The Colony on the Moon

Alisa, an average girl of twenty, is sent Jupiter, and is supposed to build a colony. The only people she can talk to are the delivery guy, James, and mission control. Will she succeed and come home, or stay there the rest of her life?


4. Chapter Four


When Alisa woke up, she finished her building. She went inside to set everything up, and put in the air filters. After a little while she checked the air percentage and took off her helmet.


As Alisa glanced in the mirror, she saw her straight long brown hair fall around her hazel eyes and beautiful smile. Then she went to work on planting the vegetables. They were for making food for the colony, and they would soon be moved to the green house she would build later on.


With the day nearing an end, she went to her bed, strapped herself in, and was about to go to sleep when she heard the delivery guy land. James had arrived with everything for the next two buildings: a house and the green house. 

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