5SOS Life (Imagines)

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3. Luke: How He Proposed

You and Luke have been dating for 4 years. Everything is going great for the past years. So far your thoughts on Luke years ago were correct but lately you've been second guessing. For the past week Luke has been distant from you. You feel like you did something wrong and you don't know why. Whenever you ask him he says he's fine but looks irritated when you ask.

Today you were going to get an answer from him even if it's going to ruin your date. You love Luke everything feels right with him. He treats you right and actually cares about you. Luke is going to pick at around 7. You started to get ready at around 6. You didn't know where you're going. All you knew is that to dress fancy but not in white. This is the first time you've been excited for a date in a week.

You got dressed in a beautiful black dress that just went above your knee. It is the only fancy thing Luke had never saw you in. You got your makeup on and checked the time it was 6:55 Luke should be here soon. Few minutes later you hear a knock on the door. You open the door to see a fancy Luke in your doorway. "you're looking hot today Hemmings."

"You're stunning as always y/l/n."

"Why thank you Luke."

"Shall we."

"We shall." As you were going to the unknown place you were going down familiar roads. When you got there you realized that it was the exact same beach Luke took you on your first date.

You get out of the car with the help of Luke. "Can you please cover your eyes? I'll guid you to where we're going. As long as you're holding me and I'm holding you you won't fall."

"Okay." You grab onto Luke's hand with one hand and the other covering your eyes. You started to walk and after a while you got to your destination.

"Okay you can put your hand down but keep your eyes closed."

"Okay what do I do now?"

"Hold on... Now you can open them."

"Real funny Luke those are your hands."

"Oh sorry." Luke removes his hands to reveal a beautiful candlelit picnic. You were in awe.

"Oh my god Luke I love it. It's beautiful."

"I'm glad you like it." You and Luke sat down on the blanket. Luke opens the basket and takes out the food. In the basket there was a garden salad, spaghetti and meatballs, and for dessert. You eat the delicious salad in peace.

"Now onto the spaghetti."

"Are we going to pull a lady and the tramp Luke? If we do it will be cute."

"for you I'll do anything." You and Luke eat the spaghetti like the cliché love story lady and the tramp.

When you were done eating the spaghetti you decided that now is the time to ask Luke. "Um Luke can I ask you something?"

"Yeah you can. What do you want to ask me?"

"When I ask please don't get mad at me."

"Y/n I'll never get mad at you."

"Please Luke I want an answer what's up with you for the past week? You've been ignoring me I just want to know."

"It's now or never. Okay so I've been ignoring you because I don't want to mess anything up for tonight."

"Luke you're not making any sense right now." Luke gets down on one knee.

"Y/n I had loved you since the first time I saw you in the park. You are my everything I hate it when I see you cry. Whenever you're with me I feel stronger. Ever since we've gotten together i never want to let you go. So What I'm saying is y/f/n would you do me the honour and marry me?" You were in tears by now. You were in shock that it took you a while until you spoke.

"Luke remember when we got together?"

"Yeah what about it?"

"When I said that I did some thinking of getting together."

"Yeah what about that?"

"Okay so my thinking was about how nice you are how you're such a gentleman and that you don't need to change. That meaning I felt like you didn't need to change for the better you were already there."

"Y/n that's what you were thinking about but what does this have to do with marrying me?"

"It has to do with it because I did say I hope my thinking was correct and if it was I'll never want this one slip. To make this easyer yes I'd be happy to marry you." Luke picked you up and kissed you multiple times.

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