Will He Stay Forever?

This is a fanfiction about Harry Styles and basically he had a girlfriend before he was in the group One Direction and he kind of left her without saying goodbye. But now he's back in London and seeking a way to win back the heart of his beloved.


3. Reconnecting

Harry pulled me toward the couch and gestured for me to sit on his lap. 

" Can I tell you something? " he asked me.

" Of course, anything. " I replied.

" I couldn't stop thinking about you after that day. After they wouldn't let me kiss you goodbye. I was so heart broken. I've been dreaming about what would happen when I got back. I was thinking something else that involved just the two of us in bed together living the night together. I missed you that much Natalie. I missed you to the point I couldn't sleep at night. Did you miss me? " Harry said in a low and sad voice.

I thought Harry had forgotten about me. I didn't think that he thought that much about me. I didn't think he thought about me the same way I thought about him.

" Harry, of course I missed you. I really did, but I didn't think that you did. I thought you weren't thinking about me at all. I thought I was forgotten. I didn't know if you still loved me. " I replied.

Harry looked at me a smiled. He chuckled a bit and stood up. He grabbed my hand and he walked us upstairs. 

" It's 12:30, you should get some rest. Don't worry. I'm going to stay with you tonight. " he said in a low, humorous voice.

" Ok. " I said as I climbed into my bed. He laid behind me and rested his arm around my waist. As I dozed off, I could feel Harry playing with my hair. He loved to play in my hair. The next day, I woke up thinking everything that happened last night was a dream. I walked downstairs and heard my parents laughing. When I got to the kitchen, there sat Harry at the table telling a joke to my parents.  He looked over at me.

" Good Morning beautiful! " he said in a cheerful voice.

" Good Morning Harry......what's so funny? " I said unamused. 

" Why did the baboon ask the giraffe 'why the long face? Because he thought his neck was his face. Why couldn't the flower ride his bike? Because his pedals fell off. "  he said laughing.

In my head, I was thinking to myself that I was planning to marry an idiot in the future, but I love this idiot. I giggled a little because Harry's jokes weren't the best, but were still a little funny. He looked at me as if I'd done something wrong.

" What Harry? " I asked him.

" You...... " he started.

" I what? Say it! " I said a bit louder.

" You didn't laugh hard enough. You know what that means. " he said smirking. 

" What? " I replied confused.

He looked at me and looked back down chuckling. Then I realized, every time Harry ever made a joke and I didn't laugh hard enough, he'd try to tickle me until I would say the joke was funny. I looked at Harry and he looked back at me. I began to run up the upstairs and Harry followed. He grabbed a hold of my ankle and tried to pull me to where he was. I held on tight to the side of the banister, but whether you know it or not, Harry is really strong. He then let me go. I looked down at him. He was looking back up at me with an evil smirk. I literally jumped up and ran upstairs in 5.2 seconds. I closed my door and tried to lock it. Harry got there before I could. After he got through the door, I ran to the window in my room and was about to jump out, but Harry grabbed me by the waist before I could. We both landed on the bed from the pull and he got on top of me. He began to tickle me and I tried not to laugh. I lost the battle. I laughed really hard.

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