A school for dysfunctional power-havers holds Abby, a girl who can never pay attention. What happens when she gets exchanged to a new school and finds out the truth behind her powers?


2. 2

April was a generally cruel month for Abby, for it was when her Standardized Power Tests, or SPTs, were. But this year was an exception: she would spend that month transitioning into a new school, breeding with it a new life. The school was, apparently, out of state, and had a campus rather than her staying at home. This was good news in her book; it would be quite the change of scenery. Anxiety still overflowed her, however, as she was saying goodbye to Tara.

Tara was doing something Abby never saw much before: she was sniffling. No, not that, crying. Letting saline tears fall from her eyes, flowing down her cheeks and coating them.

"I'm gonna miss you..." Tara managed to sniff those words out in between her sobs. They were standing in the hallway, making everyone else give them awkward but pitying looks; everyone knew Abby, not always in a positive light, but still. Even the people that disliked her felt marginal sadness at her condition.

"I'll miss you too." Abby wasn't crying, which was a bit hard to comprehend for some others, but she decided being utterly schizoid was a good idea. "Still, we need this to happen. I'm going to be better like this."

Farewells were hard for both of them.

"I... I have to go do my SPTs," Tara said, looking down. "I'll see you later. Call me."

It took Abby this time to realize that something was wrong with Tara. Tara was the one who remained schizoid in times of stress, not her. There must have been something wrong going on.

Even if she was miles away, Abby decided that she might as well call her over video chat and try to examine this later on. "Yeah, I'll see you too," Abby said, pausing in between her words just so she didn't sound insensitive. 

They both smiled.

And then they kissed.

It wasn't quite like a kiss Abby had before with other school sparks. It was deeper than that, more sincere. More genuine. She didn't give two flying shits if other people were watching, some with fascination, some with disgust. Mostly fascination, though. By this year, 2071, homophobia was more or less gone, to mixed reactions. 

But Abby didn't know anything about social justice in that moment. All she cared about was being kissed, loved, being something more than what she was.

She also forgot that feeling that Tara was in trouble somehow, not herself, out of character. 

It was the best moment in her life.

It was when they separated that Abby started to frown, looking at Tara with puppy-dog eyes. They then walked away from each other, striding off, both looking back. Tara winked.

Somehow, Abby was terrified at the wink, realizing that not only something was wrong with Tara, something was wrong with herself.

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