Eraxe Girlz

Nine girls find they are missing something in their lifes. Not only are they freaks but they are great singers or players of instruments. They find each other make a band to prove that even freaks and be believe and live life the fullest.


5. Leah Maniac

"Hey! you wanna be my cute little sister?".

"What?...maybe okay".

Holla! I am Leah the maniac. I am the younger sister of Trinity by an hour. People say I am crazy but I really just don't know what they are talking about. I am a thread blond with jewel green eyes I seem, hippie, like Shaggy from Scooby Doo but weirder. I am twenty years old and like my sister said it's been hard for us reflection girls. But I know if we put our stomach to the test everything will just be butter.(puts both hands up in excitement.)

My sister calls me a maniac, one day she caught me taking a butter bath it was awesome and fun. Oh yes, I am a sister freak I love little girls in their uniforms their just so cute! especially Japanese girls. Yeah, sometimes I see anime with Trinity only for the little girls in uniforms.

"Hey Leah you sound like a pedophile again,"said Trinity popping out of nowhere.

"Trinity get out of here this is my profile, not yours".(Leah pushing Trinity out)

I also play guitar,piano and I can sing. I have insane vocals. Ha! Ha! Ha! insane it's so me. So this is me I can't wait to find my little sister and sing her a song. But then we did meet girls and I might just have found my little sister.(pervy smiles)


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