy didn't even notice that Goldy already approached to his head. When Freddy noticed, he looked at him in a 'WTF' way, but Goldy rose his hands, showing no intentions on doing anything 'unacceptable'. Goldy simply knelt next to the bed and started...whispering into Freddy's ears. Freddy finally stopped feeling awkward and decided to enjoy what was thrown at him that moment.

Meanwhile, Chi moved on. She finally took his member in her mouth and started bobbing her head slowly, and Goldy was additionally whispering into his ears, making it feel even more amazing. Freddy started breathing in and out faster and faster, as Chi started vibrating with her mouth.
Goldy didn't whisper anything seductive in his ears, because it was enough to just do it.

Chi was going really slow, not fast enough to bring Freddy to the edge, so he even started thrusting, but Chi stopped him by placing her hands on his hips and held him down. It was her game, and she liked to tease. Goldy then stopped whispering for a moment, but Freddy protested:

"Goldy, please. I know that this is awkward as fuck, but please continue. I beg of you!"

Goldy didn't expect for Freddy to react this way, considering he found it really awkward. Everyone did, to some degree. Goldy returned to whispering, but Chi was STILL teasing. Freddy then started begging Chi while moaning in pleasure:

"Speed up please, Chi! Oh my god!"

Unlike Goldy, Chi didn't listen. She continued going at it. She even used her hand to play with his balls. Then she released his member with a loud pop, and slowly moved upward. She took off her bib and exposed her breasts, but Freddy's eyes were closed. Goldy saw her taking it off and knew what she was going to do next. She then placed his member between her breasts and started pulling up and down. Freddy was twitching, moaning and panting like crazy. Goldy was still whispering, breathing and nibbling Freddy's ears.

It has been 30 minutes since they started, and Freddy felt like he was going to explode if they don't allow him to finish or if they don't make him finish. Goldy then gave a sign to Chi via telepathy to already finish him off. She did, as she started going faster and faster. She didn't want him to shoot in her mouth, so she finished him off with her breasts.

Freddy felt himself nearing the edge, and that's when he released a shot in the air, going above Chi's head and falling back onto his furry stomach. He was exploding with pleasure, as he violently exhaled. While that was happening, Goldy was already on the other side of the room. Lucky for Chi, she didn't get 'messy' so she picked up her bib and put it back on while Freddy was still recovering from what happened. Chi wiped her mouth as well from the saliva as well.

Then both Goldy and Chi left the room like they were ghosts, like they were never in the room to begin with.

(A/N - Lemon ends here)

After 10 minutes, Freddy was still laying on the bed, dumbstruck by what just happened, but he felt amazing. After recovering a little bit, he finally stood up and realized that he came all over his abdomenal area, so he took some paper towels and wiped it off of his fur. He put his trousers back on, and went off to find Goldy and Chi. As he entered the main dining area, he saw that everyone was asleep on the stage. He went into the kitchen and found Goldy and Chi there, talking and Goldy was helping her in putting the cleaned dishes back into place.

When Freddy entered, they turned to say hi. He then gave both of them a hug at the same time and stated:

"Thank you so much for that, you two. I really appreciated that, even though it came off as awkward. I appreciated your decision to do it despite the fact that you are in a relationship." he genuinely smiled. The two hugged back. When they parted, Freddy asked them:

"Though how did you even agree?"

Then they answered: "We don't know really." and then Goldy said:

"Brother, you are the only person I could allow something like that, since you are my brother, after all."

Freddy felt like Goldy was the best brother he could ever have.

"But who suggested it first?"

Then Chi slowly raised her hand: "Guilty..."

Then they continued laughing, but then they heard something in the main dining room. They heard a commotion going on, so they exited, to see in their horror, the puppet came back again. The puppet smiled and asked in an innocent tone:

"Missed me?"

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