Star Trek X: The Segregation on Tantalus III

The USS Yorktown is called to Tantalus III to settle a civil rights violation on that world and prevent a civil war that will affect the nearby populated systems.


7. 7

There is a loud klaxon alarm and the room flashed with red lights and before Lib knew it he was pulled inside as Gabriel grabbed him as he flew across to the other side as the giant door began rapidly closing down.  Lib looked at Gabriel in shock and he looked where Raven is as she ran towards the closing door and she immediately fell on her back and slid across the floor, beneath the giant door as she watched it coming down on top of her and just made it across as the bottom part of the door touched the ground.  Tantar yelled, “GET THEM!” One of the guards tried to grab Raven on the floor but she spun and kick the guard’s legs from under him and jabbed him in the throat.  She then jumped up and grabbed another guard’s hand handling a blaster at her and snapped his wrist before twisting his arm back (all the while the guard screamed in pain) and kicked him in the back as she flipped him over.  Then a guard in front of her pulled out a blaster and she dodged his fire as she rolled and maneuvered towards him till she jabbed his throat and other joints that made him go limp and she kicked him in the mid-section and he sprawled onto his back, unable to move.  Gabriel elbowed a guard in the face behind him and he jumped to his left and kicked another across the face.  A guard then grabbed him from behind but with ease (and to the guard’s surprise) he broke the guard’s embracement and in one punch knocked the guard out.  Suddenly a guard tackled him from the side and pinned him to the floor but with a mere shove the guard flew up and hit the ceiling before falling and hitting the floor hard on his chest.  Gabriel immediately flipped back onto his feet as another guard charged after him and Gabriel hit him in the chest with an open palm and he flew back and bounced off the wall hard as the guard groaned in pain.  Two guards then grabbed him from behind and Gabriel flipped backwards (with the guard’s still holding his arms but turned in their grasp) and he slammed the guard’s heads together knocking both of them out.  During this confrontation Lib ducked and scurried around the guard’s to avoid their attention as they are occupied trying to take down both Raven and Gabriel.


    A guard came up behind Raven but before he could grab her she dived and slipped between his legs, grabbed him from behind, hit his head on the way and slammed him on his back.  Another guard came from her right but before she could react Gabriel slammed him into the wall crushing the guard’s armor and created crates where the guard impacted.  Raven looked at him with disdain and said, “I had him.” Gabriel smirked but then alert and yelled, “Duck!” She did as a guard behind her fired his blaster and the shot struck Gabriel but deflected off his chest without leaving a scratch.  The guard looked at him in shock and before he knew it Gabriel flew and tackled the guard to the floor hard and punched him in the face knocking the guard out.  Raven looked at him wide eyed as Gabriel smirked at her and said, “You were saying?” Raven looked frustrated and rolled her eyes when suddenly they heard Lib say, “Our freedom is now at hand!” Gabriel and Raven looked forward and saw Lib with one of the guard’s blaster’s pointed at Tantar’s left temple as he sat on his thrown before the frightened council.

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