Draco vs Merlin vs Winn

~Sequel to The Magic of Merlin~

After Oliver died Taylor didn't know what to do, she couldn't think straight, she was crying her eyes out. Ollie was the only family Taylor had left and now he's been taken from her.

What will Taylor do? Will she go back to school and be with her friends? Will Merlin come looking for her or will he go back to Camelot?

What if Taylor found out about Draco and Kara and went to National City for a few days and met Winn? What will happen? Between Winn and Draco, who will she choose?

(All Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling)


14. National City

Taylor's POV

I woke up the next morning and got ready for the day. I didn't go to any of my classes and didn't tell anyone where I was going.

I was packing for my long journey ahead when Kara came in. "Hey Taylor, you wanna show me around." She said. Then she saw clothes everywhere and my suitcase open. "I can't. I have a bunch of homework to do. Have Draco do it. He'd love it." I said. "Where are you going?" Kara asked. I held back my tears the best I could. "To visit my grandma" I lied. "Where does she live?" She asked. "Miami" I lied again. "I hope you have fun" Kara smiled. "Thanks" I said. Everything was packed and I walked out of my dormitory and down to the common room with Kara on my tail.

"Kara. Can you stop following me!" I yelled. "What's with the attitude Taylor?" Kara asked. "I'm not in the mood." I spat. We were arguing until Draco came in and saw us. "What's going on here?" He asked. "Nothing I was just leaving" I said and walked out the door.

Draco's POV

I got up and got ready for school and came down to the common room then left to go to breakfast.

I came back because I forgot my books when I saw Taylor and Dani arguing. I broke it up and asked, "What is going on here?" "Nothing I was just leaving" Taylor said and stormed out of the common room.

"What is with her?" Dani asked me. "Ever since Merlin came she's been acting strange." I replied. "I know the story so no need to explain." Dani said. "Ok you coming?" I asked. "Where?" Dani asked. I laughed and said, "To breakfast. I can show you around if you want." "That would be great!" Dani said. We walked out of the common room and headed to the great hall for breakfast.

Harry's POV

I was sitting with Ginny, Hermione and Ron during breakfast and we were talking. I was looking around for Taylor but I didn't see her. I saw that kid who was sorted last night at the Hufflepuff table and Draco and another girl walk in and sit at the Slytherin table.

I wanted to go over and talk to Draco about Taylor but decided against it bc I had to go to class. I will definitely talk to him later tho.

Gryfinndors had class with the Hufflepuffs and it was the same as always but everyone was asking where Taylor was especially the Merlin kid and the kid from the hospital wing. Ginny, Ron Hermione, and I were like what ever bc we've known that Taylor would come back. But it seems like this time would be different.

Taylor's POV

I flew over to National City to tell Jimmy and Winn the news. I got to Catco and saw they were working. I flew up to the roof, changed out of my robe into regular clothes and flew to the entrance. I walked in and Winn was working at his desk when he saw me. "Taylor!" He ran into my arms and wrapped me in a tight hug. "Hello to you too Winn" I chuckled. "How've you been? I haven't seen you in forever!" Winn exclaimed. "I've been good hbu" I replied. We talked for a while until Jimmy saw us. He walked up and hugged me as well and we talked.

Jimmy's POV

"So Taylor what are you doing in National City?" I asked. "I wanted to visit you guys of course" Taylor replied. "That's great! How long are you staying?" Winn asked. "As long as you guys want me to stay." "Even better" Winn and I said together. Taylor laughed. "Well I better get going I had a long flight." Taylor said getting her things.

"Here let me get that for you" Winn offered. "Winn you don't have to I got it." Taylor said. "But I want too" Winn smiled grabbing her suitcase and walked towards the elevator. We said bye to each other and she caught up to Winn and left.

Winn's POV

Taylor and I headed down the elevator and walked out to the parking lot. We got in my car and drove to my apartment. "So Taylor are you going to school?" I asked. She nodded. "Where?" I asked. "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry" She replied. "Nice! I said. "Yea I'll show you what I can do." She said. "That would awesome!" I said excitedly.

We rolled up on front of my apartment complex and got out. I helped Taylor with her suitcase and we walked in and up to my room. We walked in and I set Taylor's suitcase down and we relaxed.

"I wish I could stay in National City" Taylor sighed "Why is that?" I asked. Taylor turned away and started tearing up. "Bc there's so much stuff going on at school and I can't handle it." She said. "I hope everything turns out ok" I said. "It will I just need time away that's all" Taylor said. I hugged her and it became quiet.

Taylor's POV

Winn and I were hugging which reminded me of Draco. I let go and said, "I feel a lot better thanks Winn" I smiled. "No problem" Winn smiled back. "Now are you ready to have your mind blown!?" I exclaimed. "Show me" "Alright. Well I can't do magic outside of Hogwarts but I have something in store that's way cooler." I said. "What is it?" Whin asked. "What's what?" I transformed into Winn." "Woah! How'd you do that?" Winn asked. I changed back into myself. "I'm a shapeshifter" I said. "That's cool!" Winn said. He had me turn in to so many things I lost count.

Then the door opened and it was Jimmy. "What's going on here?" He asked. I turned back into myself and sat down. "Hey Jimmy. Taylor was just showing me what she can do. It's pretty amazing." Winn said. "Nice!" Jimmy said. As they were talking, I took my phone out and looked at pictures of Draco and I. I still couldn't believe what happened. "Taylor what's wrong?" Jimmy asked. "Guys I need to tell you something." I replied.

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