Star Trek X: The Segregation on Tantalus III

The USS Yorktown is called to Tantalus III to settle a civil rights violation on that world and prevent a civil war that will affect the nearby populated systems.


8. 8

Gabriel and Raven stood their ground with their hands out as if to everyone down and Gabriel said, “Lib, what are you doing?” Lib said, “I’m going to kill him, for all the suffering he placed upon us all because we look different.” Raven said, “Killing him won’t end it Lib, you only make matters worse!  Trust me, I know!” Lib said, “How con it get any worse?” Raven said, “You will have proven to them that you are a threat to their society and that the Los have started the war by killing the High Leader.  I myself wanted to do the same as you are but a friend showed me there is a better way.” Gabriel looked at her agreeably as Raven continued, “Please Lib, for the sake of your people, don’t do it!” Lib said, “I’m sorry friends, but he must die.  In order for us to live a life of peace a new leader is needed for that to happen.  Once we emerge victorious they will know how it feels to be treated like garbage and live off the rubble of their own homes once we burn them to the ground!” Gabriel said, “Lib, you are not making any sense.  War is not the only way, you both can deal with this peacefully.” Lib yelled, “I don’t want peace!  I want war!  And it will begin once I....” Suddenly Lib was off the thrown and his back slammed to the floor as Gabriel grabbed him and the gun thrown off his grasp.  Gabriel then stood over Lib as he glared up at Gabriel with anger and Gabriel said, “You see that High Leader and council?  You see what you have brought upon yourselves?  There is an old belief that if you corner an animal or a person they will fight back viciously to stay alive even if it means killing innocent people in the process.” A council member said, “It is too late.  The only way is for...” Raven said, “It’s too late for a new council!  You have to make a decision now and stop this!” The council began murmuring to each other as Tantar looked at the council and at Raven and Gabriel in shock and Gabriel said, “Lib, there are peaceful ways to settle this.  Like on Earth, they had Martin Luther King, Gandi and many others.  There are peaceful ways to gain your freedom other than violence.  I understand that the only reason why you have this new leader and council excuse is so you all don’t have to admit yourselves to the public that you are wrong.  Right now it is too late for that, you have to make a decision now!” They heard the sound of a torch cutter and saw the steel door being cut through and Gabriel said, “You both have to make a choice.  Once that door opens those guards and everyone else behind them will want to know their fate.” They stood as the council beside Tantar murmured to each other till the cutting stop and the door fell open allowing the guards on the other side to pour in and grabbed hold of Lib and surrounded Raven and Gabriel when Tantar yelled, “Wait!” The guards stood their ground and looked up at Tantar as he made a grim expression and said, “Let them go.” The guards at first looked at each other either puzzled or shocked but they let Lib go and backed away from Raven and Gabriel.


    One of the council members approached Tantar and whispered something to his ear that made Tantar grim before backing away.  Tantar said, “I have decided that the Los shall have their own council and High Leader.” Some of the guards gasped in shock and some began murmuring to each other as Tantar glanced at the council members as one of them nodded to him and Tantar continued, “In so doing if the Los High Leader and council wish to debate any past laws that they find offensive the Tanta High Leader and council are more than welcome to discuss them.” He looked back at the council and they all murmured and nodded in agreement and Tantar said, “Then it is done.” Lib smiled in astonishment and then with joy and said, “Thank You High Leader!” He raised both his hands and continued, “The Los will rejoice and respect your wishes for equality!” Tantar raised a hand to Lib and said, “Your thanks have been accepted.” He looked at Raven and Gabriel (as Raven looked on while Gabriel smirked with satisfaction) and said, “You may go and tell the ambassador and the Federation Council that all is well and there will be no war.” Gabriel said, “Thank You High Leader.” Raven said (lowly), “Finally, they got it through their thick skulls.” Gabriel pulled out his communicator as he ignored Raven’s comment and said, “Yorktown this is Captain Valkyrie.” Malone replied, “Go ahead captain.  Is everything all right down there?” Gabriel replied, “Yes.  Bring the ship back to standard orbit and beam us up.” Malone said, “Yes sir.” Gabriel said, “Also Lt. Commander, hail Starfleet and tel them the situation has been settled on Tantalus III and the embassy can stand down from evacuation.  Be sure to also pass the word to the ambassador of the good news as well.” Malone replied, “Yes sir.”

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