Love Within the War

After the closing of their beloved home, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy find themselves in another pizzeria, where they meet their counterparts. Will the war continue until one side is conquered, or will they find a way to make peace? Rated M for later chapters.


10. Chapter 10

"Oh shit, get another one! Look away everyone!"

The puppet's eyes turned red as it turned to look at Foxy.

Vixey looked away, but Foxy was still staring at the puppet with his hook up. He didn't have time to look away, before the puppet possessed his body again. The others didn't notice this. Chi ran into the kitchen and brought another table cloth, but the puppet already retreated into it's box. Everything was deadly silent after that. Then, in their horror, they heard the puppet whisper in a demonic voice: "Success!" When the animatronics looked, the puppet was not outside of the box anymore.

"Plan failed! Shit! We can't risk it anymore. Everyone, away from the prize corner!" Goldy commanded.

Everyone was soon back at the dining area. Bonnie asked:

"Guys, did you hear that? I think the puppet said 'Success' or something."

Chica: "I heard it! It was so creepy."

Goldy: "We never heard it speak before. What did it mean by 'Success'?"

Chi: "It sounded bad, like it accomplished something..."

Everyone: "What?"

Chi: "Oh no...anyone of you possessed?"

Bon-Bon: "Not me!"

Toy Freddy: "Me neither.

Vixey: "Nuh-uh."

Goldy: "I looked away. Please, did everyone look away?"

Everyone except Foxy: "Yes!"

Then they turned to Foxy. His eyes were normal, but he wasn't concentrating on what they were saying.

Goldy: "Foxy? Did you look away?"

Vixey: "He did. What's wrong, Foxy?"

Foxy then violently jumped from his chair, hitting the table with his hook and smashing through it. Everyone jumped back from their chairs. Foxy's eyes were red.

Freddy: "Foxy, no! He got possessed again!"

Vixey: "No! That's not possible! He looked away!"

Goldy: "Everyone, stay away from him! I don't think I'll be able to slow him down myself. I need your help."

Foxy snarled at them, with his fur spiked up.

Goldy: "Foxy! Try to fight it! It's controling you!"

Foxy started running towards the others. All the other guys in the group, Goldy, Freddy, Bonnie, Bon-Bon and Toy Freddy, stepped forward, in an attempt to hold him down. They surrounded him. Foxy stood still, only moving his eyes, waiting for one of them to make a move. As always, Goldy made the first move, as he stepped towards Foxy. Foxy then turned to him and charged. Goldy and Foxy found themselves pushing eachother in the opposite directions, like with Vixey.

But Foxy was much stronger than Vixey was, and Goldy knew it. He called for the others:

"Guys, help me! I can't hold him any...aaah!"

Goldy flew back into the wall.

ChiChi gasped and ran over to Goldy:

"Goldy! Honey, no! You ok?"

The other four charged at Foxy, with Vixey also joining them from behind.

All four of them jumped at Foxy, pinning him to the ground. Four was a little too much for Foxy, but he still tried to push them off. Vixey ran over to him, and he snapped at her.

"Foxy, this is not you! Don't listen to it! Listen to my voice!"

Foxy was still trying to free himself.

"Vixey, get away from him! He's gonna bite you!" Bonnie shouted.

Foxy managed to free his good hand, and he swung it towards Bonnie and punched him in the face. Bonnie released Foxy, now holding his face. Foxy didn't use full power, but it was enough.

He was able to get the other three off of him now and rolled out of the way. Next, he started approaching Vixey, still snarling at her.

"Foxy! It's me, Vixey!"

He didn't stop. She cowered, preparing to get slashed. Foxy then stopped. He looked at her, and simply turned around, like he didn't want to harm her. When he did, he was faced with a chair on his snout. It was Goldy.

"Sorry, Foxy. I had to."

Foxy fell on the ground, but still didn't pass out. He was surrounded again, this time by all 8 animatronics. They all jumped at him, except for Vixey. This time they were gonna keep him on the ground. They managed to trap his hook hand, which was causing the most damage.

"Let me go, ya scallywags!" he shouted.

He managed to bite Chica's hand and pull. She yelled in pain.

Goldy then hit him on the snout, prompting him to release her hand. Her hand was pulled out a little.

Foxy continued to struggle, but he finally showed signs of exhaustion. Like Vixey, using this much energy was too much. Puppet drained everything it could from him.

He struggled with less and less energy, until he finally stopped struggling and relaxed completely.

"He's out! Now he must sleep."

While the others were carrying him to the bed, Bonnie rushed to Chica.

"Chica, my love. How is your hand?"

"It's good, it's just a little pulled. Minor damage, it can be fi-ouch!"

"Well, I'll see what I can do to fix it." Bonnie spoke like an expert.

Mike then suddenly entered the room.

"What the fuck is going on here? I looked at the cameras and saw you guys beating Foxy up. Why did you do that?"

Bonnie answered: "Oh...we were playing a game we call "Escape". The others must hold you down, and you must free yourself. It was Foxy's turn, but he's tired now, so he's gonna go sleep."

Mike looked at him weirdly.

"Don't lie to me! I saw exactly what was happening."

Bonnie and Chica didn't wanna tell Mike about the puppet, so they shoved him back through the door and closed the door.

"What the fuck? Let me out! What are you doing?"

Then Chica replied:

"We will let you out when your shift is over. Now go."

Mike then went back to the office and, finally, started watching the cameras.

Meanwhile, the others placed Foxy on the bed and let him sleep. Of course, Vixey stayed with him.

Everyone went out of the room.

"Success? What did the puppet succeed in doing? Possessing Foxy?" asked Goldy

Bon-Bon: "I am afraid that it might be more than that."

Chi: "It possessed both of them twice."

Then, they heard noise coming from the prize corner. Everyone turned towards the prize corner, and saw...The Puppet! It came out of it's box! No strings attached to it anymore. It was crawling towards them.

Bonnie: "Look away everyone!"

Toy Freddy: "Holy shit! How'd it get out on it's own?!"

They were mortified when they saw the puppet. The puppet stood up on it's thin legs and spoke:

"Hello! I'm so glad that I can talk to my children again."

They were confused, though still looking away.

"What children are you talking about?" Goldy asked.

"You!" The puppet chuckled.

Freddy: "What the hell?"

Bonnie: "We are not your children! What are you shitting about?"

Marionette then teleported to where Bonnie was looking at, but Bonnie managed to cover his eyes with his hand in time.

"Wow, you are fast, buddy. You got really fast." Puppet chuckled again.

"You can teleport?! What the hell?" Goldy was stunned.

The puppet then teleported next to Goldy.

"That's right, and so can you. What do you think, who gave you that ability?"

"Nobody! I was able to do that ever since I was activated." Goldy now closed his eyes, in case it tried something.

" you know what happened before you got activated?" Puppet answered in a sinister tone.

"No, the...who the hell are you, anyway?!"

"I'm the one who gave you life! Did you seriously think that an animatronic could do everything an organic creature could, without pulling some strings a bit, of course?" The puppet still had a sinister, but serious tone as well.

"What do you want from us?" Goldy asked.

"I just want you to give me your lives back."

Everyone was confused, but some of them were skeptical about it. Like Bon-Bon.

"Wait, then how did you give US lives?" referring to him and the other Toy animatronics. The puppet smiled.

"I arrived at this place before you were activated. Then, I passed the Joy of Creation onto you too."

"The Joy of Creation?" Everyone voiced at the same time.

"And why do you want our lives now?" Bon-Bon asked.

"Okay, I'll tell you. You guys are useless! I tried making something out of the original five, but I couldn't. I decided that it was a waste of the Joy of Creation, but I couldn't reach you again to take it all back. When I arrived at this place, I knew that the five originals would be here. I gave the joy of creation to the new ones so that I could try and get you! I wasn't able to control you at all, but you still fought a nasty battle. Then those two foxy lovebirds brought peace between you. Do you get it now?!"

The animatronics tried to process what the puppet said.

"Now look me in the eyes!" It screamed. Of course, nobody was looking at it.

"Go to hell, puppet!". Freddy yelled.

Puppet was not amused. "Very well, more time for them..." and it went for the backstage room.

"Shit! Everybody, stop the puppet!" Goldy commanded.

"Oh, but why? Allow me to take a look at your friends just one more time. Then I will leave you alone."

"NO!" Everybody screamed as they ran towards the puppet, not looking at it's eyes.

The puppet teleported out of the way and into the room. Goldy saw this and teleported right after the puppet. The puppet appeared inside the backstage room, where Foxy was sleeping unconscious, and Vixey was watching over him. Then, all the animatronics rushed into the room. Vixey was about to look at the puppet, but Goldy teleported in the way and blocked the view with his body.

The whole room was now crowded with animatronics trying to get the puppet. But the puppet managed to teleport away. It's only defense was it's eyes. Vixey was surprised when she caught a glimpse of the puppet.

"What the hell is that thing doing out of the box?!" She screamed.

"Vixey! Close your eyes now! Don't open them under any circumstances! Cover Foxy's eyes too! We will tell you when it's safe." ChiChi told her.

Vixey obeyed, as she quickly closed her eyes and covered Foxy's eyes with her hand. The puppet teleported back into the dining area, and Goldy followed.

"You got quite good with that teleporting ability, my friend. A reason to take you out first!"

Then everybody rushed back out. The puppet saw that it couldn't continue this way.

"I'll give you a breather...for now..." and it teleported again. This time, it didn't reappear anywhere in the pizzeria. Everyone waited for it to reappear, but even after 10 minutes, it didn't appear.

Goldy: "Great, now we have a puppet on the loose."

Vixey: "What the hell happened here? How did the puppet get out?"

Chi: "I don't know, but it told us something surprising. Vix, you and Foxy need to be extremely careful. From what I understood, if it looks at you again, it will take away...what did it say...

Freddy: "The Joy of Creation. That's what it said."

Chica: "What's the meaning of that?"

Bonnie: "Somehow, it is associated with our 'lives', as I could understand."

Toy Freddy: "What do you say we search for the meaning?"

Bon-Bon: "How are we gonna do that?"

Then they had an idea.

"Mike!" both Goldy and Freddy got the idea.

Bonnie: "But then we would have to tell him everything."

Goldy: "Well, then...let's not waste time."

And the animatronics opened the door and went off to find Mike. When Mike saw all of them coming, he got surprised. They couldn't all fit inside of the office, so only Goldy, Freddy and Vixey entered, while the others went back.

"Hi, Mike. We need to ask you to do something for us."

Mike looked like he was expecting them.

"Okay, but first, I need to show you something, Goldy."

Goldy rose an eyebrow.

"What do you wanna show me?"

Mike then pushed a button on a recorder, and a recording started playing with a 'beep'.

"Uhh, hello? Hello, hello? Hey Mike, it's me, Adrian. I know I didn't leave you any recordings earlier, but I just had to give you a heads up. I was working today, and everything was normal. You might think I'm crazy, but I have to tell you. So, I was working, and then I saw an animatronic down the hallway. It looked like a bear, but it was yellow in color. It seemed to teleport around. I doubt that i was hallucinating, because I saw it through the camera in a party room. This really freaked me out, man. Stephan did tell me that there were some old animatronics in the Parts and service, but he didn't believe me. Maybe you could keep an eye on the Parts/Service. I'll try to talk to Stephan to build in a camera in there. If you notice something weird going's much more scarier at night. I don't know what you could do. Anyway, I'll talk to you tomorrow. Please, tell me if you see something like I did. See ya tomorrow, man."

And the recording stopped with a 'beep'. Goldy's jaw dropped.

"Oh and by the way, I saw that puppet thing moving as well. What was all that about?" Mike crossed his hands.

"Well, then..." and the three proceeded to tell him the story.

Mike wasn't as surprised as they thought he would be.

"Heh, with you guys being 'alive', nothing can surprise me anymore." he smiled.

"So, we wanted to see if you can help us by searching for the meaning of 'Joy of Creation'. Could you do that for us?" Goldy politely asked.

Mike then smiled and answered:

"Sure, I can look right now." and he got his laptop again. He went on Google and typed 'Joy of Creation', and a page from Wikipedia popped up. (A/N - Yes, Google and Wikipedia. It's nothing weird, since the story takes place in 2017, if ya didn't know.)

He opened Wikipedia.

"Here we go, now let's see what you're into, guys." Mike said and started reading.

"The Joy of Creation is a mythical power that people believed to be able to allow one to transfer a part of it's soul into an object, supposedly giving it life. In the process, the part of the soul would begin to change or reshape, creating a unique creature, though still sharing some characteristics with the donor. Even with the scriptures that were found from the ancient times, it is still not clear how the rituals were supposed to occur. For now, it's a mystery. The myth originated when an old man tried to revive his wife, and ended with giving her a part of his soul via the Joy of Creation. Though the existence of the man and his wife is not confirmed. No real evidence was found for this power, therefore, it's a myth."


They skipped through the uninteresting and unimportant parts, and then came to another sentence.


"It is believed that the donor, and only the donor, could take the part of the soul back from the object. However, once that happens, the object cannot be given life again, and will stay forever lifeless. This part was somewhat described from the scriptures in four steps:

1. The connection of the souls through possession;

2. Gaining full connection between the now-different souls;

3. Gaining full control over the both the object and the soul;

4. Re-absorption of the soul into the donor.


Unless step three is achieved, the object still lives independent of the donor. Once step three is achieved, if the donor dies, the object will also die."

Goldy, Freddy and Vixey were listening to all this, and their eyes widened.

"So...if Foxy and I look at the puppet one more time, it will be over for us..." Vixey sighed in sadness.

"It seems. Now you two must be extremely careful. Me, Freddy and the others will do everything we can to protect you." Goldy tried to comfort her.

"But you guys are also in danger." Vixey now started sobbing.

"But you and Foxy are in the most critical situation. We can afford being brought to step one, if you are not gonna get to step three." Goldy continued.

Vixey now shoved her face into Goldy's chest, crying. Goldy gave her a comforting hug.

"Hey, don't worry. You go off to see Foxy now. Maybe he woke up."

"Okay. Thank you, Goldy. And I'm sorry for attacking you before." She then turned to exit the office.

"Hey, no problem. It was not you." He continued comforting her.

She disappeared into the darkness of the hallway. Freddy and Mike were still reading the Wikipedia.

"So, until step three, if the donor dies, the object will continue to live. That means that we have to kill the puppet before it gets Vixey or Foxy, or any of us to step three." Freddy concluded.

Goldy and Freddy now turned to exit the office, a bit depressed.

"Thanks, Mike." both of them thanked him at the same time.

"No problem! And be careful, please!" Mike answered.

Vixey made it back to the backstage room, and Foxy was now waking up. He was yawning and stretching before opening his eyes and seeing Vixey looking at him.

"Wat ya be doin' ther', lassie?"

Vixey then ran to him and gave him a hug, while crying on his shoulder.

"I cannot imagine a world without you, Foxy." she cried.

"Aye, wat happen'd, Vixey?" he asked her, curious as to why she was crying.

"You got possessed again." She told him.

"Aye? Wat did i do? Ya okay?" He asked, already worried if he hurt her or someone else.

"I'm fine, though you should go and see Chica..."

"Chica?" he yelled.

The others were back in the dining area, when Foxy ran out to see what he did to Chica. He was happy when he saw that she was fine.

"Chica, wat did I do ta ya?"

She turned to look at him.

"Oh, hi Foxy. I'm fine, nothing serious. Bonnie already fixed my hand, so nothing to worry about." she answered with a smile.

When he saw that everyone else was fine, he sighed in relief. Goldy and Freddy asked for attention from everybody, and started telling them the bad news. After they finished telling them, Foxy and Vixey felt the worst. They started hugging and crying. Both of them.

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