Star Trek X: The Segregation on Tantalus III

The USS Yorktown is called to Tantalus III to settle a civil rights violation on that world and prevent a civil war that will affect the nearby populated systems.


2. 2

Gabriel said, Captain’s Log stardate 2342.2, we are heading towards Tantalus III where we are told they are on a verge of a civil war.  We will arrive within three hours and in the meantime I have the crew conduct battle stations and emergency drills on all stations in case the war breaks out and they may decide to attack us or stop the war from escalating into the nearby star systems or inhabited planets that want no part in this.  On the side note, Commander Darkholme is being exemplary in her duties but during the drills she is acting more or less like a drill instructor and from the whispering I heard from some of the crew they are (in polite terms) not pleased with her attitude and is also affecting the rest of the crew.” Gabriel looked at the report of the last drill as Raven stood to his right and Gabriel handed the report over to Raven and said, “96%, not too bad.” Raven replied gravely, “Yes sir.” Gabriel sighed, gave a thinking look and said, “Lets try for 97.” Raven gave a stern reply, “Yes sir.” She leaves and goes back to her station and presses the comms button and says, “Battle stations, battle stations, this is a drill!  I repeat, this is a drill!”  A murmur reply came from the comms in her station and Raven said, “Do you have any casualties?” A male voice replied as if puzzled, “No ma’m.” Raven said in an angry tone, “Then tell your crew to get off their asses and do their job, or else I’m coming down there and do it myself while you and your crew take a long, painful rest!” Some of the bridge crew glanced at Raven with worried expressions as the communications officer turned her back towards Raven and tried to ignore her while Gabriel pretends he did not hear any of it.  


    The Yorktown began to slow down as it approached the Tantalus System and moved at full impulse as it approached Tantalus III and achieved orbit.  On the bridge part of the green and blue planet of Tantalus III filled the screen and Lt. Commander Malone said, “Sir we have achieved orbit of Tantalus III.” Gabriel replied, “Thank You Lt.  Communications, any response to our hails?” The female Lt. turned to him and said, “No cap....” She paused as she placed her hand on her earpiece for a few moments and said, “Sir I have a message coming in from Starfleet Ambassador Intones!” Gabriel said, “On screen.” The viewer changed showing a bald, light green male with lizard eyes and Gabriel said, “This is Captain Gabriel Valkyrie of the Federation starship Yorktown, do you need our assistance ambassador?” The ambassador said (making lisp’s sounds every word), “It looks like we will have to be evacuated.  I tried to negotiate a peace settlement but so far it is only escalating further into war and by the looks of it all hope is lost to stop this conflict from happening.” Gabriel said, “May I suggest me and my first officer beam down to see their leader and discuss the situation?” Raven looked wide eyed at Gabriel as some of the crew looked shocked but tried to keep from showing it as the ambassador looked a little puzzled but then shook his head and said, “I would say no captain, but at this point it would make no difference.  I’ll contact them and see if you and your executive officer can speak to High Leader Tantar Rue as the embassy prepares to evacuate.”  Gabriel smirked and said, “Thank You ambassador.  If they do accept will you please relay the coordinates to our Transporter Chief in one hour?” Intones replied, “Yes captain.” The view screen changed to the planet and at that moment Raven said, “Captain I respectfully....” Gabriel stood up and said, “Denied, I need to debrief you on another matter commander and this is most urgent.  Lt. Commander Malone, you have the con and maintain yellow alert till otherwise.” Jena assumed the center seat as she and some of the crew watched as Gabriel and Raven entered the turbo lift, all the while Raven frowned in anger till the turbo lift doors closed and Gabriel said, “Deck 5!” And the turbo lift began to move.


    After a short trip the turbo lift doors opened and Gabriel and Raven stepped out and Raven said, “Captain I don’t understand why you need me in this mission, let alone you going down and talking to their leader yourself?” The door to Gabriel’s quarters opened and they both entered and Gabriel said, “I’ll explain commander.” Once the door closed there is a locking sound and Raven turned to see Gabriel standing right in front of the door with his arms crossed behind his back and he said, “Commander you need to lighten up.  Since conducting the drills before we arrived the crew is on edge or stressed due to your negative attitude and the last thing I want is one of my officers to pass out or make a serious mistake due to the stress you put on them.” Raven glared at him and said, “This is not a cruise liner Gabriel!  They need to know that this is a serious matter and they need to put all their effort into those drills so when it does happen they will know what to do!  That is why I press on them so hard, sir!” Gabriel ignored her sarcastic tone at the end and said, “Anger towards your shipments will not bring out the best results Raven.  If you act calm to them you will get exactly what you want and even more or else if you continue using your negative attitude they will resent you and will spend more time trying to find a way to disgrace you or get out of line rather than get the job done.”  Raven snorted and said, “I doubt that.” Gabriel said, “Then explain how I was able to find you at Terminar?”  Raven looked at him with glaring eyes and said, “You can see from a great distance dumb ass!  You told me!” Gabriel nodded and said, “Yes I can see far, but not that far.  I had to use the help of the crew and with my calm and cool demeanor the crew were able to locate your position fast and some even pulled double shifts till they located you.” Raven sighed angrily as she turned away with her fists clinched and Gabriel said, “If you don’t believe me just read the reports and my log entry and you will find out I am speaking the truth.” Raven turned and said, “I don’t doubt you, I’m just not like you.” Gabriel smirked and said, “Then maybe you should try it.  You may actually like it more than being angry or tensed all the time.” Raven looked at him and sees the smirk on his face and she gave a quick shy smile and said, “Let’s get going, it’s almost time.” They stepped out of Gabriel’s quarters and walked to the nearest turbo lift and Gabriel said, “If you want to you can transform into your other form for this mission if you wish.” As they entered the turbo lift Raven looked at him with a sense of relief and said, “Thank You, I was going to ask you that.” Gabriel said, “Yes, I know you would.” Raven made an upsetting sigh and she transformed into her non-mutant form before the turbo lift stopped and the doors opened.


    The transporter room doors opened and Gabriel and Raven entered with phasers and communicators attached to their utility belts as the transporter chief stood by the controls and he said, “Sir the ambassador said you have permission and has sent the coordinates.” Gabriel replied, “Thank You chief.” Gabriel pulled out his phaser and said, “Set your phaser on stun.” They both set their phasers as Raven looked at him concerned and said, “Are we expecting trouble?” Gabriel replied, “I hope not, but in a planet at the edge of a civil war its better to be prepared.” They both stepped onto the transporter pads and Raven said, “This better work captain, I don't plan on sticking around in a jail cell or worse.” Gabriel kept looking calm and said, “Don’t worry commander, I have it all under control.” He smirked as Raven rolled her eyes and breathed, “Oh boy.” The transporter chief said, “I’ll keep a lock on both of you in case of immediate beam out.” Gabriel said, “Thank You chief, we may need it.” Raven looked at him shocked but before she could say anything Gabriel said, “Energize!” And they dematerialized.

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