The Island

January 1941-It's all an experiment. People won't die for real...or will they? Trapped on an island with 14 other people and only our wits to protect us and keep us alive. Nothing on it. Let nature decide the winner.


1. I woke up

Sweat covering my entire body and my head hurting more than a hangover from 3 bottles of vodka, I woke up. In a ditch. On an uninhabited island. All would be fun and games if I'd remembered who I was and maybe how the hell I got here. Maybe if I cry, I will remember. No, wait. Crying won't help, it'll only make things worse. First of all, I have to get myself together and find a source of water. Right? Right. Then, I have to find shelter and food. Right? Right. And theeen maybe I could think about how to remember and get off this island. Right? Right. Wait a minute...Who's answering me? Am I talking to myself out loud? Yeah. That's coming from behind me, and as I turned around, I saw a rugged stranger standing there, staring at me. Are they from the same party as me?



Who are you?

I don't know...

Me neither.

Should we go together?



I started walking towards the big bushel of forest that I noticed when I just woke up. The stranger followed me. It was good to have company in this kind of situation. I turned around and stopped.



What's your name?

I don't know...

I'll call you Morgan, OK?

Fine. I'll call you Vivian then.


Morgan walked around me and went back to going the originally intended path. I followed right behind him, trying to set my feet in the same places he set his, following the footsteps on the damp sand. The sky was still blue, but the sun was nearing the still, smooth horizon. We finally arrived at the edge of the forest. There was a thick layer of vegetation close to the ground, making it very hard to advance, but Morgan, seeming to have plenty of experience with this type of vegetation, quickly moved through the path he was making with his bare hands, moving plants out of the way without ripping or harming any of them.



I crashed into him because I wasn't paying attention. What a great way to make a first impression!

There's someone there.


Shut it.

Uh, rude.

Do you want to die?

I opened my mouth to reply, but his hand covered my mouth. Morgan sat down on the patch of grass that was vey conveniently placed directly in our range, and I deemed it a good idea to do the same. For once, I listened. There was rustling of leaves and quiet footsteps that I could have happily ignored if I weren't sitting down and listening for signs of life. I slowly pushed apart some grass stalks and immediately let go of them, letting out what could have been a scream as a gasp. The person that we were looking for was right on the other side of the bunch of grass, staring right at me. Morgan saw it too. He got up, silently, soundlessly, and jumped right over the grass. He started choking the woman on the other side with one hand, while punching her with the other. She had no chance of survival. Snap. And she was gone.

Why did you kill her?

I had to.

How do you know?

I feel it.

I don't like it when people kill.

Too bad. Here, it's either kill or be killed. It just depends on which one you choose.

Then why didn't you kill me?

Because you are on my team.

What? Just what? What does that even mean 'On your team'? I have a team? Since when? How does he know? Whatever. Survival is the most important part.

Let's go find a tree or somewhere to sleep.


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