Star Trek X: The Segregation on Tantalus III

The USS Yorktown is called to Tantalus III to settle a civil rights violation on that world and prevent a civil war that will affect the nearby populated systems.


5. 5

Raven walked past the onlookers and the park till she reached a walking path that lead into the city where some people were walking about and a few hover vehicles flying past her along the road.  Raven whispered, “How is the ambassador taking the situation?” Gabriel replied, “Not good.  He still insists on staying but has packed and the rest of the embassy is ready to depart in case otherwise.” Raven said, “Then what are we going to do to find the High Leader and the council?” She glanced to her right and saw a couple of orange, furry, lizard faced beings talking to each other quietly in an alley and Gabriel said, “For me I don’t know, but for you I don’t think that should be hard.” Raven smirked and said, “You’re right about that.  I found a couple of Los talking to each other and after what happened they don’t seem too happy.” Gabriel said, “That’s interesting.  Have a little “chat” with them and see what they are so upset about.” Raven made a low short laugh and said, “For once you agree what I have in mind.” She turned around the corner of the alley where the Los won’t see her and she looked around to see no one is watching before she crouched and walked slowly into the dark alley, fully exposed to the Los’s view.  She slowly tip toed closer as one Los talked to another quietly, but angrily as the other listened and paid no attention to Raven as she moved closer to them. 


    Raven stopped creeping to the Los and began to think when then she transformed into one of the Tanta guards and stood up in full view.  The two Los saw her with wide, shocked eyes and expressions and they gave a cat like shriek noise while raising their orange, lizard hands as if to shield themselves.  Raven cringed and raised her hands as if to quiet them and said, “Stop that!  I’m not here to....” Then from behind the two Los a larger, muscular one appeared from the dark corner of the alley and made a cheetah like roar as he lunged at Raven.  Before he even got close Raven instinctively grabbed one of his arms and flipped him over onto his back, hard as Raven transformed into her normal self in her Starfleet uniform before another large one appeared right behind her and Raven flipped over him and kicked him in the back and made him fell on top of his fallen comrade before Raven landed back onto her feet leaving the other two Los speechless.  Gabriel said, “Spicy buggers aren’t they?” Raven ignored him as she had her hands raised and said, “It’s okay, I’m your friend.” One of the Los said, “Who are you?” Raven replied, “I’m Commander Darkholme of the Federation starship Yorktown.  My ship and I have come to help you.” The second Los said, “She must be the one that bombed the capital!” Raven replied angrily, “I did not bomb it!  It was a gas main explosion!” The Los replied, “Yeah, right.” Raven ignored his comment and said, “Are you part of some resistance group?” The second Los said to the first one, “Don’t tell her, she’ll turn us in!” Raven said, “I don’t know if you are aware of this but I am a wanted person because I am here to help you, but the council refuses my ship’s hospitality and considers us enemies.” The first Los considered her reasoning and said, “All right, we will take you to the hiding place.” Los two looked at his counterpart with amazement and said, “No!” Los one turned to his comrade and said, “If she wanted to turn us in she would have done that by now.” The other Los still looked unconvinced but grudgingly agreed and the first Los said, “Follow us, but not too close.” Raven replied, “That won’t be a problem.” Raven transformed into the Tanta she was before as the two Los left while the other stood back and groaned in pain as they tried to stand and walked back into one of the building’s as Raven followed the other two.  


    Raven watched as the two Los were shoved and pushed out of the way by other Tantas and she tried to keep her disconcerting look even though she is disgusted by what she is witnessing.  When one of the Los was pushed into the street side Raven was about to move to his aide when Gabriel said with a stern voice, “Raven!” She stopped herself as the other Los went to his comrade’s aide and helped him up, even when he is kicked in the butt and almost fell himself.  The two Los went down an alley and Raven watched as they continued and followed as they passed more of their comrades, all the while the Los stood back from Raven (as she looks like a Tanta) as she looks around, before they reached a solid metal door.  The first Los made a secret knock and a small door at eye level opened as a tall Los looked down and saw them before opening the door.  The first Los said, “We brought a...” There was a rush of air and suddenly Gabriel appeared next to Raven shocking her and everyone else around them.  The tall Los started to back away and close the door when Raven raised her hand to calm everyone and said, “It’s okay he’s with me!” The tall Los still remained by the door and ready to close it and said, “Who are you?” Gabriel said, “Captain Valkyrie of the Federation starship Yorktown.” The tall Los looked more surprised and said, “Federation?” Gabriel said, “Yes, we heard about the Tantas mistreatment of your people and we came here to help.” The tall Los indicated to Raven and said, “And what about her?” Raven then transformed from the Tanta to herself  and the Los in the alley gasped and crouched back in shock.  The tall Los stammered and stood away from the door and said, “Yes, I’ll show you the way to our leader!” He turned away and moved down a short flight of stairs as the two Los, Gabriel and Raven followed and walked down a solid concrete/stone hallway as the two Los hobbled along till they reached a solid metal door that is thicker than the last one.  The tall Los stood aside as the first Los pressed the call button and a voice said, “State your purpose.” The Los said, “It’s Kaltuk, me and Dak failed our purpose but we found two people that claim to be Federation and want to help us.” After a short pause the voice replied, “Come.” The door unlocked and Dak pushed it open to reveal an old, skinny Los sitting behind a desk with a couple of stacks of paper and a series of monitors behind him and Kaltuk, Raven and Gabriel stepped inside as Dak closed the door behind them as he stood outside.


    The old Los looked at Gabriel and Raven with a stern gaze as he looked at their uniforms and said, “Federation, we thought you would never come.” Gabriel said, “Our ambassador has tried to put to stop to this but felt that a ship present will help try to change the situation.” The old Los said, “Obviously it didn’t and now we must take matters into our own hands.” Raven said, “This is suicide!  You won’t just kill them but yourselves as well and the neighboring worlds will suffer during your confrontation!” The old Los said, “From where we come from if a neighbor is having a problem and you just sat back and watch and do nothing, you are as guilty as the ones that attacked us.  We rather die and live in the after life in freedom than suffer a life of torment and pain.” Raven said, “Maybe that’s what you and your buddies think but not all of your people want to die.  Think about the women and children!  Don’t they have the right to live?” The old Los said, “What you saw when you followed my two colleagues is nothing compared to what we are constantly going through.  We are forced to fight each other for games and personal amusement for the Tantas and they have us do all the manual labor while they sit back and laugh and relax while barely give us enough money for us to put food on the table for ourselves or our families!  We can’t tolerate this anymore and we refuse to have our children carry on and live this miserable way of life!” Gabriel replied calmly, “Excuse me sir, but there are other ways to settle this peacefully.  Trust me, its better than war and I have seen my fair share to tell you that’s the truth.” The old Los pointed at himself and said, “Please, call me Lib.  We have tried reasoning with them but they refuse and whenever they make a law they can’t change it until there are new leaders in the council and a High Leader.”  Gabriel said, “Surely there are some in the council that support you.” Lib said, “Yes there are, but they are all too afraid of the High Leader and their own peers for fear of being branded as traitors.” Raven said, “That explains why I notice two of them feeling unease when Tantar spoke.” Lib said, “Yes and Tantar is very traditional hence why this segregation started escalating and why we tried to blow the capitol building before you two intervened.” Gabriel said, “And thankfully we did, or else this entire system would have been engulfed in your civil war.” Lib said, “And because of you the council and the High Leader have gone underground and I have no contacts down there to get them.” Gabriel said, “Maybe not, but we can.” Raven looked at him as she tried to keep from showing her shock and Lib looked puzzled and said, “What do you mean?” Gabriel replied, “My commander can look like one of the guards and take you there saying she’s caught you and, knowing the High Leader, he will want an immediate trial in front of the council and at that point we will have them.” Lib scratched his chin as he think and said, “Hmm, sounds like a good plan, except yo need special clearance and they will send more guards to escort me inside where more are waiting.” Gabriel smirked and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of them.  Just tell us how to get inside.” Lib said, “Very well.” He turned towards the monitors as Gabriel and Raven stood behind him and showed the layout of the building and Lib said, “There are three security checkpoints.  The first one should be relatively easy but the next two will be the challenge.  When you past the first checkpoint you enter inside and there will be a dozen guards along with inspectors.  This is the one they will ask you for you ID and do a facial recognition as well as a retinal scan and then they put you through an x-ray machine.  Once you make it through you go on an elevator and four guards will be in there and when you reach the bottom level there will be six guards there and inspectors and you go through the same procedure, but at that point they only allow guards in the chamber if they serve protection detail to any of the council members or the High Leader.” He looked back at Gabriel and Raven and noticed their serious expressions did not change and he said, “Well?” After a short pause Gabriel smirked and said, “No problem.” Raven sighed as she looked at Gabriel with a “Really?” expression as Lib looked at both of them confused.

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