One more day in hell

Storm Was with her family for Two years, A herd of Zombies came and and attacked them Storm was the only one to survive, She left and Soon came back to give them Mercy. She has been alone since then, It's been a Year, but One day she stumbled upon a group. Will She fall in love with The Sniper boy, or will She and Him just be friends, Because of age differences.


11. Zeros

After 10k And I had our moment we meet everyone else But Murphy in this Room. I walked in and the first thing I laid Eyes on was Doc’s Beard. I held in a laugh, and I knew I wasn’t gonna let him live it down. “Damn,” Doc said referring to Warren’s look. “Right? We Look so Shiny.” Addy added on. 10k had hold of my hand, he looked uncomfortable. “I Feel Weird.” He said, gripping my hand tighter. I let out a small chuckle. They Gave me A Weird Look. I shrugged. “Yeah, I do Too,” Warren said. Escorpion and 5 Of his men walked in. I rolled my eyes, aggravated with this place. We all started at him in silence for like 7 seconds, until he nodded at us. “Come with me.” He said, We stayed silent and I caught Vazquez Eyeing the Tattoo On Escorpion's arm. Oh right, I forgot to kind of catch up a bit. Jake and Erica were split from the group, Cassandra died after being under Murphy's control and We later found Vasquez. We All Stayed silenced and one of the men grabbed a potato sack, and swung it in the air and held it in front of him. They threw the bag over my head first. “Hey!” I called out, I gripped 10k’s hand tight, but ended up away from him, I decided not to fight back because it was useless. We were pushed toward somewhere, and they took the bags off our heads. I looked around confused, along with everyone else. Where was Murphy? This lady walked toward us on the other balcony. We looked at her confused but stayed cool. “NUNCA TE OLVIDAR? (Never Forget?) Zeros! Our queen, La Reina de la Muerte, demands your attention!” Escorpion announced. The lady began to take off her veil. “Oh, Shit,” I whispered, at the sight of her. That’s not pleasant. Mostly her makeup. “My people. We have suffered for a very long time. The lives that we once knew have been torn apart. Most of the world has fallen into darkness. But not our world. Under the protection and the guidance of Santa Muerte, a miracle. El Murfi (The Murphy) has been delivered to our doorstep. Thanks to the valiant effort of Lieutenant Roberta Warren and her courageous crew. And so tonight, we will give them the greatest honor that we know. We will make them one of us.” Her speech was calm, Everyone cheered. There’s no way in hell I would become one of them. Our weapons were handed back to us, I quickly grabbed my things and kissed them. “Thank you, Lord,” I whispered. “A Now we celebrate.” The “Queen” Said, and everyone cheered. Addy gave Warren a Look in disapproval, but warren nodded her head saying go along.  

I followed Doc and 10k down stairs to the little party. We Started getting food, and listened to what people were saying. “Ladies and gentlemen. Please, all of you, today we celebrate the arrival of El Murfi to the City of the Zeros. Do your duty. Make an offering. Next, we have a very special guest. Senor Diablo and his zombie friend, Pepito. Good luck!” Some Dude, who I’m guessing is the host said. As soon as the guy with the puppet said Hello a gunshot rang through the air. The Guy and his puppet falling done. “Well Shit,” I said, turning my attention to the food again. Soon enough some lady was tap dancing. Doc, 10k, and I walked away from the table with our plates. Some Lady was staring a 10k with a serious expression. “I Think she likes you.” Doc Said, I tensed and waited for 10k’s response. “God I Hope Not.” 10k Said with an uncomfortable look on his face. I relaxed a bit. “I dunno, kid. Sometimes the best women are the ones that terrify you.” Doc Said, The girl made a weird face, and I glared at her. “Doc, I’m gonna kick your ass.” I said, glaring at him. “Well, You Were right the best women are the ones who scare you.” 10k said looking at me. I looked back at the girl, and she hissed at me. “That Bitch Hissed at Me, She Fucking hissed at me.” I said I’m glad I knew Spanish I was about to go off. “No actual con dureza cuando no estás perra.” (Don't act tough when you're not bitch.) I said, turning around and walking away. “What Did she just say?” Doc asked 10k. “I have No Clue.” 10k said, catching up with me. “Are you Okay?” 10k asked. “Estoy been, yo apenas no quiere que nadie se robe lejos.” (I'm Fine, I just do not want anyone to steal you away.) I said, Crap I said it in spanish I hate when I do that. He looked at me confused. “I’m sorry, I’m Fine tho.” I said. All of a sudden I seen Vasquez put a gun to Escorpion’s head. 10k, Doc, and I stared at him in shock. Escorpion turned around, and warren grabbed the gun and in shot the ceiling. “She Saved the Queen.” The Host Said, I scoffed. “Yes, Warren My Savior! Hector.” She said, looking at Escorpion. Is his Name Hector?  “Your life may still be in danger. The assassin, he could be working with the others. Please, let me have him. I will make him talk.” Hector said. Fuck This Guy. “Yes, Fine, Take Him Get out of here.” The Queen said. “Even More Reason to Celebrate, I live Again.” She Said, holding out her cup. Everyone cheered, I rolled my eyes. She didn’t save your life she saved Hector’s. 10k, Addy, Doc, and I All watched as she sat down and looked around. I Looked over at Doc. “What do we do now Guys? We Gotta get outta here like now.” Doc said. “Yeah Well I would maybe know what to do, If I knew what the hell was going on.” Addy replied. “Yeah, did Vazquez really try to kill that queen lady?” 10k asked. “No, Why would he do that?” Doc asked. “Yeah, and how was Warren right there to stop him?” I asked, looking up at the throne. Warren stood up there like a solider. “I’m gonna go talk to her.” Addy said starting to walk away, but the doctor guy came in talking about a cure. I huffed. Yeah right. When he said he needed a volunteer, Hector came in and said Vasquez would be the volunteer. She is giving a speech for a cure that probably is a screw over, knowing Murphy, and that doctor guy. They started to give him the so-called cure, but Warren whispered to the queen and she stopped him. “On second thought. It is such a monumental accomplishment that the honor of the first dose should really go to you.” The Queen said, “I can’t I would Presume to” The Queen cut him off. “Oh, Please I insist.” She said The Doctor looked at her. “I'm Not worthy My Queen. If anyone should have the honor of the first dose, It should be you, Don’t You think?” He said, Yeah He’s up to something. “If That’s what I thought Doctor, I would have said it.” The Queen said to him. His eyes widened and he turned around. “Well, Then Doctor?” The Queen added on. “Do you need some help, Doctor?” Hector asked. “No,” He said and Gave himself the cure. He is gonna regret that. He fell the floor and his body went a little limp. They Tested him after he got back up. They had a zombie bite his hand. He screamed for like 5 seconds then stopped. “I can’t believe it, It actually worked.” He said. They gave it to the Queen and The queen wanted Warren to have it also. Murphy jumped up and offered to do it. She agreed and Murphy Gave her the Cure. Shit. Hector decided to make up a story to go beat up Vasquez again. That shit head. Warren, Addy, Murphy, 10k, Doc, and I stood in a small circle. “What The Hell Guys,” I said, “Are You Feeling Okay, Roberta? Is It Working?” Doc asked. “She didn’t get injected, stupid” Murphy said. I sighed in relief. “What? Why not?” Doc asked. “That’s Exactly What I intend to find out. What Is really going on here?” Warren asked Murphy. The queen started talking again then Murphy and the Doctor walked away. “I got Murphy, You Guys Got Vasquez.” Warren said, We nodded and walked away. We found ourselves, In a room and Doc was looking in the mirror. Warren walked back in and leaned against the wall. “Murphy?” Addy Asked. “She Nodded. “Yean Murphy.” She replied. “What did he do now?” Doc asked walking away from the mirror.  “Conspired with Kurian to make a fake vaccine that turns people into zombie blends that he controls.” Warren explained. “Kinda like a Zombie Slave army.” 10k said. “Exactly like a Zombie Slave army.” Warren said. “Damn!” Doc Said, “So Zombie Slave Strippiers weren’t enough. That’s the dark side of ambition” I said, nodding to 10k. “So all those Zeros, He Controls them?” 10k asked. “Yep” “So No California?” 10k asked. “No. We're still going to California. All of us. Absolutely. Even if we got to take Murphy by force.

Again.” Warren said. “What about the zombie Slave army?” Doc Asked. Yeah, well seems like there's an incubation period before he has total control. We got to get out of here before then” Warren said, “and Then there's Vasquez.” Addy said.”We gotta get him too.” Warren said. “Are you sure about that chief? He Damn near got us killed.” Doc protested. “He let emotion get the better of him. But he'd come for any of us. We can get him.” Warren said, “My Brains, 10k’s Guns, Storm’s Knifes, and Doc’s” Addy Started. “Dumb Luck, good karma, Funky Mojo,” Doc said referring to himself. “We can get him,” Addy said. “Good let’s do it,” Warren said. Some guy knocked on the door and opened it. He stood there in silence. “I think he wants you to go with him.” I said, “You think?” Warren said then whispered something to Addy. Warren walked out leaving us behind. Addy told us what to do, and we got all dressed up in something to hide our faces and crap. When we got there we started to try and unlock the box Vasquez was in. “Kill them.” We heard Warren say. We turned around fast saying no it was only us. The two guards started turning into Zs. Addy piked one, and I went to do the other but 10k did it before me. I glared at him. After we got Vasquez we headed to get Murphy.


We ran down the hall with Murphy, trying to find a way out. I was with Warren, Murphy, and Addy. Doc and 10k were helping Vasquez. We meet up with them and Had Murphy Let these Z’s out so we could get passed the Half Z’s. We left Murphy and Ran. Warren stopped and waited for Murphy as The rest of us kept running. We made it out quickly and waited for Warren. Addy, Warren, and Murphy finally came up the hatch. Hector came into view his face covered in blood. Saying that he doesn’t die he kills. Vasquez and Hector started fighting as we stood and watched. Vasquez kneed Hector is the Nuts. “Well, Damn,” I said. Vasquez pushed Hector into the pit of Zombies. We walked away to see some cars. I smirked. “El Camino,” 10k said, heading to one of the cars. I followed and got in a car with 10k. “Ready?” He asked. “Ready As I’ll Ever be,” I said, 10k took off down the road with the others. 10k seen a drone in the side view mirror. He looked out the window, then pulled his goggles over his eyes. He hooked something to the steering wheel, and opened the door and leaning out. He shot the thing out the sky with his sling shot and came back in. He Smirked at me and looked back at the road. This Is Gonna be one hell of a ride. 

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