Draco vs Merlin vs Winn

~Sequel to The Magic of Merlin~

After Oliver died Taylor didn't know what to do, she couldn't think straight, she was crying her eyes out. Ollie was the only family Taylor had left and now he's been taken from her.

What will Taylor do? Will she go back to school and be with her friends? Will Merlin come looking for her or will he go back to Camelot?

What if Taylor found out about Draco and Kara and went to National City for a few days and met Winn? What will happen? Between Winn and Draco, who will she choose?

(All Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling)


13. Kara

Taylor's POV

I stormed out of the great hall because I couldn't stand seeing Merlin. I was so pissed off that I hit a wall. I couldn't believe Merlin was here. I had to tell someone and the only person that came to mind was Kara.

Let me tell you a little bit about Kara. She has a huge secret that only a few friends of hers know about. None of my friends know about her which is good bc they would make fun of me for being friends with an alien. Kara and I have been friends for a few years now and it's great! We met at an interview for Catco magazine and we've been friends ever since.

Anyway, I was furious so I walked out to the forbidden forest and called Kara.

Kara's POV

Hey I'm Kara, I'm from the planet Krypton and I have a huge secret that only a few close friends know about. I've known Taylor for a few years and we are the best of friends. We have each other's back. We met at an interview for Catco a few years back.

I've saved Taylor a few times as well but what are friends for.

Anyway, I was flying around National City when I heard my name being called. I zoomed over to where the noise was and found Taylor in some woods.

"Taylor what's wrong!" I exclaimed. "I'm going to kill him." She said angrily. "Who?" I asked. "My ex. He's back and wants to take me back to Camelot." She replied. "Why?" I asked. "You don't know do you. Let me start from the beginning." She explained the story. There was crying and hugging involved. "Tay I'm so sorry. If you need me to do anything I'm here for you." I said. "Thanks Kara" Taylor smiled. We hugged for a while then I had to get home.

Taylor's POV

It was getting late I knew I should get back. Kara was about to leave as well. "Kara" I said. She turned around. "Yea Taylor" she replied. "You can stay a few days if you want you know to help me with this situation" I offered. "What are friends for" Kara replied.

We walked back to school ground catching up. Kara told me everything she went through and how her and James became a item. "It seems like you have a lot on your plate Kara and you guys are cute together." I said. "Thanks Taylor" Kara smiled. She looked around Hogwarts and was astonished at how big it was. "Taylor I can't believe you go here. It's huge" she said. "Well it is a castle" I laughed. "I bet you have amazing teachers and friends." Kara said. "I sure do" I smiled.

We came to the bridge entrance and found Professor Snape waiting for us. "Miss Queen, what are you doing out of bed at this hour? You know the rules." Snape said. I looked around trying to think of an answer until Kara stepped in. She was wearing normal clothes.

"Sir, Taylor was with me" Kara said. "And who are you?" He asked. "Kara Danvers. I'm Taylor's cousin" "Interesting. I will let you off with a warning this time Miss Queen. Don't let it happen again." Snape said looking at me. "Ok. Thank you Professor" I said. Snape walked away and Kara and I walked towards the castle and went to the Slytherin common room. I whispered the password and the portrait let us in.

"Well I'm going to bed but I'll definitely show you around tomorrow." I said. "Awesome!" Kara said. I went up to my dormitory and went to bed.

"Taylor?" Kara asked. "Yea" I replied. "Where can I sleep?" She asked. "Oh right. You can sleep down here or in my dorm. I think there's an extra bed up there." I replied. "Well I don't want to disturb you so I'll just sleep down here." Kara said. "U sure?" I asked. Kara nodded and switched into her pjs. "I still can't believe how fast you can do that." I laughed. "Well I'm just special" Kara laughed as well. "Goodnight Kara" I said and went upstairs. "Goodnight Taylor" Kara said.

Kara's POV

After Taylor went upstairs I found some blankets, whipped up some ice cream and sat by the warm, burning fire. The room was empty and dark except for where I was sitting. The fire was the only thing that was lighting the room. The fire was dimming down and I slowly fell asleep.

While I was asleep, I heard footsteps coming down to the common room. "Taylor are you down here" I heard someone say. He walked down to the common room. I looked up and saw a blonde haired boy about Taylor's age. "Woah your not Taylor" "he said. "You're right. Who are you?" I asked. "Draco Malfoy. And you are.." He replied. "Dani Rivers" I lied. "That's a nice name" Draco said. "Thanks" I smiled. Draco and I stayed up talking until we fell asleep.

Draco's POV

"Taylor are you down here" I whispered as I crept down to the common room. I thought I saw Taylor sitting on the couch but when the girl turned around it wasn't Taylor. "Your not Taylor" I whispered. "No. Who are you?" She asked. "Draco Malfoy and you are.." I replied. "Dani Rivers" she said. "That's a nice name" I said. "Thank you" she smiled. Dani and I talked for a while then fell asleep.

Taylor's POV

During the night, I couldn't sleep very well so I decided to take a walk to clear my head. I got out of bed and walked down to the common room and stopped in my tracks. I knew Kara heard me but I didn't care.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Draco and Kara were sleeping together. I was pissed off. Draco did the same thing with Hermione when I was gone but now I'm back and it's a whole new ballgame. I knew exactly who to tell but I decided to wait till morning. I ran back up to my room and cried my eyes out until I fell asleep.

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