The Wedding Dress


1. Prologue: The Day

My wedding day! It was finally here! I would finally marry the love of my life, Miguel. He was absolutely perfect. He loved all the same music I did, he was in the FBI like I was. We were "a match made in heaven" like the old people said. I never would have guessed that end of what would be a perfect day, would end in blood. We were to get married at a church on the outskirts of Denver at a Catholic Church. This was the church I grew up going to, before I moved to the inner city of Denver to the FBI agency there. In the beginning of the day I did not think anything could go wrong, the caterer delivered food on time and the flowers were there, my makeup was perfect, my hair done, my dress on. It was all ready. I waited in the bathroom for everyone to get there and the wedding to start. I looked at myself in the mirror. My gray eyes started back at me, connected to golden curly hair and fair skin with a white veil covering my face. My dress was perfect, a long ball gown with a sweet heart neckline and it tied in the back. It was simple but elegant.

"Everyone is ready. Are you nervous?" my mom said as she peeked through the bathroom door.

"Of course not mom," I smiled "I know he is the one I am suppose to marry." I walked toward the door and my mom stepped back.

"You look beautiful in my wedding dress," she said in a sweet quiet voice, her smile wrinkling her face more.

"I just wish Samantha could have been here to celebrate with us." I said, fanning my face.

"I know honey, I miss her to, the house gets lonely with out her." My mom said, hugging me. Samantha was my second mom she married Juliet, my other mom, despite her parents not agreeing with her, and now not talking to her. "When you love someone, you will do anything to be with them, even if others don't agree" my mom would say every time she told that story. I walked out of the bathroom and waited behind the closed doors. The music started playing and the doors opened. I walked out with my mom on my left. Samantha was to be the one to walk me down the isle, she had it all planned out. She told me she was going to wear her Army blues. I came to the alter and my mom let me go, I looked back at her like a child being left a day care. I would miss feeling like I only had one person to depend on, but I am 27 now, and no longer just hers. I put my hands on Miguel's a stared into his beautiful green eyes that complimented his tan skin and black buzz hair cut. He looked at me like he looked at no one else. I knew I was special to him and he knows he is special to me. I hear a loud manly scream. I look at the crowd. A man in a tux is biting on another man, ripping the flesh right off his body. Exposing the blood and muscle that lies beneath. Before I realize it the screams fill up the church. People are biting each other! A group of people burst through the doors at a full sprint, straight for me. Miguel shoves me over, I fall down the steps and look back right as they are taking a huge bite out of my fiance. 

"Run, mi amor, run" were the last words I would ever here him say.

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