Star Trek X: The Segregation on Tantalus III

The USS Yorktown is called to Tantalus III to settle a civil rights violation on that world and prevent a civil war that will affect the nearby populated systems.


6. 6

In an alley, facing the back corner of the capitol building but with a view of the back doors, Lib was covered in  dirty rags with a hood over his head and Gabriel followed next to him calmly while Raven (looking like a Tanta guard) followed behind both of them and she said, “This should be easy.” Lib nodded and said, “This is crazy.” Gabriel said, “Don’t worry Lib, Raven has been through situations worse than this.  Let’s go.” Raven smirked and said, “If you say so.” She shoved both of them forward with a Tanta guard’s rifle to the entrance where two guards stood by and watched them approach and Raven told them who the Los is and the High Leader wants him in the chamber to have him tried immediately.  The guard said, “How did you find that fur ball?” Raven replied, “Tried to break in one of the Tanta’s car’s.  My guesses he wanted a ride to jail.” And Raven shoved Lib and Gabriel forward as the guard’s laughed and they both passed through the security checkpoint and Raven bumped into one of the inspectors and pick pocketed his keycard all the while looking like Lib shoved her away clumsy and Raven looked angered and said, “You clumsy dirtbag!” And she kicked him in the butt and he fell forward as Gabriel helped him back up and Raven shoved both of them forward and said angrily, “Move it!” They continued onward and when Raven glanced back and saw the guards weren’t watching them anymore she transformed into the inspector she pick pocketed the keycard from and entered the building where they saw another security checkpoint with a large, solid, dark window with a Tanta sitting behind a computer facing the glass as well as a retinal scanner and a standup camera device for facial recognition with about a dozen guards standing about watching them.  Gabriel whispered, “This should be interesting.” An inspector looked at Raven with a puzzled expression and said, “Falk?  What are you doing here?  You are assigned to checkpoint 1.” Raven replied, “This Los is special and requires a special escort.” She pulled back the hood over Lib’s head to reveal his face to the inspector and some of the guards and inspectors looked shocked while the rest smiled and made low cackles.  The inspector said, “Well, well, we finally got the Lib.” Raven explained to him about the High Leader wanting to try him immediately and execute him and the inspector allowed them to pass and begin going through the security checkpoint.


    Raven raised her arms up as she was scanned in the weapons detector and stood to the side as she watched and waited as Lib and Gabriel went through the same before proceeding further.  They next passed the large, dark, glass wall that was an x-ray as the inspector behind the computer watched all three of them pass through without setting off the alarm.  Raven then passed through the retinal scan and ID card with ease all the while Lib looked on nervously and gave a silent sigh when Raven passed through.  The elevator doors opened and they entered the elevator as the guards inside looked at Lib and Gabriel with gleeing/angry eyes as the elevator descended.  When the elevator reached the bottom the doors opened and they started going through the checkpoint.  Once they passed through the security protocols with ease one of the guards pressed a button on a wall panel and he said Lib is at the security checkpoint and a few moments later a guard’s voice came over the panel and said, “The High Leader said to bring him in.” The single, solid, steel door in front of Raven, Lib and Gabriel opened up and a guard grabbed hold of Lib and Gabriel and started dragging them forward only that the guard grabbing onto Gabriel’s left arm had difficulty dragging him forward.  He looked at Gabriel with puzzlement as Gabriel smirked at him and the guard shoved him forward again but still wouldn’t budge and Gabriel said, “Raven?” Raven sighed and said aloud, “Damnit.” And she transformed into herself as the guards in front of her looked at her in shock and before any of them could react she kicked both of them in the chest sending them sprawling to the floor as she dropped her hands behind her to catch her fall and flipped back up on her feet.  The guard behind the x-ray scanner console raised his blaster and Raven slid under the console and kicked the guard’s feet from under him before she grabbed the back of his head as he fell and slammed his face at the edge of the console and knocking him out with green blood running from his nose.  In a blink of an eye, Gabriel shoved the guard (that is holding him) away and he flew and slammed his back up against the wall (creating cracks and broken concrete) before crumpling to the floor and Gabriel punched the guard holding Lib in the face and he fell on his back hard and rendered unconscious.  As the rest of the guards drew their swords, blasters and rifles on them Gabriel flew past them and before they knew it they were all disarmed and all their weapons were cast to the side as they looked at their empty hands and each other in astonishment.

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