MAX is the story about a boy who is the last person alive on Earth. Or that's what he thinks...


1. I Lay On My Back

I lay on my back. I'm staring at the ceiling. The room is lit up by the moon shining through the big squared glass windows. I'm not sure, but it looks as though it has some red glow to it. As if the moon were crying tears of blood. I try to fall asleep, but I keep hearing sounds. I hear the wind whistles, and a cat meowing in the night. The animals were the first ones to get infected. Their behaviour started being violent. Even the smallest creatures became bloodthirsty. I've heard of a man getting attacked by ants who bit him and turned him into one. That made me scared. If a small creature like an ant can be deceased, there is no place to be safe. Not even you own home. The one you grew up in.

It's quite ironically. Before the Outbreak I lived on the streets of the big city of New York, but now I live on top of all these tall buildings. Everyday I keep searching for other survivors in the city, but I'm beginning to lose faith. The city is more loud than ever, even though there are no people.

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