Los Angeles—the city where all of your dreams come true. Rosie Jones couldn’t have imagined a life better than the one she’s currently living. She had just moved into a new apartment and meets a guy from across the hall, who has a secret of his own. Everyone warned her about him, but she didn’t listen. What happens when all of your dreams comes crashing down?


9. Eight

I hadn't seen Zayn or spoken to him since the night I came back from Niall's party. I haven't been on good speaking terms with Jane either. I was avoiding her since our last conversation about Zayn. While she had lunch in the break room, I was eating lunch at my desk. Cheryl stopped asking me to do interviews, which I didn't necessarily care about. At least I can focus on doing my work. There were rumors that she and Jack hadn't been seeing eye to eye. Cheryl had been staying with an old friend, but no one ever speaks out about a name. Harry and I haven't seen each other since Niall's party either. Last I heard, he had been hanging out with Jade recently. Guess he had little time to spend with his old pal Rosie. I didn't mind being the quiet type. I was going to enjoy this time I had to myself.

One day while on lunch break, I decided to head out to the pier. When I arrived, I saw Jack. He was alone at one of the tables. I wondered if it was a good idea to approach him. I walked towards his direction. "Hey Jack." He looked up from his meal. He greeted me with a smile and asked me to join him. I sat down on the bench across from him. It was odd to see Jack without his manager attire and out of a restaurant environment. "What brings you out to the pier?" asked he. I shrugged and told him that I had a bit of a stressful week. The pier was a way to help me relax and to clear my mind from all the stresses. "So much has been going on this past month. I don't know how to handle it all." I chuckled lightly.

He nodded, "I know what you mean. When it comes to managing a restaurant, it's not easy. I was wondering if you've been talking with Cheryl lately. I know you two are on good terms at work."

"I haven't heard from her recently, sorry." I wanted to tell him that I saw her car in Zayn's parking space, but I still don't know too much about it yet. "I shouldn't be saying this, but I know you two aren't seeing eye to eye."

"It's okay. She's been staying out late this past week. A part of me is thinking that she's seeing someone else, but there's no one I can think of that she could cheat on me with. Cheryl's previous relationships with other men haven't been exactly easy. It took her two years to fully trust me. I respect her in every way, but when she's doing things like this, I don't know what to think anymore." He let out a sigh. I reached out to touch his arm and reassure him that things will work out between the two of them.

The two of us talked for another hour before we both had to head back to work. Jack was such a kind man. If Cheryl was cheating on him, he didn't deserve it. Just as soon as I pulled into the parking lot, I spotted Zayn's car. I sank in my seat hoping that they didn't spot me. I saw Cheryl lean over and give Zayn a kiss on the lips. She got out of the car and went inside the building. I sank down even further in my seat when Zayn drove past. I could only see the back of his car in the reflection of the rear window.

I waited a few minutes before getting out of the car. Cheryl was cheating on Jack, but I don't think a kiss was proof enough. The evidence had to be concrete. Well, I guess I can assume about what Zayn has been up to lately. I entered the building and headed up to the floor. "I didn't see you in the break room." said Jane. I told her that I had decided to go to the pier for lunch. I contemplated on whether or not I should bring up the fact that I saw Cheryl's husband.

I decided against it and allowed her to carry on talking about any new information I may have missed. She told me that some blond haired guy came by asking for me. "How many guys have you met that I don't know about?" Niall wasn't the only guy I've met. There was Louis as well. She still has no clue about him. I rolled my eyes and sat down at my desk. Before I could get started on my work, Cheryl emerged from her office and called me to meet with her. Jane and I exchanged glances with one another. I was hoping Jane knew something, but she clearly didn't.

I stood from my seat and went down the hallway to Cheryl's office. She told me to come in before I could reach up and knock. I entered when she turned to face me. She was looking out of the window. "Have you been speaking with my husband? Don't lie." said she. I swallowed and told her that I saw him at the pier eating lunch. She asked me what he and I talked about. I told her about what I discussed with Jack and how he assumed that she was cheating on him.

"I have no other friends to trust Rosie. I'm sure you're fully aware of that. I have been seeing someone else, but I don't want to ruin my marriage with Jack." She continued to tell me more about the guy she was seeing and how he made her feel like the way she and Jack were first married. As I continued to listen to her go on and on, I couldn't stop thinking about seeing she and Zayn together kiss in the car before I headed inside. Was Jane right about the kind of guy Zayn is? Maybe I should confront Louis. I'm not sure.

"He makes me feel young again, you know?" I nodded in response to show that I understood her. Cheryl sat down at her desk and let out a sigh. A picture of she and Jack sat on her desk. She told me that this guy in particular was the same one she had a think with six years ago before meeting Jack. It only made me wonder more about how old Zayn was. If I'm 24, he must be 25 or 26. Harry was the same age as me, and I assumed that Niall was around my age. Louis definitely looked to be about a year older than Zayn or they were the same in age.

"He's seeing someone else though. A younger girl, but when I ask, he never tells me her name." said Cheryl. I would've never expected for Zayn to talk about me. He doesn't seem like that kind of guy. Cheryl shifted the topic to talking about the article that I had written about Jack's restaurant. She told me that it was published in a food magazine. "You're becoming famous Rosie. Soon enough, you'll be the editor of your own magazine publishing company. Thanks for listening. If I need anything, I'll give you a call." Cheryl dismissed me from her office. I went back to my desk. If I ever see Zayn, I might as well confront him about the whole Cheryl business.

When I arrived back at my apartment, Zayn was just leaving his. "Rosie, I'm sorry that I haven't called. I've been busy all week and-"

"Save it Zayn." I interrupted. Zayn was suddenly confused by the anger in my voice. He looked innocent. He asked me about what he had done wrong. "I saw Cheryl's car in your parking spot. Also, I spotted the two of you giving each other a kiss goodbye. Cheryl admitted to me that she was seeing someone else. So, I figured that it must be you. I mean, her husband is thinking that she's cheating on him. Cheryl has been known to never have long-lasting relationships."

"Cheryl's just an old friend Rosie."

"How old Zayn? Six years? How long has this been going on? Since she met Jack or is it just recently?"

"You're looking about this all wrong. She doesn't mean anything to me."

"You kissed her."

"It's the last one. I swear. Rosie, if you could let me ex-" I shook my head, not wanting to hear anymore of his bullshit. I unlocked my door and entered my apartment I faced him and said goodbye before slamming the door in his face. I leaned against the door and sunk to the floor. I started to cry. How could I have been so stupid? How could I have been so blind? "Rosie, please. Let me in and we can talk about it."

"There's nothing to talk about. I don't want to see your face again." I buried my face into my knees when I brought them up to my chest. Jane was right. Zayn was everything that I was against. Yet, a part of me still wanted to be with him. It was the part of me that was so stubborn. I took out my phone and scrolled through my contacts list. There was only one person I could call at any time of the day or night, and they would pick up. Liam.

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