One more day in hell

Storm Was with her family for Two years, A herd of Zombies came and and attacked them Storm was the only one to survive, She left and Soon came back to give them Mercy. She has been alone since then, It's been a Year, but One day she stumbled upon a group. Will She fall in love with The Sniper boy, or will She and Him just be friends, Because of age differences.


20. Everyone Dies in the end

One Of the Trucks broke down So we had to stop. I sat on the hood of the nonbroken car with 5k. 10k walked in between my legs and grabbed my hands. “How You holding up?” I asked him in a whisper. “I’m Tired, That’s all.” He replied. “Do you like Red?” I asked quietly so only he could hear. His eyebrows knitted together. “What do you mean as In Like?” He asked. “As in Like, Like.” I said. “No, Why would you think that?” He asked me. “I’m Sorry, You just said that She was also in your Dreams, and Way before that, you told me it was only 5k and I. I just felt like you were giving up on me.” I said. “I would never give up on you, Chelsea.” He said. “I know, but when You were under Murphy’s control you were way out of it. You had me scared. I thought I would never get you back, and the first when Red and 5k found us, you didn’t even notice me until I stood in front of you. I saved your ass and all you noticed was Red at first. And now I have A secret I’m afraid to tell because I feel you would hate me for it.” I said whispering. “I would never hate you.” He said. “Murphy is My Father.” I mumbled. “What?” He asked. “I was adopted.” I said. “Why would I hate you for being adopted?” He asked. “It’s not just that, It’s who I just found out My real father is.” I said. “Who’s your father?” He asked. “Your worst enemy.” I said. “Murphy?” He asked, shocked. I nodded and tears welled up in my eyes. “Please don’t think I’m on his side, I didn’t even know until after he sent you with that guy earlier. I hate him just as much as you do. But I told Him I’d forgive him if he Let Warren get his blood and if he gave you back to me. Human, Not a blend freak. And Now you seem fine and not a blend freak but if he doesn’t give you that injection when you need it you won’t stay normal.” I cried. “How long did Murphy know you were his?” He asked. “Since the day I came to the group.” I replied sniffling drying my tears. “Don’t tell anyone yet. Please.” I said. “I promise.” He said. “Thank you.” I said hugging him. “No Problem, I always have your back remember.” He said. “Where is she? Where’s Lucy?” I heard Murphy yell. “And All he cares about is Lucy, I don’t need to forgive someone who doesn’t care enough about me.” I said. “Wheels up.” Warren yelled. I jumped down from the car. Red got in the driver's seat and 10k and I got in the back seats. 5k was next to Red in the front. 10k started breathing funny and collapsed. “Stop the car.” I said. Red looked back at me and started pulling over and honking the horn. I got out and laid him down in the back seat. Grabbing the sides of his head. “What happened?” Warren asked. “He was breathing funny. Then he had a sharp pain and he collapsed.” I stated. “His heart's racing. High fever. Given all the chemicals pumped into his bloodstream, this could be anything.” Sun-mei stated. “Check his shoulder.” I said pulling the cloth away from his shoulder where he got shot. “Infected. Damn.” Sun Mei said. I was trying my best not to end up crying again, 10k was having trouble breathing. “What if he turns?” I asked. “He can’t turn, He’s a blend.” Sun Mei replied wrapping his wound. “We got to keep moving. Now is he?” Warren asked. Sun Mei shook her head. “What does that mean?” I slightly shouted. “It means he won’t make it.” Sun Mei whispered. “No, I’m not losing him for the Third time. I’m Not. You better save him.You got to.” I cried. “All right. Red, you drive. Sun Mei, you stay with him. Hopefully, he'll be strong enough to fight once we land. Hang in there, 10K. Let's go.” Warren said walking away. We climbed back in and headed off again.

We pulled up at a mountain and seen Doc getting attacked by Zs so we got out and started shooting them. “Lucy.” The Zombie standing in front of Doc growled right before Warren shot it. “What the hell did you do that for?” Doc yelled. “Thank you, Chief,” Warren said. “No. Yeah, sure. But no. That was our guy. He was helping us find Lucy. Damnit.” Doc explained. Sun Mei looked at one of the Dead Zs eyes. “Same thing as those over there.” Sun Mei stated. “You think it’s mutation?” Warren asked. “No. They're from Zona. I've seen this before, on the sub. Their immunity must be failing.” Murphy stated walking our way, 5k helping 10k over to us. I walked over and helped hold him up. “Lucy” I heard Murphy say. “Do you know where she is?” Warren asked Doc. “Somewhere inside that mountain,” Doc replied. “And Addy?” Warren asked. “I dunno. Climbing up the outside.” Doc replied. “All right. Take what you can carry. We go in fully loaded. Whatever these Zona freaks have become, Murphy can't control them. And we have to assume Lucy can't either. You stay with 10K. Let's go get your daughter.” Warren explained. I’m staying with 10k and so is Red and 5k. “Can Somebody…?” Doc asked holding his hands out that were in handcuffs as the group walked away.

I helped 10k walk through the tunnels of the mountain while Warren led the group. “Keep an eye out.” Doc said walking ahead of us. “Stay down.” Warren said also walking ahead of us. I set 10k down and Sun Mei felt his pulse. “He’s dying.” Sun Mei said. “No, He Can’t be dying.” I replied. “I saved him once. I can do it again.” Murphy said. “No.” I replied. “There's No alternative.” Murphy said. He was suffering and I couldn't let him anymore. “Will He be your bitch?” I asked. “No.” Murphy replied. “Ok Fine.” I said. Warren and Doc came back. “All right. The tunnel's cut off in that direction. Soldiers, not zombies.” Warren whispered. “This way's open all the way to the top. There might be a place to stash 10K.” Doc whispered. “Keep Watch.” Warren told Doc. Warren bent down to us. “Can we move him?” She asked. “It's a risk. His pulse is erratic.” Sun Mei said. “I can feel him slipping.” Murphy said. “Shit.” Warren said. “Don’t bite him Again.” I said. “Whoa. Nobody's biting anybody. All right? We're gonna get you somewhere safe, keep you hidden. Lucy's our priority. We'll deal with you when we come back. Stay with us. All right. Doc, you lead. Everybody follow Doc.” Warren instructed. I pulled 10k up and started walking with him following Doc. We laid 10k on the platform. His breathing ragged. I knelt beside him holding his hand. “You think you can help him?” Warren asked.”Best guess, after analyzing Murphy's file, we have to kill 10K in order to save him.” Sun Mei stated. “What?” I asked shocked. “Go on.” Warren said. Sun Mei looked up at Murphy. “Why are you looking at me like that?” Murphy asked. “Your medical charts, I studied them. And all the data indicates that you flatlined on the table after the zombies attacked you. He died. Four years ago.” Sun Mei Explained. “I’m Dead?” Murphy asked. “Technically, yes.” Sun Mei Replied. Murphy Scoffed. “And I've been dead this whole time?” Murphy asked. “Correct. You’re dead. And if we're going to save 10K, he needs to die too.” Sun Mei stated. I closed my eyes and looked down. “Well, I don't feel dead. How do you know we're not all dead and this is some elaborate dream on our way to oblivion?” Murphy asked. Warren got up and slapped him. “Oww” Murphy yelped. “You feel that?” Warren asked. “Yeah, I felt that.” Murphy stated holding his cheek. “Then you ain't dreaming. What do you need us to do?” Warren asked. “Somebody needs to kill 10k.” Sun Mei stated. I hated hearing those words.

I sighed. “I’ll do it.” Murphy and Warren said in unison. “I’ll do it.” Warren repeated.

. “Walk us through it one more time.” Warren said. “Choke. Die. Bite. Inject. In that order.” Sun Mei stated. “Bite. Choke. Die. Inject. Got it.” Murphy said. “Choke first, jackass. Then bite.” Warren said. “Give me a break, Warren. I just found out I'm dead. Remember?” Murphy stated. “Can you just shut up and focus.” Warren snapped. “I am focused.” Murphy replied. “Ready? Choke. Die. Bite. Inject. Hold his hand.” Warren said. I grabbed 10k’s hand with both of my hands. “I do this for you, baby boy. You come back to us, okay?” Warren said and started choking him. I closed my eyes shut tight and tightened my grip around his hand. “Tighter.” Sun Mei said. All I could hear his the sound of 10k dying. “Tighter!” Sun Mei repeated. “Hold.” Sun Mei added. Tears fell down my face as I heard him stop breathing. “Now.” Sun Mei said. Murphy bit his wrist and Sun Mei injected him with the vaccine. I started at 10k hope and tears in my eyes. Everyone stayed quiet for about a minute. Until Murphy spoke. “He’s Gone.” Murphy said sadly. I choked on my tears and sobbed shaking 10k’s shoulder. “No. You have to save him!” I cried.(A/N I’m crying while writing this. This scene had me so upset.) They all looked at me sadly Sun Mei got up and went to tell Doc and 5k. I cried, my body shook. I heard a gasp and saw 10k fly forward and grab Murphy’s shirt. “You... are not... my savior.” 10k let out. I sucked up my tears. He’s alive. He made it. “Thank god for that.” Murphy said. I grabbed 10k’s shoulders and faced him towards me. “You’re alive.” I smiled. 10k smiled too. “I am.” He said. I hugged him tightly. “We all are.” Warren said. “Speak for yourself.” Murphy said. I sat there still hugging 10k. “Hang on. Something's going on with Lucy. I can feel it. We need to hurry.” Murphy said. “Stay with him until he recovers.” Warren said. I let go of 10k and ran up to Murphy. I hugged him and I surprised him with my actions but he still hugged back. “Thanks. Dad” I whispered. He smiled. “No Problem.” He said. I walked back to 10k and sat in front of him. “Warren walked over and kissed 10k’s forehead. They left and Sun Mei Stayed behind with us. “Dad?” Sun Mei asked me. My eyes widened. “Yeah, I was adopted apparently, and Murphy is real my father.” I stated. “How long have you known this?” She asked. “A little before me found you in Murphy’s lab.” I said. She nodded. We headed up after about 3 minutes seeing The Man with Lucy, and Murphy, Doc, and Warren lying on the ground. I saw a giant aircraft fly over the man and Lucy. He put Lucy down, and I Saw Addy run towards the Man and pushing him off the mountain her going with him. My eyes widen. “No.” I whispered. Lucy then jumped down there too. And right after 5k jumping with them. I just witnessed, Three people I loved fall off a cliff and It all went in slow motion. Everything around me spun in circles. The Aircraft flew above us a bright light being cast down and A blast from where the light was coming from.. Then I realized, even if I lived through this or I die. It still would be

….One more day in hell…. 

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