Love Within the War

After the closing of their beloved home, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy find themselves in another pizzeria, where they meet their counterparts. Will the war continue until one side is conquered, or will they find a way to make peace? Rated M for later chapters.


12. Chapter 12

"Can I watch movies with you again?" Freddy asked, and also seemed to be irritated by something. But the two didn't notice it, as they were still naked from their previous "activities".

They immediately looked at eachother in the eyes.

Goldy: "Oh shit, try not to make any suspicious noise. What to tell him?"

Chi: "I don't know...and we leaked on the floor. Great!"

They both chuckled, and but just then they realized.

"Holy crap! We were just talking via telepathy!" Goldy realized.

"What? Really?" she whispered.

"Uhh, guys? Are you in there?" Freddy stood in front of the locked door, waiting for an answer.

"Yeah, we are here!" both of them sounded off at the same time.

"Well, can I come in?" he asked, seeming a little nervous.

"Uhh, well um...we will come out in a few minutes." Goldy sighed after the sentence.

"Okay, I'll wait for you." and he leaned on the door. Goldy and Chi were not satisfied by that. He could hear them. Goldy didn't see the point and spoke to her via telepathy again.

"You know, maybe we should confess to him. I don't think it will be that awkward. If you don't feel awkward of course. I don't, since he is my brother. Maybe it isn't good to hide it."

She replied: "Maybe, but you are forgetting that he is still alone, and you could see that he was jealous of us."

"Wait, so you would not feel awkward?"

"Not much. We hang out with him all the time. I even told you and him my secret, so..."

And they started dressing up, not even trying to be quiet about it. After doing what they needed to do, they teleported out where Freddy was waiting for them.

"What were you doing in there? Why did it take you so long?" Freddy asked. Chi and Goldy looked at each other and didn't know what to say.

"I...I'm gonna go and make something to eat." Chi was clearly uncomfortable, and Freddy noticed that. She then went to the kitchen. Freddy then asked:

"Seriously, what were those n..n.." and it clicked into Freddy's mind. "I'm sorry, brother." He had a clear expression of guilt.

"Sorry for what?" Goldy asked.

"Nothing...just forget it." Freddy felt awkward, but surprisingly, Goldy didn't seem to feel awkward.

"Oh, I see you figured it out. Yes, I'll be honest with you, brother, we did." It's like Goldy read Freddy's mind and answered the question without Freddy having to ask.

"Wow, and you have no problem with sharing that with me?"

"Well, if Chi wasn't okay with that, I would have had a problem."

"Chi is okay with that too? Wow, what kind of a couple are you?" Freddy sounded a little sarcastic.

"Well, we hang out a lot. You are my brother, and I wouldn't hide that from you. Unless Chi wanted me to, of course. And Chi is comfortable enough around you to allow that."

Freddy now grew a smirk on his face. "Okay, so you got laid, brother. Haha, I'm so happy for you. And I'm glad that you trust me enough to tell me that." Goldy then playfully punched Freddy on the shoulder, smiling. "Come on, brother, you don't need to rub it in."

"Sorry. Though I don't know what to do with me. All the chicks are taken haha."

Then Goldy thought of something interesting to ask.

"Freddy tell me, if all three chicks were single, who would you pick. Just a fun question, I won't get offended if you pick Chi." Goldy assured.

"Well, i don't know..."

"Come on, I would love to know!" Goldy pushed.

"Alright then, I owe you for what you've done at least. If all three chicks were single...Well, Chica is my good friend. I once had a crush on her, as you probably know, but that was because she was the only girl back then. I soon realized that and thought that I didn't REALLY have a crush on her. Vixey, she is kind of shy, but she's not my type. And she fits Foxy perfectly. Chi is really fun and I like her personality, and she is kind No offense there. So yeah, I would have chosen Chi..."

Goldy then smiled "Well, at least you are being honest. I'm glad to know that we think alike, huh?"

Freddy smiled back " hungry? Foxy and Vixey made lunch this time."

"They did? I am hungry, and sleepy. We haven't slept in 2 days, good chance to get some sleep today."

"Yeah, I didn't get any sleep either. And you know my pain, brother."

And they walked towards the others who were almost done eating. They found Chi with them too. Everyone greeted the two bears.

Chica: "Well, look who decided to show up. It's the two brothers. Wanna eat?"

Freddy and Goldy: "Sure!"

After they ate, everyone complained about how they were tired.

Bonnie: "I think I'm gonna take a nap."

Bon-Bon: "Me too."

Vixey: "Me three!"

Foxy: "Aye, I be tired too."

Everyone scattered around the place to take a nap. It was Bonnie and Chica's turn to sleep in the bed, so they immediately threw themselves onto the bed, cuddled and fell asleep. Everyone else found other places to take a nap. When they did, the pizzeria went silent. Occasionally a yawn, snore or purr could be heard. At one point, Bon-Bon got up, like he didn't want to sleep. He just sat in a chair and played with a fork and a knife. He felt unsettling for a strange reason. At one point, the knife fell onto the ground with a metal clang noise, which woke up Goldy and Chi, who were the most sensitive about noises. Chi asked in a sleepy voice:

"What's wrong, Bon-Bon?"

Bon-Bon seemed to be looking at a window, so the two turned towards where he was looking at. It was a window with...two red eyes staring at them. After that, the three developed red eyes as well.

Everything was quiet for the next 20 seconds, but then the three walked over to the others sleeping. Freddy was sleeping on the stage, and he felt a punch in the stomach, which made him jump into a sitting position. After he opened his eyes, he saw Goldy...and his eyes were blood-red.

"Shiiiit! Everyone wake up nooow!" Then Toy Freddy, Foxy and Vixey woke up, and that's when they saw the bear, the bunny and the chicken with red eyes.

"Foxy and Vixey, close your eyes right now! Puppet is around!" Toy Freddy commanded. Vixey did, but Foxy did not want to feel useless anymore.

"Naah, I show dat puppet scallywag not ta mess wit us."

"Foxy, no!" Vixey screamed, as Foxy ran straight towards Bon-Bon and ponced on him, pinning him to the ground. Bon-Bon's eyes returned to normal after hitting his head on the ground.

"One down, two ta go!" Foxy exclaimed as he got off Bon-Bon and went for Chi. Freddy and Toy Freddy faced Goldy. So far, it looked like he had to receive a blow to the head to return back to normal. Both of them did their best, but Goldy was managing to avoid them. In the meantime, Foxy was struggling a bit with Chi. He tried to be as gentle as possible, though a blow to the head was necessary, so he slapped the back of her head before she snapped out of it. Goldy was holding good, until Foxy came from behind and did the same, snapping Goldy out of it.

"What happened?" the three asked.

"You got possessed by the puppet. It brought you to step one. Now it's not good!" Freddy was worried.

"And the usual simptom is amnesia, since I can't remember seeing it." Chi added.

"Oh well, it's here. Now we can't sleep. Wake up Bonnie and Chica. No more sleeping for us." Freddy commanded, and Vixey ran into the backstage room to wake up Bonnie and Chica. After that they were all in the dining room.

"Keep your eyes open, but not too open! We seriously need to whoop the puppet's ass." Goldy said, irritated. "Puppet! Come out right now! We are sick of your bullshit!"

And the puppet actually appeared on the other side of the room.

"Ahh, so nice to see my children in a group again. Sure brings back a lot of good memories."

Everyone looked away. It was now crucial for Foxy and Vixey not to look at it in the eyes.

"Oh, but my eyes are beautiful, why don't you wanna look at them?" Puppet asked in a disappointed tone.

"Go inhale a dong, puppet!" Freddy was offensive.

"I see that you are still little children. Little inexperienced children. How sad..."

Goldy, Freddy and Bon-Bon were the first to make a move towards the puppet.

"Oh no, they are coming to get me, i'm so scared!" Puppet was being sarcastic. After they ran to the puppet, it teleported out of the way. It appeared right behind Foxy and Vixey. It whispered into their ears, but luckily, they didn't turn around, instead, they swung both of their hands and hit the puppet. But then something happened. Foxy and Vixey started screaming, it seemed, in agony, once they made contact with the puppet. After that they fell on the ground. Everyone gasped, as Goldy quickly teleported behind the puppet and grabbed it by it's neck. Just as he was about to squeeze it, it teleported. Foxy and Vixey laid unconscious on the floor, as there was no sign of the puppet appearing again. Everyone gathered around the two foxes, now even not caring if the puppet was going to appear.

Chica: "No, this is not possible! Was that the third?"

Bonnie: "There is no way!"

Bon-Bon: "Foxy, Vixey! Answer us!"

There was no movement at all. They all gathered and started crying and mourning over them, as the puppet approached from behind.

"Well, well, seems that your friends are gone! What a shame. Now will you look at me in the eyes and end your suffering? There is nothing more you can do for them. You kill me, you kill them. At least you can let their souls live inside of me again. So step aside!"

The animatronics were absolutely broke from what happened, they didn't even try to stop the puppet. Then suddenly, Foxy and Vixey jumped and attacked the puppet, not looking at it's eyes. The puppet didn't seem surprised at all, so it teleported away. Everyone was shocked at what they saw. Everyone were crying up to that point. EVERYONE. When Foxy and Vixey jumped, it was arguably the happiest moment in their lives. Then the puppet spoke:

"Of course I didn't get hold of your souls. At least I managed to reconnect with those three." The puppet smiled, pointing and Goldy, Chi and Bon-Bon. The puppet teleported again, this time it didn't reappear.

Everyone's tears of sorrow turned into tears of joy when they saw that the two foxes were okay. After a lot of expressions, they asked the two foxes what did they feel happen when they made contact with the puppet. They both said that they don't know, but they said that it wasn't anything bad.

Goldy: "So, me, Chi and Bon-Bon have now been brought to the first step. We have to figure out how to stop the puppet from teleporting, or at least for me to catch up with it."

Foxy: "Yer in da club now. How'd ya feel?"

Bon-Bon: "Foxy, it's not funny. It's completely opposite of funny. It's sad."

The next morning, 6AM

Stephan came on time as usual, and was waiting for the new furniture to arrive. After awhile, a truck arrived, with everything Stephan ordered. Along with the truck came a car, and in the car there were 4 people. Mike joined them after his shift ended. Soon, they brought everything into the pizzeria and started working. There were two others that didn't work on fixing the place. The two guys were here to check the animatronics. First they were checking the toy band, and that's when Stephan finally noticed:

"Hey, where's the marionette? What the...? Mike!"

Mike came almost running. "Yes?"

"Where is the marionette? Was that stolen two nights ago?"

Mike replied: "I don't know. Probably."

"Makes sense. It has expensive robotics and it's easy to pick up. Damn it!"

In the meantime, Vixey was still alone in her cove. She heard someone saying something about the puppet, so she tried to approach to listen, but she tripped and fell onto the ground. She tried to stop herself with her hands, but the suit on both of her arms broke off and left her endoskeleton arms visible. She was in pain, but didn't yell, as the engineers ran into the Kids cove to find Vixey on the ground with her arms snapped.

"Crap. How the hell did this happen?"

"No idea. What about her now? Last time she had overheating. This time her arms broke off. I'll call Mr. Stevens."

And the engineer went to the manager's office again.

"Uh, sir...there has been another problem with the vixen."

Stephan groaned. "What now?"

"Well, her arms broke and snapped off. Her endoskeleton is showing. It appears that she damaged her endoskeleton as well. This is going to take a lot more than a few hours to repair."

"Okay, so how much time do you need for repair?"

"Maybe a week or two. I can't work on it 24/7."

Stephan was very annoyed by the stuff that happened. He didn't really want to trust the guards anymore.

"Okay, but what am I gonna do with her spot for a whole week?" And that's when it snapped. "Wait. Before you start working on the vixen, I have another proposition for you."

And so he took the engineer to the parts/service room. "So, here's Foxy from the previous location. Can you please do a check-up on him too? Tell me if he could perform. That is if we patch him up a bit."

So the engineer examined Foxy's endoskeleton and concluded that the endoskeleton is in good condition. "He should be able to work." As the engineer went to look for a switch, he found that the switch was already 'ON'.

"Uhh, sir? The animatronic is already activated." The engineer informed.

Foxy and the others were listening to this, and were really scared. Foxy had no choice but to start moving.

"Yarr, me mateys! It's me, Foxy ta Pirate!"

The engineer smiled. "And his voice box is in a good condition. This animatronic is pretty damn ready for performance. We just need to patch up his legs and feet. I think there are more of the spare parts of the suit. Then Stephan walked over to a wall of boxes that was kept in the room and searched through one, and sure enough, he found a spare Foxy suit...two of them.

"Well, once we finish this, Foxy will be ready for a performance."

Foxy and the others were listening carefully and were confused as hell as to why would they need Foxy to perform. And then they remembered Vixey. Did something happen to her? Foxy immediately started walking towards the main hallway, robotic walk of course. He wanted to see if Vixey was okay. The other two immediately stopped him and dragged him back to the parts/service. Foxy couldn't really do anything. He had to sit in parts/service. They called another guy that had finished working on setting up the tables and chairs, and with his help they were able to replace and cover his bare endoskeleton legs and feet in about an hour.

Soon, Foxy looked as good as new...or good enough to perform. They took out some pirate decorations and redecorated the kids cove a little bit. They wheeled Vixey out of the kids cove at the same time they wheeled Foxy in. They both looked at eachother. Foxy was really upset when he saw that Vixey broke her arms. Vixey was surprised they were bringing Foxy in Kids cove. And she realized that he is going to be replacing her. The toy band was also watching everything that was going on, and couldn't believe it. They were happy for Foxy, but they were really sad for Vixey. Soon, they repaired everything and left the pizzeria along with Vixey around 1 PM. The pizzeria looked as good as new, but it wasn't really a happy atmosphere for the animatronics. Foxy was now located in Kids cove. Everyone finally moved from their spots and the originals came through the hallway and into the dining area. They met the toy band, and everyone headed towards the Kids cove, where they found Foxy.

Goldy: "What the hell happened to Vixey?"

Toy Freddy: "If I heard correctly, she has some endoskeleton problems."

Chi: "She won't be back in another week, as they said. What are we gonna do?"

Goldy: "That's not the worst part. What if the puppet finds her?"

Even though Foxy wanted to perform again for the kids really badly, he was not happy at all.

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