One more day in hell

Storm Was with her family for Two years, A herd of Zombies came and and attacked them Storm was the only one to survive, She left and Soon came back to give them Mercy. She has been alone since then, It's been a Year, but One day she stumbled upon a group. Will She fall in love with The Sniper boy, or will She and Him just be friends, Because of age differences.


7. Found

I woke up with something over my head, and I had a gag shoved in my mouth. I tried to move my arms, but they were tied down. The bag came from over my head and my eyes started to adjust to the light. I seen a man who had a smile on his face. "Welcome to the Family Star." The man said, I managed to get the gag out of my mouth. "It's Storm, you douche bag." I hissed. "Well Storm, let's have Sunshine get you changed out of those clothes." He said and I seen a girl about Tommy's age walk over to me. I stood up, and she grabbed my arm, not rough but enough to be ready to grab Me if I try to make a run for it or something. We made our way inside of a little camper. "Storm, I will try and help us get out of here, Do Not Eat the meat, and don't try anything until I say, These people are crazy." She said tossing me the clothes. "Why should I listen to someone that is apart of this group." I said, looking at the clothes. "Trust me, I hate it here, and you will to, and I'm sorry about the clothes, Tobias, the guy you seen earlier, he wants us to dress like this." She said and turned around so I could change. I put on the , and told her I was ready. I walked out with The girl known as Sunshine and Two other girls were standing outside. "You look beautiful." One of them said. "I look like a post apocalypse stripper." I said disgusted at my clothes. "More like bait." The other girl said with a smirk. Oh no this can't be good.

The Next Day

I couldn't sleep last night after I stumbled upon a garage full of decapitated Men. All I could think about was the fact I was kidnapped by cannibals and I was the bait to lower the prey in. I wasn't going to eat, I wasn't going to sleep, I wasn't going to lower innocent men, or maybe They weren't innocent but I was going to cause them to be tortured. Cassandra had escaped last night, and left me behind. Cassandra was Sunshine. I wanted her to come back for me, and I hoped she ran into Tommy and the others. "Storm, It's time to feed Momma, You don't want to make her upset." Tobias said snapping me out of my thoughts. I nodded and feed Momma, but was cut off by the sound of shouting. I had been grabbed by the arm and a knife was pressed to my neck, Tobias slowly pushed me toward the fence. I seen someone who I thought i'd never see again. "CHARLIE" I screamed, and he looked at me with shock. "I'll Give your precious Storm back, If you give me My Sunshine." Tobias said and Charlie shook his head. "I don't negotiate with a Cannibal." He said and They went on about negotiation. "WAIT, WAIT, I'll come back." Cassandra said coming from behind a rock. "No You Don't have to Kill them kill them all." I hissed through my teeth, the gates opened and I was pushed to the ground, and Cassandra was pulled into a hug by Tobias. I ran to Charlie, and I cried Two types of tears; Happy tears Because I found My brother, and Sad Tears because We just left Cassandra in a horrible place. "I missed you so much" I said, and he hugged me tight. "I missed you too." He said and I relaxed in his warmth. "Storm." I heard a Worried voice say. I Pulled away from his hug and I seen Tommy. "10k." I said and ran to him. I ran up to him and hugged him. "Oh my gosh you're okay." He said and pulled back from the hug and gave me a kiss. I kissed back and soon pulled back. "Hey, When did this happen and How old is this Kid?" Charlie asked, Stepping closer to Tommy. Gosh he was always an overly protective brother. "2 to 3 Days ago." I said, "And I'm 19." He said, Oh forgot to mention, our birthdays Past the year we split up, So I'm 15 now. "And I lost count of the years so I'm sorry to ask my little sister this but how old are you?" He asked, "I'm 15." I said, and he looked at me with a Quizzical look. "No I forbid that to happen, he is too old for you." He said, He got me angry after that. "Who do you think you are to just show up and tell me what to do. Charlie you disappeared on me and left me to Mercy Mom, Dad, and Andrew, I HAD TO KILL THE CORPSE OF MY 5 YEAR OLD BROTHER, Because you left me to do it on my own. When I came back to camp after the incident, I seen another dead body and I thought it was you, I thought you had Mercied yourself so I left, I've been broken inside, My Smile, laugh, and everything that made me happy disappeared, and I was forced to act happy. I forced a smile, I forced a laugh, with these people because I couldn't bring myself to give anything real, But when I became to get to know 10k, I Finally smiled again, He makes me happy, He gave me the light in the darkness I was drowning in, when you couldn't. So you have no right to tell me what I can and can't do. I'm Old enough to control myself, You may think I'm still the same depressed girl you knew, But That girl doesn't exist anymore, After I thought I seen you, Soon I realized no That couldn't be Charles, He wouldn't give up that easily. I knew you had disappeared on me after I started to think about it. I became Betrayed you told me you never would leave me, but you did, I soon learned how to fend for myself, I became stronger, and I learned a lot more to survive. I don't need you anymore Charles." I was full on crying, Ok Again with me saying I didn't cry, but I did sob when 10k was knocked out, and I'm crying now, I don't care about not crying anymore, if I have to cry I'm Crying. Charlie looked at me with pure shock. "I'm So sorry, Ch-" I cut him off. "My Name is Storm." I said, "I'm sorry Little sis, but I thought you didn't make it, I Didn't know you were still there, I thought My Family was gone, just like you thought, I was just as upset as you were." He said, "Charles did you not here what I said, I Had To Mercy, My 5 year old brother, I had to Mercy Mom and Dad, I was 11, Freaking 11 Charlie, You know what that can do to a 11 year old, You don't understand, anything I went through." I yelled, and ran off the opposite way of Tobias's camp and Charlie.

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